Hawker Noodles

Hawker Noodles

wanton mee, ban mian, mee hoon kueh, bcm, dumpling noodles etc
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This has been on my list for a while, and while it was not bad, it’s just not my thing. The noodles were a bit too al dente for my liking, but my bf liked it! He said it was chewy, but I didn’t feel so. Maybe because I like my noodles slightly softer with a bite. We also had a dry banmian, but I think the youmian fared better. The egg drop soup was nice, and the ikan bilis was crispy. Pork slices were tasty too. Overall not bad, but it’s unlikely I would return as the location is pretty inconvenient, plus I prefer the dry banmians from other places.

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Had initially intended to get top 1 handmade noodles, but they were closed so decided to try this instead. The two dishes are from Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice! I liked both and was rather satisfied even though I didn’t get to have my handmade noodles. The soya sauce chicken was quite tender! Rice had good flavour without being overly greasy, and the grains didn’t clump together.

The noodles were thin (think hk style wanton mee) and had a rly nice bite, I liked it a lot! Shrimp dumplings were very generously filled - 3 shrimps in each dumpling, with black fungus & minced meat. Pretty good!

There’s a relatively constant queue, but I didn’t wait for very long. Definitely would have this again, especially since it’s quite close by to home!

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Enjoyed this! There was sufficient wokhei, and the ckt didn’t feel overly greasy. I love the addition of lap cheong (chinese sausage)! There were hidden pieces of lard in it that was super good - they were so CRISP and there was no oil oozing out when chomping on it. My bf also liked that the cockles were small, so there was no musky bloody taste to it.

Also, even though I don’t rly take spicy food, I liked the slight kick of spiciness this had from the chilli. It wasn’t too spicy such that I couldn’t enjoy it, but just enough such that it “opened” my taste buds (iykwim). This place is rather far for me tho, so while I wouldn’t come back specially for this, I’ll definitely pop by if I find myself in Sengkang :)

The day we went all the way to Marsiling mall... got this dry MHK highly recommended by our dear Marsiling friend. I ordered banmian but uncle somehow gave me MHK instead :”( but it was a blessing in disguise! I witnessed the uncle pulling each MHK from the dough right after I ordered, it was pretty fascinating to watch HAHA

Ok the MHK itself was SUPER QQ but I felt that the noodles were not enhanced by the sauce. Opted for spicy but it wasn’t spicy at all eh :-( but the meat was so fresh (doesn’t taste stale like most banmian stalls) I could immediately tell that it’s handmade! Overall it’s one of the stalls with better noodles but not the best I have had! So would not travel all the way for this heh

Got a mix of shredded chicken, mushrooms & wantons as they were out of charsiew. Liked the springy noodles in dark sauce - they remind me a little of tian xiang wanton noodles at tanglin halt, which is one of my favourites. The green chilli adds a nice sour / spicy kick. The wantons were pretty decent too. Wasn’t a big fan of the braised mushrooms, they weren’t fragrant enough. Tampines is a bit far for me, so I wouldn’t specially head down for this. But if I find myself in this hawker centre again I would have it again!

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I seldom do hawker review because rlly everything usually taste more or less similar to me but this caught me by surprise and I think I will really want to go back to the east to get this. Rlly never tried anything like this before and I’m not even a horfun fan.

The broth was flavourful (the lard taste was overpowering and enhanced the broth so much) / the horfun itself was silky and slurped down really easily / the chicken was fried so crisply and the skin itself had a good seasoning on its own. Very happy bowl of goodness :-)

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There were some mhk pieces which were really nice, with a qq texture, but it wasn’t very consistent. Some pieces lacked that qq texture. They’re generous with the tender pork slices and tasty meatballs though, and the fried shallots brought fragrance to the bowl of mhk. I do prefer ah yi’s (the stall in the next row) mhk as it has better texture and consistency. Nonetheless, this is still a pretty good bowl of mhk!

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The hand torn mee hoon kueh was alright (not doughy), though it lacked springiness as it was rather thin. Meatballs were well-seasoned, and I liked that there was mani cai in this (the hallmark of more authentic mhks). There were also mushrooms and ikan bilis, plus an onsen egg which is something different. A decent bowl, but not the best.

My childhood vegetarian beehoon place, which has nice white beehoon with some mock meats (I usually ask for no mock charsiew), cabbage and zai er, with a thin savoury sauce. I like that the noodles aren’t dry - you could slurp these if you wanted to. This is an above average vegetarian beehoon stall to me, would recommend to those looking for something comforting to have!

Ikan bilis was crisp and fragrant, it was my favourite component. Stewed mushrooms were not too salty, unlike some stalls that overdo it. The sauce had a black sauce sweetness and fragrance from the shallot oil, while the noodles were not mushy but also not q. Even though I did a takeaway, I had it within 5 mins so I don’t think that’s the reason for the noodles’ average texture.

Overall, decent enough for me to want to return to try their soup version.

This was from the corner stall near the whampoa soya bean stall. It was decent, expect a typical vegetarian beehoon. I liked the crispy zai er!

Noodles were pretty decent, with a savoury sauce that wasn’t too strong. The duck was tender and moist, with chewy skin that I didn’t mind having (I usually avoid skin as some are really not great). Soup was nice! Overall, I wasn’t blown away, but it was good enough - I can see why there was a relatively constant queue of ~3-5 people formed throughout my meal there.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram: @coldbutter.sg

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