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Jap Food

Featuring Misato, Ramen Bar Suzuki (Circular Road), BOTAN Japanese Restaurant, YAYOI (100AM), Kagurazaka Saryo (VivoCity), Sakae Sushi (Lot One), Ichiran 一蘭 (Kyoto Kawaramachi)
Zoey Belle Wannabe
Zoey Belle Wannabe

YAYOI a reasonably priced Japanese restaurant with good choices of teishoku. I order the Tonkatsu Teishoku which includes a large cut of breaded pork loin cutlet, small salad and I switch the white rice to 16-grain rice for additional $1. The menu indicate come with miso soup but not sure is it cause takeaway so no miso soup given. Pork cutlet crisp and not oily while the meat retain it's tenderness. Also order TamagoYaki (Japanese Omelette) taste wise is fine. Will try again if I happen to be nearby but will not deliberately just to go there for a meal.

Dining here is truly a sensory experience. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds. This place is the perfect combination of authentic Japanese food at high quality without exorbitant prices that is such value for money.

Fugu mirin which is actually PUFFER FISH! This can a great beer snack that tastes like BA KWA! Its really awesome!

Sashimi were cut into thick slices which made sure you got a good mouthful of flavour when you bite on it and was almost melt-in-your-mouth quality! So fresh that you could taste the ocean in your mouth!

Chawanmushi, what makes it so delightful is the incredibly silky and rich flavour of the steamed egg with tint of like yuzu taste.

Pidan Tofu, bits of century egg with the smooth tofu that complements each other well.

Mentaiko King Prawns are decadent! Succulent prawns with mentaiko with every bite bursting with flavour.

Sushi were fresh, and the flavours of the seafood stood out well, it’s a bit like having a party in your mouth.

Wagyu beef in cube size cutting, which allow deeper meaty flavours in the wagyu. Chewier, yet still tender.


My family and I enjoy its signature Rong Yu Sheng dish featuring fresh thick cut Air-flown Norwegian Salmon which is the star of Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng, and with all the veggie fixins; white radish, white ginger, red ginger, brown melon, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, jellyfish, candied lime, peanuts, sesame seeds and pok chui crackers in yu sheng plum sauce.

Sakae Sushi Yu Sheng is available in Small ($36.88), Medium ($51.88) and Large ($64.88). If you purchase a large you can nab yourself a $30 cash voucher for your next visit (you’ll get $10 for a Small and $20 for a Medium, too).


When come to Japan, ramen is one of the mandatory dish that should try. And a trip is never complete without
Ichiran Ramen. One of the most famous tonkotsu ramen noodle chain in Japan. The broth tastes milky, sweet and with a secret sauce made of chili pepper and a blend of over 30 different ingredients enhance the flavor even richer. Mixed with smooth thin al-dente noodles and topped with the sliced pork that was thin, tender and tasty. The entire bowl came together like a symphony in my mouth!

Ramen Bar Suzuki has a unique selection of ramen for you to choose from.

There’s White Tonkotsu (pork broth), Jet Black (squid ink and garlic), Cardinal Red (spicy miso and pork), Emerald Green (basil and cheese), and Sakura Pink (prawn).

You can customize your ramen to the degree of hardness of noodles, oiliness of broth etc. You can also select the chashu in shoulder-loin (less flavorful, less fat) or belly (more flavorful, more fat). I customised my noodles a little on the hard side for that al dente touch and texture and this was served just to my liking. Pure White Tonkotsu Ramen which I had was so tasty and what struck me was that the broth was delicious and flavoursome without being overwhelming and not heavy. It wasn't too oily either. The cha siu was tender, thinly cut and juicy. Love the reflow of bean sprouts, potato salad and hard boiled eggs.

Japanese teahouse that specialises in matcha desserts and drinks. They also serve food as well though not a wide range. Order the Cha-Nabe Pork Shabu Tom Yum & Salmon Miso. You can have a choice of udon or Japanese rice inside the broth. Recommending the miso broth. It was thick and flavourful that complemented the udon noodles really well. Come with a dollop of mashed potato as side dish that was ultra smooth and light with bits of corn. It definitely whetted my appetite. Lastly the matcha tea is really nice and comforting that help end the meal well. 

The gyoza is really good. And the seafood set was great as well. But the highlight really is the dessert (must order definitely) and the matcha tea that is so rich in taste. Just look at the photos and let them do the talking! The place is very small therefore be prepared to wait for seats during peak hours and weekend. The service level is average.


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