Other Things <3

Other Things <3

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Victoria Cheung
Victoria Cheung

I love the eggs Benny frm spago hehe so tasty and the Hollandaise sauce is rly yummy. It’s a breakfast buffet so u can actually order smoked salmon too n add it on top of ur eggs Benny if ur feeling extra 😂 Orange juice was refreshing, and the granola w museli was nice n filling :-)

Bc of Covid, the buffet is now ala-carte n the staff will serve it to your table instead of u walking around n taking things urself. Staff were rly friendly and nice :-) The buffet spread was also super amazing there was sashimi, beef, chicken, fish, chirashi bowl, raw seafood, kimchi truffle pancake, soft shell crab, Dou miao, salad, desserts etc. I think it was abt $100 per person but honestly q worth it tbh cos if u order the food by itself defo >$100 alr since there were some expensive foods on the buffet menu

Used the 1-1 which made it rly worth it and I rly enjoyed this version of avo toast, gotta say it’s one of my favs. Smashed avo was well-seasoned (not like some places where it’s abit bland) and the poached eggs were perfect. The Dukkah, cherry tomatoes (well-seasoned too) and cubes of cheese (I think?) added extra tastiness :-) Ice latte was nice too. Only thing is it’s super hot if u sit outside so um wear cooling clothes pls haha PSA


The omelette is so well done mm i got the ham cheese n spinach n it was so nice n cheesy which I love. Hash browns super crispy and bacon also v crispy. Small bit of kale and cherry tomato provided some balance. Smoked salmon (separate order) was nubbad too haha they didn’t have sour cream so the chef v kindly made some sour cream on the spot so nice of them

Spago brekkie!!! The eggs Benny r so good I love the Hollandaise sauce haha n the ice latte/ice mocha/orange juice hehe... breezy open space n nice views too :-) if u come v early in the morning, it’s super cooling as well since it’s on the 57th floor n the morning air is cold

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Chicken n waffles were so good the chicken was crispy n tender n flavourful. The maple bourbon sauce was yums too. The carbonara rly stole the show the sauce was so amazing man just an awesome plate of carbonara u gotta try it if u go. Mama June’s sweet tea was refreshing n perfect for the weather tho a lil ex. anyways the restaurant has country vibes af n good songs (even some country songs too) felt like I was in Houston or sth hahaha jk. I loved the ambience luh. Would revisit foshure n p worth w the burpple 1-1 would say :-)

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Ok the tomahawk medium rare was sooo good so tender n melty (we had medium well for some other steak at opus, I think it was the platter n it wasn’t good, so medium rare is the way to go tbh). The 3 types of salts (pink, black n white) were perfect w the steak 💯 so gorgeous too


So good the fried chicken was quite well-seasoned I love the crispy skin and the fried fish was tender. Mushroom soup n aglio olio were not bad too!! Salad was refreshing n zingy so it added a burst of freshness. Dad helped me ask for mayo as well which always makes fried fish taste even btr haha

Quite oily but very flavourful the queue is damn Long n they sometimes don’t allow u to buy 2 chicken wings bc it’s so popular they always sell out. rice n everything is nice (they use basmati rice), chicken wings r marinated n crispy but only gripe is it’s v oily lor haha

Sree invited us over for deeps and we had this yummy mutton briyani (& talked abt our problems LOLOL including them solving mysteries for me haha). Also tried a few Indian sweets & cookies which idk the name but they were all good ☺️ Happi Deepavali indeed!!

Boat noodles $0.80 only so cheap and nubbad for its price luh!! V good size bc then u can try the diff flavours avail. and chill ambience but once we went there was a cockroach on the floor fml couldn’t concentrate on what my friends were saying throughout 😳 (basically isn’t the cleanest place ever luh HAHAHHA). But the Lala is gud the sauce is so flavourful n salty n nice hehe mmmm

Second time trying this and first time at the actual shop but it’s a small cosy Korean-ish vibe rly felt like I was overseas n ofc the convos w ppl that night damn hilarious so ++ points for company luh :-) Tried the spicy kfc (not as spicy as we thought but still packs a punch), sauced soy kfc, seafood pancake (me likely) & army stew. All were pretty solidos n tasty af!

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