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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Tono is now permanently closed, but they are back in the form of canchita at dempsey. Burpple would y’all please consider listing canchita on beyond? :)

I first discovered tono because it was available on burpple beyond. The ceviche in the foreground was the star of the outstanding meal at tono. This was composed of market fish which tasted very fresh; crispy baby calamari that had a very light batter so it didn’t feel greasy as all; purple potato where the natural sweetness shone through; smoked aji amarillo tiger’s milk (the sauce) which was really good. The smokiness + refreshing elements of the sauce really blew us away! The other dishes were also very tasty.

Also, the service is outstanding! The waiter was very friendly and kept coming by to talk to us / clear our plates / refill our glasses of water. He also gave good dish recommendations.

Truly the best meal I’ve discovered through burpple! :)


Each plate of mezze was pretty delicious, but I found myself reaching out for the babaganoush the most! It was smoky and flavourful. The hummus was tasty as well, and the crab tzatziki was refreshing as it was cold.

Okay we did not foresee ordering 4 bags of bread in total. But we couldn’t resist because the bread was warm, fluffy, with great texture. Good on its own, also good with the mezzes!

Crisp tater tots along with sour cream, coriander and garlic ghee - how can this not be delicious? This is like a slightly elevated version of tater tots because of the sauce. Great for sharing!

A pity they changed out the hashbrown cube, but this should suffice.

Cauliflower was tasty, and the rice was fluffy and flavourful too. I liked the addition of the pomegranates! Thought this was not bad, but I had expected much more.

Mixed feelings about this - whilst it wasn’t dry, I’ve had more tender pork jowl. But it was still decent, and a quick squeeze of the lime elevated the flavours. Some of my friends really liked this though, so to each their own!

Unlike the rest of Singapore I am not that big a fan of fried chicken because health :p But WOW this dish really impressed me with the crisp batter and tender chicken, coupled with the tasty garlic whip sauce. I was so amazed that even though the chicken was quite lean and didn’t have the fatty chicken bits that I usually peel out, the chicken was still super joosy. Possibly the best fried chicken I’ve had. Definitely a must-order!

We got the taste it all platter to share, which included two pitas, hummus and babaganoush dips, falafel balls and pickle and salad bowls. I enjoyed the pitas which were baked fresh and hot - crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The plethora of dips also gave the pita different dimensions of flavours :-)

Of the whole meal, I probably enjoyed the falafel balls the most which were SUPER crispy and moist. There were also nut bits within the balls which felt like mini wholesome surprised when i bit into them.

Generally, I would think that pita bakery will be a highly recommended place for folks who love mediterranean / hummus / pita food and its super affordable plus the owner was friendly! :-)

Got the roast barramundi that had plenty of good reviews but I felt the portion was quite small for a main!! Generally the fish itself was really fresh and didn’t had the fishy smell. The skin was crispy as well and the fish was coupled with a good savoury broth.

Overall was a good place but probably would not make a special trip down!

The mezza platter comes with an Arabic salad, and a freshly made flatbread for dipping into the hummus (chickpeas, tahini), babaganoush (charcoal grilled eggplant with peppers, pomegranate sauce), labneh (Lebanese hung yogurt) and moussaka (cubed eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, green pepper and others). The flatbread was so-so. Liked the moussaka best! The cubed eggplants/tomatoes etc was pretty flavourful and tender. I haven’t had labneh before, but I found the stringy texture interesting. My friend liked the babaganoush a lot, and kept dipping her flatbread into it :) Hummus was pretty decent too!

The chicken kofta is marinated minced chicken that is charcoal grilled. It was juicy, and we all liked it. The rice served with it is nice and fluffy, and I didn’t find it dry even though there was no sauce.

Overall, I liked that the food was not too heavy on the palate, but still tasty. Portions are large, 3 of us shared these 2 dishes. Service is great too! They were very friendly :) Would make a return visit - they’re on both Beyond and Eatigo, so it’s even more affordable after 50% off.

Didn’t really like the pita as it wasn’t fluffy and warm enough. Not sure what to make of the taramasalata - I’ve only tried it one other time at blu kouzina, and I enjoyed that one a lot. This one lacked the salty, briny flavour I had expected, and was slightly spicy. Really wasn’t a fan at all, unfortunately.

The layers of eggplant, tomato and potatoes were soft, and was delicious together with the tasty béchamel sauce. It is rather filling so we shared it, and it was just nice.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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