non-ice cream dessert
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Have tried their KA before but this is the first time having it in-store! Kindly requested them to toast it for us and it was a slightly different experience from our past 2 tries of their KA. This was served crisp and hot, but it was a little hard at the bottom where the sugars had melted and re-hardened. It wasn’t as nice as the previous try, where it was fluffy inside, and there was that nice buttery flavour with a delicate sweetness. A little sad because I really liked their KA but this did not hit the same level of satisfaction.

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Thought that the almond croissant was quite nice! The frangipane filling could have more nutty flavours coming through, but I like that it wasn't very sweet (some almond croissant fillings are rly sugary). What made this a solid almond croissant was the delicious almond sauce topping!! Also, the sliced almonds gave a nice crunch and a boost of almond nuttiness. The croissant itself was alright, it was freshly baked but was crisp only at the edges, and the layers/flakiness was quite average.

The canele was decent, with a custardy centre that had a pleasant vanilla flavour, but I thought the caramelized crust could afford to be crunchier. I've only had two caneles so far - theirs and lematin's. I thought this one had nicer flavours (and is 40% cheaper), but lematin's had a nicer crust.

Will be back, as these 2 items left a good enough impression and I would like to try more of their stuff!

Walked past this new bakery and decided to check it out because the bakes on display at the glass window looked v nice! And when I opened the door the smell was inviting as well so that was a good sign :) Fav thing was the babka! It had a crunchy sweet streusel top, was quite soft and fluffy inside, not dense at all! There wasn't a lot of choc filling within the braid, but I liked that because it wasn't too rich/heavy.

Raisin orange muffin was q moist, texture was decent. The cream cheese filling had tiny cubes of dried orange, but it was a small blob of filling so there wasn't much orangey flavours throughout the muffin. The muffin actually tasted a bit like a scone (the flavour, not texture :p) for some reason? The raisins were quite juicy sweet, but they all congregated at the bottom of the muffin. Still a pretty nice muffin that I wouldn't mind having again.

The choc lava muffin had a similar texture, and the chocolate filling wasn't v sweet but could afford to be darker. But unfortunately this muffin had a slight astringent / baking soda taste :/ My sis and I are usually slightly more sensitive to the astringent taste, so maybe it's just us haha.

Overall a rather pleasant experience, the bakers there were also rather friendly. Will be back to try their croissants!

Cake was light as usual, and I enjoyed the hazelnutty flavours coming from the smooth hazelnut mousse, as well as the crunch element - the hazelnut praline. They could have been way more generous with the praline though, many bites of the cake slice came without it. The valrhona chocolate ganache was just at the top, not as a layer. It’s a nice cake but it’s also like a higher quality version of coco exotic. If the cake slice sizes were the same as before, it would feel alright but at $12.50 for this tiny slice it felt a bit exorbitant.

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Used to be my #1 favourite cake! The first time I had it when nesuto first opened, it was super impressive - strong yuzu & raspberry flavours, delivering both sweetness and tartness in a light, soft cake. While it is still quite nice, and I like that the whipped cream feels lighter than before, it just didn’t taste as mindblowing. There’s sufficient yuzu & raspberry flavours, but I felt it could have been more pronounced. Aggs felt that the sponge cake part tasted average, she would have liked for perhaps an infusion of yuzu/raspberry bits? Service is still good, and there’s no longer a minimum spend (yay! I’m usually too full to have 1 cake each, needa share), but the cake slices became smaller + prices increased, cake slices are now $10.90 to $12.50 - it used to be $7.90 per slice if I rmb correctly.

Would still pop by if I’m in the area, and I love yuzu so that’s the main draw, but it’s no longer that life-changing / memorable to me. It’s still delicious tho, and still one of my favourites, just not the *best* 👀

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The dough part of the donuts were quite soft and fluffy, not greasy and not too heavy on the palate. It's good but not super mindblowing :x It's quite on par with puffsandpeaks/sourbombe in terms of dough fluffiness. Also, we had some leftovers after refrigerating and they didn't dry out! They were still rather soft after sitting out in room temp.

Flavour ratings:
• Best: 𝐋𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐞 - lemon curd filling was very light, it kinda melts in your mouth, and has a sour sweet balance. Meringue wasn’t overly sweet!
• 2nd best: 𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐧 - the filling has a pleasant pandan fragrance, it’s very much like kaya except this is pandan cream, so it's essentially nice kaya without the coconuttiness. My parents liked this best! It's not too sweet, and there’s some desiccated coconut topping + coconut glaze which gives a bit of a coconut flavour.
• 3rd: 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐨 - has a distinct milo taste and it was sweet but not extremely sweet which I had expected. it’s a bit runny but tasted quite gao, and most importantly doesn’t get cloying the way nutella does.
• Did not like: 𝐕𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚 - altho the flavour was nice, the texture of the cream (is it creme pat??) was meh :( It was too floury and eggy, would have preferred a smoother, lighter cream. it's slightlyy nicer after refrigerating! It was still thick but tasted less floury.
• Too sweet as expected: 𝐍𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 - they were generous w it so we had to scrape some off bc nutella naturally is too rich and cloying :/ I think this is nutella straight from the jar and into the donut; I'm naturally not too keen on nutella (it's a sugar bomb!!) so yeah I wouldn't have gotten this if it weren't in the set.

