non-ice cream dessert
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

I believe their mille feuilles are the best in SG - the even layers, soft crepes and smooth cream is a winning combination, plus it cuts through so easily. Signature Mille Feuille was good as usual; pistachio one was quite nutty but was quite sweet so please order for sharing; chocolate gateau was rich and smooth and delicious.

This was not bad, with a buttery pie crust and a nutty sweet filling. The babaganoush cream tasted and felt like yogurt, and together with the mulled wine pears they were enjoyable and interesting. But I found the dish a bit of a misnomer because it didn’t have the flaky filo pastry that I associate with a baklava. While I thought it was nice, I wasn’t *amazed* by it, but my friends loved it!

This was pretty good! Cake was moist and delicious on its own, and the coffee jelly gave a nice caffeine injection. The sauce was really sweet and drenched the cake, making it too saccharine. Would rather have it served on the side as I found myself scooping the parts of the cake that weren’t drenched.

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They actually gave me this cake by mistake, I had actually ordered the Nagomi for a birthday celebration, but I only realised when I reached home. Called to clarify that Nagomi = earl grey, and that the white one I had was Ivory 😂 They were apologetic and offered a complimentary slice of Nagomi the next time I came by, and since my dinner location was around the area, we went to pick up it up before dinner. Great service recovery!

The cheesecake mousse was light, smooth and didn’t feel surfeiting. The sable base wasn’t crumbly, quite snappy but would have liked it to be slightly more crunchy. Maybe it’s because we had it the day after? Nice touch with the fig jam but it was just a thin layer brushed onto the sable, I love figs so I would have appreciated more of it, but that might also throw off the balance that the pastry chef intended for. I did really like this cake though! Was pleasantly surprised, because I’m not usually a cheesecake person but I would be happy to get this again.

The cake part was q aerated, not dense at all. The cherries were ultra boozy, they really didn’t hold back with the Kirsch brandy. Chocolate mousse(?) was light. Overall, it was pretty nice, but it didn’t impress as compared to their other cakes.

First tried Pantler ~4 years back when they were still at Telok Ayer, and now they’ve shifted to a brighter, bigger space at River Valley - congrats! :)

We got 3 cakes from Pantler this time, and the Nagomi was the unanimous favourite! The earl grey mousse was smooth, fragrant, and melded well with the bergamot cream which provided a slight contrast of citrusy flavour. The caramelised almonds were crunchy and delish. Definitely would get this again :)

The apple danish was also crisp outside, with a warm and earthy apple filling encased within. It reminded me a little of ritz's apple strudel, with goopy cinnamony soft apple cubes.

The raisin escargot felt like a croissant in a snail-shape as it was similarly crisp, with super plump and joosy raisins that were not overly sweet. Some raisins are kinda dry and too sweet, but not in this case. The inner roll was denser, more brioche-like, which was nice too.

The plain croissant ticked all the right boxes for me: shatteringly crisp, buttery but not overly so, and pretty aerated. The texture was really good! My fav out of all their viennoiseries :)

The bf tried this, and he didn’t really like it. He felt that mashed potato in a croissant didn’t work for him. It did smell like its namesake though, so you can give it a try if you really like haebihiam and savoury croissants.

This was super crisp, as with their croissants, but i feel like its a bit one dimensional - crisp and that's all. Probably because it’s twice baked! The niangao wasn't too sweet and was nice n stretchy; the black sesame flavour while present, could have been more prominent. Would go for brotherbird croissants bc of the interesting flavours that they do. Would like to try their original / choc croissant to see if they do them well!

Came here specially for the chestnut cake as I’m a sucker for chestnut cakes but was disappointed. I generally like nesuto’s cakes as they are light and fluffy, with good flavour. This was indeed light & fluffy, but my bf & I agreed that the chestnut flavour didn’t come through. The most chestnutty part was the piped cream on top. The diced chestnut felt a bit out of place, would have preferred a paste! Didn’t like the chestnut rum pairing. The taste is a bit off. Sad, really wanted to like this :(

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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