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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The oven baked vegetables were soft and the béchamel sauce was tasty. There was varying degrees of softness between the eggplant / zucchini / potato etc, and wasn’t mushy. However halfway through this dish, my tongue felt slightly itchy, but it was mild so I wasn’t very bothered. The portion was huge, and we had to do a takeaway since we were already really full.

Menu description: kefalotiri psito, topped with fig sauce.

This is basically a salty white cheese that is fried. It was nice on first bite, but quickly got hard as the heat dissipated. It was too salty for our liking.

The fig sauce was wonderful, with the natural sweetness of the figs shining through!

I enjoyed all 3 dips, with our favourite being the taramalasata (white cod roe, lemon, capers, extra virgin olive oil). It was savoury, tangy, smooth - a taste of the ocean but not at all fishy.

The hummus was delicious as well, creamy and light, just like how good hummus should taste like. The melitzanosalata (smoked eggplant, feta, herbs) was good too, with a more vegetal aroma.

I liked the crispy pita, it was basically a very crisp and crunchy fried bread. The grilled pita however, could have been more fluffy.

This was composed of rice pudding, kourabie (traditional Greek almond cookie), balsamic fruit sauce, cinnamon & pistachios. It’s served cold and it was really nice. I enjoyed the kourabie a lot, and the slightly sour fruit sauce was a good accompaniment to the sweet rice pudding.

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This was delish! The hommus was a clear favourite, the basil+chickpea combo was great. The tzatziki was tart but not too sour, and the fava was a good too. The pita bread could have been fluffier I feel, but this was a satisfying dish

An oven baked pork hock marinated w cretan herbs & mythos beer, served w lemon roast potatoes, salad & a tomato based brown sauce. The sauce was so good!! It was a good balance of sweet + savoury and it really made the dish. The pork was cooked well too, and I ate the skin (even tho I don’t usually do) which was rather nice & gelatinous. My family enjoyed this a lot!

This was composed of Cretan Barley rusks, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, onion, Feta cheese, Greek olives, oregano, olive oil. This was alright, I liked that there was a generous amount of good olive oil.

The slices of octopus were cooked very gently, and was a vessel for the flavours that came through via the black olive mayo, chimichurri, garlic crisps & what I think are wisps of fried sweet potato. Was decent but would have preferred the octopus to have some char / smoky flavours.


These are green plantain crackers with guac! We initially wanted to order crispy sweet potato (camotitos) but our waiter straight up said that we should try the patacones bc they were more special, since sweet potato was more commonly found at other dining spots. Am glad we went along with his recommendation, because these were thin & crisp, and went well with the guac!


This was composed of prawns, calamari, fish, crab, jalapeño, lime & herbs, corn tortilla chips. The seafood was fresh and the lime & herb sauce was very refreshing, tasted very Mexican especially with the crunchy tortilla chips.

This was served wrongly to us and being the confused diners we were, we thought this was ceviche tono & wondered why the supposed crispy calamari actually tasted like tortilla chips 😂 only realised when the actual ceviche tono came, but we had already eaten half of this. They were chill about it and our waiter came by to explain why they accidentally served this to us, and told us that this would be on the house. We feel extra bad bc we really enjoyed this dish, so thank you to the team at Tono!


This was the star of the meal! This was composed of market fish which was fresh; crispy baby calamari which had a very light batter so it didn’t feel greasy as all; purple potato where the natural sweetness shone through; smoked aji amarillo tiger’s milk (the sauce) which was really good. The smokiness + refreshing elements of the sauce really blew us away!

Also, good service from the waiter that served us! He was very friendly and kept coming by to talk to us / clear our plates / refill our glasses of water. He also gave good dish recommendations :)

A very enjoyable meal, will be back to try their mains!


This was creamy but not to the point where it’s cloying, and there was a strong truffle smell which was so inviting. Almost like a risotto actually. The mushrooms were done well, and the ratio of cheese / orzo / mushroom / egg was just nice!

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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