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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

We got the taste it all platter to share, which included two pitas, hummus and babaganoush dips, falafel balls and pickle and salad bowls. I enjoyed the pitas which were baked fresh and hot - crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The plethora of dips also gave the pita different dimensions of flavours :-)

Of the whole meal, I probably enjoyed the falafel balls the most which were SUPER crispy and moist. There were also nut bits within the balls which felt like mini wholesome surprised when i bit into them.

Generally, I would think that pita bakery will be a highly recommended place for folks who love mediterranean / hummus / pita food and its super affordable plus the owner was friendly! :-)

Got the roast barramundi that had plenty of good reviews but I felt the portion was quite small for a main!! Generally the fish itself was really fresh and didnโ€™t had the fishy smell. The skin was crispy as well and the fish was coupled with a good savoury broth.

Overall was a good place but probably would not make a special trip down!

The mezza platter comes with an Arabic salad, and a freshly made flatbread for dipping into the hummus (chickpeas, tahini), babaganoush (charcoal grilled eggplant with peppers, pomegranate sauce), labneh (Lebanese hung yogurt) and moussaka (cubed eggplant, chickpeas, tomato, green pepper and others). The flatbread was so-so. Liked the moussaka best! The cubed eggplants/tomatoes etc was pretty flavourful and tender. I havenโ€™t had labneh before, but I found the stringy texture interesting. My friend liked the babaganoush a lot, and kept dipping her flatbread into it :) Hummus was pretty decent too!

The chicken kofta is marinated minced chicken that is charcoal grilled. It was juicy, and we all liked it. The rice served with it is nice and fluffy, and I didnโ€™t find it dry even though there was no sauce.

Overall, I liked that the food was not too heavy on the palate, but still tasty. Portions are large, 3 of us shared these 2 dishes. Service is great too! They were very friendly :) Would make a return visit - theyโ€™re on both Beyond and Eatigo, so itโ€™s even more affordable after 50% off.

Didnโ€™t really like the pita as it wasnโ€™t soft and warm enough. Not sure what to make of the taramasalata - Iโ€™ve only tried it one other time at blu kouzina, and I enjoyed that one a lot. This one lacked the salty, briny flavour I had expected, and was slightly spicy. Really wasnโ€™t a fan at all, unfortunately.

The layers of eggplant, tomato and potatoes were soft, and was delicious together with the tasty bรฉchamel sauce. It is rather filling so we shared it, and it was just nice.

The dish was decent, but it just wasnโ€™t satisfying. Go for their other dishes which are more impressive.

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I think theyโ€™ve taken the duck off the menu; it was cooked nicely and quite tender. The flatbread was my favourite, as this was pretty tasty and delicious with the creamy labneh. The crispy eggplant was okay, but the batter could have been lighter!

Ricotta, spinach and feta are baked in a filo pastry, and served with a grilled portobello and mixed vegetable ratatouille. This was delicious, with the crisp filo pastry and a hearty filling. Best eaten when hot! The ratatouille was juicy and had the natural flavours of the veg & mushroom; was good as well!

One of my favourite dishes here! These are spinach, feta and tofu patties coated with almonds & sesame and fried, served with a mushroom plum sauce. The patties were very tasty and went well with the delicious sweet plum sauce. Itโ€™s like eating meat patties, but without the heaviness :)

The oven baked vegetables were soft and the bรฉchamel sauce was tasty. There was varying degrees of softness between the eggplant / zucchini / potato etc, and wasnโ€™t mushy. However halfway through this dish, my tongue felt slightly itchy, but it was mild so I wasnโ€™t very bothered. The portion was huge, and we had to do a takeaway since we were already really full.

The slices of octopus were cooked very gently, and was a vessel for the flavours that came through via the black olive mayo, chimichurri, garlic crisps & what I think are wisps of fried sweet potato. Was decent but would have preferred the octopus to have some char / smoky flavours.


These are green plantain crackers with guac! We initially wanted to order crispy sweet potato (camotitos) but our waiter straight up said that we should try the patacones bc they were more special, since sweet potato was more commonly found at other dining spots. Am glad we went along with his recommendation, because these were thin & crisp, and went well with the guac!


started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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