Sweets/ Drinks🍦🍹

Sweets/ Drinks🍦🍹

For that little mood booster
Emily C
Emily C

Came at 10am and almost all the dining stores, except for Pyroast and a pop-up bakery, were still closed. Decided to grab a couple of pastries alongside coffee (mocha and flat white) for our breakfast. The mocha was great. Not too acidic and sweet - perfect for someone who doesn’t drink much coffee. My partner enjoyed his cup of flat white too. Affordable coffee prices! Do note that Pyroast sell coffee, beer and waffles only. The pastries were from an event booth.

We had a blast walking around the event space and checking out the garden. Do check their ig for any events - definitely worth a visit.

Had their waffle with gelato — the waffle was crisp yet fluffy, and the gelato was creamy, duriany and sweet. Amazing dessert!

I love the setting of this cafe! Comfy seats and wall plugs available for customers. I ordered a cup of iced hojicha koffee with regular sugar. The drink was bittersweet. Very mild coffee aroma, which complemented the strong roasted hojicha tea. It’s a pretty solid drink. My sweet tooth would prefer if it’s sweeter though!

My friend got one of the traditional ceremonial teas. It was so thick (with the consistency of a milkshake), I can only imagine how bitter this tea was.. Definitely a choice for people who enjoy quality tea!

Cosmic crunch ice cream with smores cone. Amazing combination. I love the cone!!! A very filling dessert though; best shared with friends!

Reallyyy creamy! The vanilla had a smooth, milky flavor, while the sea salt added a much needed kick to the ice cream. You could opt to get it in cone, regular cup or large cup. They change the flavors twice every month so I’m looking forward to the other choices!

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Origin + Bloom sold the most beautiful cakes! Apart from being visually appealing, their cakes tasted amazing as well.

This was filled with custard, layered with many berries within the cream. I was surprised that they’d fit different berries into this tiny dessert!

The sticky durian flesh, accompanied with the fragrant kaya, rolled in to the soft fluffy cake resulted in a wonderful afternoon treat for my mum and I.

Sunnyhills managed to bring a delicate balance to such heavy flavors. Yum!

This is sold under the label Forbidden.

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Sunnyhills pineapple tart was full of pineapple pulp, retaining the fruit’s natural sweetness and flavor, while complementing its thick, buttery crust. The accompanying oolong tea was delicate and light. Staff were very friendly and welcoming too.

Part of their early cut set is this beautiful cake.

The chocolate ganache cake was rich and luscious, served with crushed hazelnut layered within. Alongside was a scoop of berry ice cream, adding sour notes to this dessert. A delightful treat to end the meal. Amazing!

Swensen’s nostalgic ice cream choices — Coit Tower and Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

Coit Tower used to be served in a longer, thinner cup, which was swapped out for a pudgier version now. My mum’s favorite sundae, but she lamented that it’s not as creamy as it used to be.

Not sure if the Sticky Chewy Chocolate had malt balls in the past too, but this was served with sticky hot fudge (yummmm!!), waffle chocolate and whipped cream. Still very indulgent and delicious to me, but I’d love if they’d bring the malt balls back.

At Orchard Central - unfortunately the geotag couldn’t be found for this location!

Pudding was silky and soft, almost tofu-like. Caramel was sweet.

We purchased the pudding at the corner of the store (where they’re selling some cheesecakes too) and decied to eat in. We got the pudding off the counter for $6.50 but if you purchased at the storefront, it’s $8+ with whipped cream! Very strange pricing discrepancy.

For the $6.50 pudding, we got to keep the glass jar that came along with it, which we thought was a steal. The staff very kindly offered a plate for us to plop the pudding on.

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Rich, creamy, nutty and sweet - all rolled into one delightful scoop. Thoroughly enjoyed this after work treat!

Emily C

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Must... season.... errverythinggg

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