All About Chicken

All About Chicken

Featuring The Populus Coffee & Food Co., Ru Ji Kitchen 如记小厨 (Rehill Lane), Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant Pte Ltd, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen 翡翠港式小厨 (Takashimaya), Oven & Fried Chicken (Bukit Timah), Supreme Pork Chop Rice, Wow Wow West Genuine (ABC Brickworks), Eng Kee Chicken Wings (Commonwealth), Seng Huat Coffee House (Hougang), Watami Japanese Dining 和民居食屋 (City Square Mall)

got strong salty taste for nori shoyu powder :") the batter was too much for chicken mcbites :")

(Whole - $16) I just bought it bc of my mum's craving ah lol but then bc another store at ci yuan cc closed for the day 😅. Spring Chicken gotta be a bit salty but some of part was unseasonal ah 🌝 but French fries gotta to be super salty.

($11.90 ++) remind me of KFC lmao but their curry sauce was quite so good tbh :") taste like beef aftertaste. The crispy chicken was quite crispy and crunchy for their batter skin but their chicken was slightly hard. But the overall curry sauce was quite addicting to dip and eat with it.

(RM 14.10) I gotta said that got a bit something different frm sg mcd chicken in terms of quality. But the chicken taste much more flavour, oily, crispy and crunchy whereas sg taste less flavour, a bit oily, still have crispy and crunchy.

($6) it's quite nice tbh as a lot of people queued for this stall. But I got bones for roasted chicken :") and my colleagues they did recommend me for trying this. It's slightly oily but then overall it's quite nice.

($9) I didn't expected that I will be takeaway briyani for dinner last week :") Their briyani got a bit uncooked but their curry gravy got nutty and creamy texture so I really like their gravu tbh. Chicken size was quite smaller in size tbh but the service was quite for takeaway as they alr packed briyani on the boxes in plastic bag.

Marrybrown (Toppen Shopping Centre)

Egg-stra Ong Seafood Platter (Single) (RM 22.80)

just set meal consisted of Crispy Shrimp, Money Bag, Fish Cake and French Fries come with Egg-stra Ong Sauce. The sauce taste like mid spicy salted egg but then quite nice tbh. only crispy shrimp and money bag sell ala crate but then we wanted to try it out everything as a set meal. crispy shrimp batter was quite a lot tbh, money bag like curry puff filling inside but quite cool concept tbh. fish cake is only selling under seafood platter.

Chick-A-Licious (Combo) (RM 21.95)

consisted of black pepper sauce for fried chicken and served with vegetable salad and fries. I felt that black pepper sauce was quite mid spicy but then not that bad tbh. Vegetable sauce was quite weird taste tbh but the french fries size like between mcd to mos burger :)

($16.30) hmmm the jack's bbq sauce was weird to pair with pineapple? I just eat finish their seasonal vegetables and curly fries finish but their curly fries was slightly dry aftertaste.

($18) hmmm jack's brown sauce was quite questionable for me to taste through. I just eat finish their seasonal vegetables finish. their signature baked potato was slightly dry aftertaste and supposed to have mayo and brown gravy but rejected the idea.

really not that bad tbh but they give me chicken breast :") chicken breast meat is not oily but slightly tough to chew thru. my friend told me that their begedi is nt that nice.

($4.80) I always saw people order their roasted chicken rice and always sit near their stall. I decided to order their roasted chicken rice for trying it out. The rice was quite moist, fragrant and not that dry. But I always get their chicken breast for roasted chicken :") by default. I noticed the size for roasted chicken was slightly getting small and inflation sucks :")

($6.50) comes with choice of steamed or roasted chicken, boiled vegtables and soup. Roasted chicken taste not that bad but too much sauce on vegtables.


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