TLDR: lemon, pandan worth reordering, milo can try once. not a fan of vanilla and nutella. This is more enjoyable than sourbombe, and on par with puffandpeaks!

Both muffins had a dense crumb, wasn’t dry but not a fan of such textures. Banana had slightly gooey banana bits, blueberry filling had whole cooked blueberries. Both were of okay sweetness and no artificial taste! Didn’t particularly enjoy this as I like muffins w slightly more air pockets in the crumb, this is too dense for my liking :/ Got this from the tjpg food centre outlet, I’ve had muffins from SL II hong lim / golden mile that had a nicer texture! Not sure what happened this time.

Pear cardamom crumble bar: the cardamom flavour was strong but not overwhelming, pear was soft but not limp, there was still a bite to it. Crumble was slightly crunchy!

Raspberry lemon donut: raspberry taste wasn’t v prominent, lemon was stronger but I would have preferred it to be more sour. Donut texture was kinda dry :/

Chocolate zucchini ginger cake: cake was v moist, it good that I couldn’t taste zucchini but I think the zucchini contributed to the moistness. Also comes with some melty chocolate bits in the cake. There’s a bit of heat from the ginger, v interesting and well-executed!

Black sesame mochi cake: pretty strong black sesame flavour, tasted like a kueh??? Texture was soft but firm.

Miso oat cranberry cookies: crunchy outside after toasting - must toast bc it’s much nicer after doing so, as it’s soft and crumbly inside so toasting gives it a different exterior texture. Flavour was good, could taste the oat taste, miso flavour is not distinct but I feel like it subtly gives another depth of flavour. There are dried cranberries in it too.

I think liked the cookie best! The choc cake + crumble bar + mochi cake were all tasty and v interesting! Donut was meh, but I believe this is her first foray into donuts so I’m looking forward to better donuts in future :) Puffsandpeaks’ donuts weren’t amazing the first time I had it either, but they rly improved so much so I’ll keep supporting both puffsandpeaks / frostedbyfang :)

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This was quite huge, so it’s good for sharing. Even though they heated it up for us, it wasn’t very crisp. But at least it wasn’t as sweet as compared to when I had it about 3-4 years ago - the one I had was drenched in sugar. This is decent but there’s much better KAs around.

This was super moist, has mostly a banana taste w coco shreds. It’s rly super wet leh, not rly the usual texture of banana cake that I’m used to. It’s decent and not bad by any means, but it’s just not to our preference.

Ispahan sando: this is a v light cake with lychee bits in the cream filling. The rose perfumed the cake in a pleasant / not too strong manner, not a big fan of rose usually but I didn't mind this!

Hokkaido cupcake: my fav out of everything! The manuka honey cream was really good, and paired well with the soft, fluffy and light earl grey cupcake. The earl grey taste was not super strong but it was sufficiently present - I liked this level of earl grey-ness. There were some almond slices on top but it didn't add much.

Pistachio financier: was q moist and nutty from the almond flour, was lightly sweet. Had a zesty / citrus flavour (orange?) which was nice. The pistachio paste was v dense but was lightened by the surrounding ‘cake’ part.

Ondeh cookie: my second fav! It’s slightly crunchy on the outside, and softer inside. Th cream cheese filling was a nice complement bc of the slight tang. Pandan & coco flavours came through nicely, it really reminded me of ondeh ondeh! With cream cheese instead of gula melaka

Salted egg avo brownie: was quite soft, almost like a chocolate cake. Could taste a bit of the avocado in it but it was still palatable! The salted egg gave it a grainy texture, flavour was pleasant. Was a decent brownie but I’m not the biggest fan of the avo x salted egg pairing. This was an extra that she gave me, thank you for the generosity :)

Choc tart: mm the tart shell was still crisp despite it being refrigerated for a day, and was still crisp 2 days later! This was chock full of nuts (walnut, hazelnut, pecans) so it was very crunchy and the chocolate used was of a nice darkness, liked this quite a bit!

Mochiko brownie: it tasted kinda like a mix of mochi and tteokbokki, was quite interesting. Didn’t really like the texture though, I would have preferred something more chewy / bouncy, this was more on the dense side.

Overall, I think this is one of the best bakeboxes I’ve ever gotten! It’s also pretty decently priced, at $32 for 6 pieces of yummy baked goods. Would definitely repurchase :)

Liked that it was crisp! We ate it ~1-2 hours after collecting it, it was freshly baked (the homebaker ensured that he baked it just before we collected it) so it didn’t become soggy. However, it had a pretty dense structure, and was slightly greasy. Texture was quite bready, rather than a viennoiserie. It seemed like the butter layers melted and combined the layers toward the middle of the croissant. There was a very faint butter smell as well. Would have preferred a lighter, flakier croissant!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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