Other Things <3

Other Things <3

Things that don’t fall under the other lists
Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

Quite oily but very flavourful the queue is damn Long n they sometimes don’t allow u to buy 2 chicken wings bc it’s so popular they always sell out. rice n everything is nice (they use basmati rice), chicken wings r marinated n crispy but only gripe is it’s v oily lor haha

Sree invited us over for deeps and we had this yummy mutton briyani (& talked abt our problems LOLOL including them solving mysteries for me haha). Also tried a few Indian sweets & cookies which idk the name but they were all good ☺️ Happi Deepavali indeed!!

Boat noodles $0.80 only so cheap and nubbad for its price luh!! V good size bc then u can try the diff flavours avail. and chill ambience but once we went there was a cockroach on the floor fml couldn’t concentrate on what my friends were saying throughout 😳 (basically isn’t the cleanest place ever luh HAHAHHA). But the Lala is gud the sauce is so flavourful n salty n nice hehe mmmm

Second time trying this and first time at the actual shop but it’s a small cosy Korean-ish vibe rly felt like I was overseas n ofc the convos w ppl that night damn hilarious so ++ points for company luh :-) Tried the spicy kfc (not as spicy as we thought but still packs a punch), sauced soy kfc, seafood pancake (me likely) & army stew. All were pretty solidos n tasty af!

Brunch here, q worth w 1-1!! But service is truly q slow LMAO u raise hand 5 times then they finally come hahaha. Other than that, a nice bfast/brunch!! Ambience not bad either.

Avo on sourdough toast hmm I liked the cherry tomatoes they were huge n juicy but wished they had been more generous w the avo... Have had better avo toasts I guess :’)

I love the atmosphere of Fusion Spoon it’s nestled in the midst of lush botanic Gdns n has an enchanting vibe kinda :’) Lotsa food options avail frm western, local, bfast, healthy etc n I always get eggs benny haha cos it comes w orange juice which is a loveleh bfast hoho

The buffet spread at Ellenborough is quite huge, lotsa things to try :-) Think they change it every once in awhile but all the food there is p solid (including durian penget which seems like a popular choice)

Easily one of the better buffets I’ve visited in SG, food was very delicious + desserts were plentiful (there was even a pink fountain). I loved that there was so much variety, yet everything was still of great quality!! Been there twice n both times I was Super full after HAHHHA

Tapas n paella were alright but I absolutely fell in love with the Camarones Y Tostadas (Creamy Shrimps Baguette, $12) damn it was so amazing 😭 Pls order that on the menu I mean I would go bk n order just that haha. Atmosphere is v happening too the music is v danceable could not resist dancing along LMAO

Super worth it for student price, there was a a lot of variety n we ate till we were damn full HAHAHA. Staff was also rly friendly he helped us cook our food bc we came in rather late n were running out of time :’) Buffet spread was nice n flavourful, dessert, cooked food and drinks were provided too which was gr8. Good place to come if ur craving kbbq

Been to Uncle Kiisu thrice and rly always a gr8 time there hoho lots to choose frm I esp love the flavour explosion #Kiiwings, Unagi kueh pie ti and Beef King Don!! Yummers! AND EVERYONE THERE IS REAL FRIENDLY Chef Marcus n all his service staff make the dining experience there real enjoyable 😄

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