dessert 🍰

dessert 🍰

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R Goh
R Goh

Chocolate passionfruit ($8) is my go-to option at Edith - rich fudge tinged with a tangy flavour is layered upon moist sponge cake. I’ve also tried the raspberry passionfruit ($8), but find the buttercream too heavy.

Surprised to find that P&P is short on dine-in seats and hosts a perpetual queue of takeaways even on a weekday afternoon! The small space and crowd is managed by a crew of young staff who are friendly and extremely helpful.

Flavours of their signature brioche donuts ($3.80) rotate regularly - we got matcha this time! Their donuts are wondrously fluffy with a great chew. I thought the tea flavour was a tad lacking, but appreciated that it had a faint hint of bitterness that balanced its sweet vessel.

It was our first time trying their other bakes - some had already sold out by lunch time, so we settled for the yuzu pear crumble ($5.50). It’s cake edges held well, but its base was a little soggy. Wished the crumble was more crisp to provide textural variation! Otherwise, the citrus fragrance rounded by a muted sweetness comes across well.

Lastly, we tried their highly raved cold brew ($5) which had been steeped for 5 days. The coffee is clean and sharp with a fruity flavour that leans towards acidic. While enjoyable, I’ll stick to their more-affordable espresso brews next time!

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Finally made it to the bakery that started off the hype! The original burnt cheesecake ($7.50) is made from 4 types of cheese, surprisingly light but extremely flavourful. Didn’t quite live up to expectations - the base was watery even though we ate it almost immediately after purchase, and we would have liked the top to have a greater depth of caramelised sweetness.

Also tried the burnt cheese cruffin ($5.50) - the oozy filling was sweeter than the cake, but complemented the layered pastry nicely. Would similarly enjoy it more if it had been caramelised more! The sor hei ($4) is a crowd favourite, but tastes similar to a regular chocolat au pain and we didn’t find it sufficiently crispy. Both pastries would have been better heated!


Rounded off the burpple beyond set ($32++) with tres leches - an airy coconut cake that soaks up the condensed milk, topped with sweet desiccated coconut and tart pineapple compote. Thought this might get quite overwhelming but we really enjoyed it! The flavours meld very nicely, with a mix of sweet & sour. The cream was a nice addition too! Belly was very happy to end off with this dessert. Only complaint is that this portion for 2 is really small - about half of the ala carte item, from what we observed.

The large passionfruit meringue tart is always sold out by mid day, so we settled for a slice of their lemon meringue cake ($8)! This was surprisingly delightful, with lemon curd layered in between vanilla sponge and topped with torched meringue. Would have liked the lemon curd to be a tad more tart, but I really enjoyed this!

The mud pie ($7++) features a cookie crust, filled with chocolate ganache. The portion is a little small but this was a delightful end to our meal! The chocolate filling is thick and rich, with a slight saltiness in the base to balance its palette.

Had their blueberry cheesecake ($7.50) on one of those days that I was craving a small indulgence! Loved the added crunch from chopped hazelnuts and the buttery biscuit base, but I found the cheese portion rather cloying and the blueberry flavour lacking. The slice is also pretty small! Will be sticking to their other options in future.

Also tried their passionfruit flavour ($10) - more for my mum, who’s a big fan of tart flavours. It was a big hit in the family and even I was surprised by how much everyone loved it!! The chiffon cake is so soft and it outright bursts with flavour. The citrusy tang is layered over the sweeter base, with plenty of seeds to munch on. Am a convert and will happily repurchase - they’re taking a break for the rest of June, but be sure to catch them when they’re back!

Read some rave reviews of this mother-daughter duo’s chiffon cakes and immediately jumped on the bandwagon to try some! They are best known for their pandan cakes, but had run out of all available slots. I opted for the kopi chiffon instead ($10) - the cake is unbelievably fluffy and moist, with the most delectable coffee aroma. Pairs great with actual coffee for afternoon tea!

Been awhile since I’ve had this! Revelry is a quaint neighbourhood cafe that has thrived over the years. They specialise in Belgian waffles, which are quite distinct from the run-of-the-mill buttermilk waffles you find at other places! Their Good Ol’ Spiced Apple waffles ($14+) are my favourite for dessert. The waffles are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, with a savoury tinge that complements the toppings. Apples are stewed in cinnamon & sugar, yielding a satisfying syrupy crunch. I always ask to change the usual vanilla ice cream to coconut - adds a whole other dimension!

The macadamia pear pie ($15, 4”) is one of home baker Liz’s most popular creations, and I can see why! The base is rich and buttery, made of chopped macadamia nuts and crumbled biscuit. The taste of macadamia is usually quite subtle, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that it’s flavour came through strongly and cleanly. The cream is sweet but not saccharine, best served chilled. The pie is topped with poached pear slices dusted with cinnamon - a perfect ending to a very decadent bake.

LE Cafe is famous for their beancurd tarts, but make sure to call ahead to reserve! I popped by at lunchtime last week and was told that the next batch would only be available at 3 pm. I got their marble cake and nutty crunch brownie instead ($7.50 each) - I’d never tried their cakes before this, but the turned out to be really good buys!! The marble cake is dense and moist, generous with butter and chock full of flavour. The brownie is crisp on the outside and has a great crumb, peppered with pecan and cashew nuts! Both received high praise from my family and yums can’t wait to head back for another round 🌟

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