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Brunch & Coffee

Brunch & Coffee

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Curious Palette, Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), The Glasshouse, Baristart Coffee, Coffee Break (Amoy Street Food Centre)
Joanne Goh
Joanne Goh

Atlas has reopened!! Definitely love this refreshed look where it’s much brighter and cheery, perfect for chitchats and daydreaming. There’s also a dedicated outside seating instead of makeshift stools like in previous.

I’d settle for this version of flavoured or syrup coffee (this is the sea-salt caramel latte) over the versions at S’bux any-day! It’s not too sweet for me, plus it’s priced at a fraction of its predecessor too!

Milky puffs that feel like clouds, this was sinfully addictive and oh-so-light👌🏻

Ripe avo, spoonful of feta, lashing of citrus and sprinkle of pine nuts — this was a feel-good brunch item which filled my tummy in a very very nutritious way and ridded me of any post-lunch guilt!

Faint taste of green tea & not much different from the original almond one leaning on the sweet not bitter end of the spectrum.

G.T lovers like myself - don’t expect matcha satisfaction from this!🍵😞

Smoked salmon, scallion cream cheese w touches of parsley, cucumber and pickled radish atop thick crusty sourdough