dessert 🍰

dessert 🍰

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Nesuto, BrotherBird mochi & softserve co. (Bugis), Windowsill Pies (Haji Lane)
R Goh
R Goh

So.. I’m one of those who’d buy a whole pie HAHA ($68) but they’re a great addition to the many potluck gatherings planned for the upcoming festivities! S’mores is a dense milk chocolate custard layered over melted marshmallow and glazed with dark chocolate fudge. Pineapple Passionfruit had a smooth pineapple yoghurt curd topped by a sharp and beautifully acidic pineapple glaze. Also loved that these two came with a buttery tart base. The pies were a big hit and catered to all 🥳

Also had the opportunity to taste Windowsill Pies’ softserve! Planned for their thanksgiving giveaway, they served a swirl of pumpkin spice and vanilla bourbon. The pumpkin was subtle but creamy, pairing well with the gingerbread. The rye whiskey cut through the rich vanilla to give a complex layered flavour. Mikey, their resident baker (and now confectioner!), said that they use only the most quality ingredients and churn the cream at a lower temperature to give a denser finish. The attention to detail really shows in the final product! Looking forward to the flavours they’d have in future ☺️🌟

We shared two pies using the burpple beyond deal! The apple & rum pie ($7.50) was reminiscent of apple crumble, with its baked apple filling and dusting of icing sugar. The rum was barely discernible though. The maple latte pie ($7.50, seasonal) fared better! Its coffee mousse was richly flavoured, complementing the sweeter maple base well. It had a flaky pie base, compared to the apple pie’s tart crust!

Well known for its croissants, Brotherbird also serves a dessert menu at Stateland Cafe! We tried the mochi doughnuts with soft serve ($14). The doughnuts were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, with piping hot earl grey syrup spilling out from inside. The slightly-sweet tea flavour added dimension to the savoury doughnuts! The speculoos soft serve was a little icy and a tad too sweet, tasting more like regular vanilla than caramelised cookies. I’d deem this a one and done - I’ll be sticking to their croissants the next time!

The C3 cheesecake ($9) is smooth, nutty and incredibly decadent. It features a valrhona chocolate biscuit base, a layer of fluffy cheese and is topped with sea salt white chocolate mousse. Particularly love the variety in texture and flavour, and that it combines ingredients of the highest quality 🥳 have been purchasing this without fail during every visit!!

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Tried Nesuto’s tiramisu ($11.85) the first time I visited, and I’ve come back for this every time since :”-) the mascarpone is light and fluffy, layered with shortbread soaked in coffee & alcohol (a mix of rum, kahlua and marsala wine) and topped with dark chocolate rocks. Nesuto may be a little pricey but its well justified by the quality and portion! Also an incredible deal with burpple beyond (1 for 1 cake + drink).

This espresso hotcake ($14++) comes highly recommended! We asked for the maple syrup and the espresso orange butter to be served on the side, so that the dish wouldn’t be too sweet. It pancake was perfectly fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside! The granola and seeds were a nice crunchy addition to the fruits.


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