Featuring Dim Sum Haus, Four Points Eatery (Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview), Grand Shanghai Restaurant, Bee Kee Wanton Noodles (Lorong Lew Lian), Thunder Tree 擂茶树, Liang Sandwich Bar (Raffles City), Macpherson BBQ Seafood, New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck 新荣亮阁港式烧腊炖汤 (Queen Street)
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

It was alright, pretty steep price I Guess bc of truffle oil haha but the char siew (ok I think there may be a few outlets but I went to the one at Lorong Lew Liam) was kinda tough n tbh I’ve had better :’)

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Pretty worth it tbh ok this tastes like a mc spicy (without the spice) w creamy nacho cheese. Stuffed w fresh crisp lettuce n then wrapped in a warm spring onion pancake it’s comfort food lah a good lil snack if ur walking ard Raffles Cuty n hungry (but not hungry enough for a full meal)

Honestly slightly underwhelming maybe bc we had high expectations frm the stellar reviews but the dim sum was alright, there r better options around tho :’) Fried rice was v meh. Crispy prawn Chee Cheong fun and baked salted egg bun was not bad tho!!

Rly unassuming dish, didn’t expect much but woah the BKT was really amazing. Very robust n flavourful n the soup was rather thick, while the pork ribs were tender n fall off the bone, all while maintaining its characteristic good bite. Eat it w youtiao wowza fantastico a v pleasant surprise

Rly affordable Zichar place that sells stingray set meals and other seafood options. It’s pretty good!! However food takes quite a while to serve (they mixed up orders abit) n u can add an egg for $1 (but pls don’t bc it’s cold I’m guessing it’s been sitting out for abit).

Duck was real good however standard of other food seemed to have dropped a lil after the renovation :-( Restaurant is now brighter (instead of the previous reddish interior and darker hues) and service is slower (perhaps teething problems?) But Xiao Long Bao still 😍😍

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Woah was rly pleasantly surprised I’ve never tried thunder tea KOLO MEE before (mostly w rice) n it was flavourful n did not taste too clean yknow what I mean? But yums I liked it a lot hahaha n felt good eating the veges (at least it makes me feel like I tried to be abit healthy LOL). Good combi

$3 for this Cha Sao Sao Rou fan wtf so rare where do u find things w this kinda pricing nowadays?? N it’s pretty yummy too the roasted pork is crispy n flavourful, n the brown gravy is good too (I don’t like red sauces) anyway it’s just opp Bugis+ Taxi stand u can try if ur in the area!! Long queue tho it moves fast

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