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Dessert :)

Dessert :)

Featuring Sunday Folks, Spago by Wolfgang Puck, 2am : dessertbar, PS.Cafe (Palais Renaissance), Kind Kones, llaollao (Marina Bay Sands), Apiary, Yolé ([email protected]), Yole Singapore, R&B Tea (YewTee Point)
Leia Liew
Leia Liew

I forgot what flavours they were but I loved the blue one 😍 the waffle was nice too!! Not the best but I would go there for their ice cream

I forgot what this was called but Spago has the best dessert ever 😍

I think this was the strawberry and pandan flavour. Reallllllyyyy liked the pandan!!! 😍😛

I prefer llao llao to their other blue-cupped frozen yogurt ☺️ !! Love the caramel cookie sauce and fruits of the forest. Super worth!!!!

Not bad!! But I don’t think I would get it again - the tea foam was good tho :)

Hands down the BEST chocolate cake I’ve tried. My mom and I finished it all !! Worth EVERY dollar ($16) 😭😭😭💜💜💜

I love the white chocorock sauce with the caramelised biscuits. And the original yogurt flavour!! Can’t go wrong :)

I love waffles and ice cream and I have to say - after trying so many places, Sunday folks is still one of the beSTTTT

Forgot the name of this one but it was sOOOO GOOOD. Definitely worth the extra calories. Satisfied my chocolate cravings with its deep velvety chocolate flavour

Lovvvve yolé!!! Got the medium tub ($12) to share with a friend, and in my opinion it’s more worth it than getting a large each!!