Featuring YY Kafei Dian, White Restaurant (Sembawang), Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice (Sembawang), Chef Lam Malay Seafood Restoran, Jin Pai Zi Char (Alexandra Village Food Centre)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The claypot rice was pretty nice, though not mindblowing. The pieces of in-bone chicken were tender and soft, and the flavour reminded me of my fav sesame oil chicken from clementi 448. The leaner chicken breast pieces weren’t as tender, but not dry either. The rice was decent, with crunchy burnt bits below. Could have been more fragrant tho, there’s a lack of the sesame oil smell. Lap cheong was of good quality! Not the lousier tasting cheap kind. They gave a reasonable amount of veg too! Overall it’s rather decent - tho not the best I’ve had, but still quite satisfying :)

They should call themselves sembawang san lou beehoon because this outshines their claypot rice by a lot. The beehoon has a nice char on top, which means u get some smokey wokhei flavours. Inside that blanket of beehoon you get piping hot eggs, prawns that were crunchy, rather decently tender pork slices and veg. It’s a sauce-less beehoon but the beehoon inside is so moist and tasty. We were really satisfied with this!

My bf likes this more compared to the nearby white restaurant’s baimifen, which he really enjoys, so that says a lot. For me I like both, they are different but both delicious so it’s unfair to compare. This one brings heavier flavours and is more salty, catered for those who r more 重口味, while white restaurant’s is also flavourful but more clean-tasting, feels less artery-clogging :p

Definitely would return for this! Will try their other zichar stuff since this was so nicely done.

Don’t usually eat eefu noodles so I’m not the best person to comment, but this was not bad mainly because it came piping hot and was quite tasty. The savoury sauce was quite nice, not overly salty and wasn’t starchy! There’s pork, veg, prawn, yam cubes (which I don’t eat) & a runny egg. Not sure if eefu noodles are meant to be soft but this was rather soft but it wasn’t rly soggy / didn’t become smooshy.

Tried this as this was one of the few stalls opened at 9+pm on a weekday night after our run. We were very pleasantly surprised at how good it was, and at such reasonable prices too! If I’m not wrong, we paid

This was crispy and juicy! There were crunchy water chestnuts in the roll as well (iirc) which is a big plus for me, because it makes the textures even better.

This was so delicious! The gravy was packed full of flavour and wokhei, with a good consistency - slightly starchy but not goopy. It was satisfying slurping up the beehoon, and the eggs gave additional depth to the gravy, especially when served hot. One of the best, if not the best, 白米粉s I’ve had :)

While this was decent, Pu Tien still serves the best version of dish to me. However, portions here are generous and way more affordable, and still enjoyable. It’s served with goji berries and dried scallops. Can’t remember the exact price but it’s definitely very reasonable!

This was really good! There was a sufficient amount of wokhei, and was very tasty. The ikan bilis was crisp, which added to the shiokness. The auntie at the stall was friendly too, and checked with us whether we enjoyed it, which we did :) Would definitely return!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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