Hawker Noodles

Hawker Noodles

wanton mee, ban mian, mee hoon kueh, bcm, dumpling noodles etc
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was decent, has some wokhei flavour (comes from the egg that they fry before drenching it in the broth). It’s surprisingly quite clean tasting and not oily. Prawns and clam were q fresh! The beehoon is very thin tho, there’s barely a bite to it. Not v outstanding but idm eating this again. Still prefer white restaurant’s baimifen. And the san lou bee Hoon from sembawang claypot rice :)

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Was a satisfying (!!!) meal at beauty world!! Back for Top 1 handmade noodles & (after a 30 mins wait on a Sat 1pm), we got our meal!! I got the tomyam cintan noodles - the soup was REALLY thick and it tasted slightly tomato-ish tangy, different from the typical tomyam, was slightly spicy too. I tried their signature dry youmian the previous round (which I think will be my go-to) but their chilli was really a killer (so save yourself to ask for less spicy!!) also they only accept cash.... so prepare ur physical wallets!!!

Also featuring the dumplings from the famous XLB stall (dumplings - 12 for $7) were ok but I prefer the XLBs that I tried the last time round - I remember that the soup bursted in our mouths but the skin was slightly thick. Lastly, here’s some kopi teh and milo bing from kopifellas :-

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Finally back at top 1 after... 4 years?? It is still pretty good, with al dente noodles tossed in a sweet dark sauce, topped with minced meat clumps (was decent but I’m not a big fan), meatballs (did not like this, i think it’s just frozen meatballs), a mix of 大白菜 & chye sin / xiaobaicai, braised mushrooms, and crisp ikan bilis. I felt that the noodles tasted more qq and shiok 4 years back. But it was still a satisfying lunch :) Special mention to the soup, which was very flavourful! There’s a subtle sweetness, perhaps from the 大白菜.

Got our food about 45 mins after joining the queue at 11.45am on Saturday. Mhk was sold out already so I gotta come earlier next time!

Used to eat this almost every week in sec sch! Before I became someone who wanted to explore new options for each meal :p The noodles are the authentic phad thai noodles, slightly thinner in width than guotiao / pho. It’s nicely fried together with some prawns, eggs, beansprouts and shrimp. The sauce is flavourful, my bf remarked that it’s on the sweeter side. So that’s probably why I like it. I had some super nice egg bits with wokhei! The portion of eggs / prawns has gone down quite a bit compared to a few years ago, so it’s not as nice as before :/ But I’ll still continue to patronise the stall bc it’s still pretty satisfying to me, plus the nostalgia :’)

Wow yknow I didn’t expect to like this because I saw pics of their wanton mee online, and this is the thicker type of wanton mee that I don’t rly like. But their sauce is sooo nice that I am able to accept the noodles! there’s a slight alkaline taste still tho. The highlight is the sauce, which is v fragrant and yummy! it’s a mix of lard oil and soya sauce (we think). The charsiew is decent, it’s lean and pretty thin - don’t expect roasted meat stall standard, but it’s not dry by any means! Dumplings were ok only, not memorable but there was adequate filling!

So pleasantly surprised, this was pretty damn good. Please eat it piping hot!! So shiok - there’s wokhei, it’s v flavourful, kwayteow wasn’t soggy even tho it was a takeaway! We ordered non-spicy but it was kinda still spicy, though it was a nice tingle of spiciness on the tongue! The only thing that could be improved on was the quality of the lapcheong, it was quite meh. But everything else was great!!

Their wanton mee is v nice! It’s thin & very springy, coated in a light sauce (I think it might be sesame oil + their charsiew sauce?). V similar to feifei roasted noodles @ yuhua (my fav!). But I did feel like there was a slight alkaline taste.

Wantons had quite a decent amount of meat filling, liked that they used water chestnuts so there was the cronch element.

The charsiew is really good - it’s tender and juicy, there’s a nice mix of fatty + lean parts, and the ends have a nice slight char so those parts are crisp. It is feels “cleaner” and not as sinful compared to other charsiews out there, but still v delicious so I liked it a lot!

They’re closing on 15 June because the owner wants to take a rest! We actually queued almost 3 hours for this on sat. It’s a v nice satisfying meal, glad we tried it before it closed, since it’s been on my wishlist since 2 years ago hahaha

Noodles were thin and springy, charsiew was quite tender. Minor point but I liked that they give kailan! Wantons tasted alright but I thought they were quite generous because there were 5 plump pieces. I went after the lunch crowd had eased, so that's probably why the charsiew I was given were kinda like scraps and quite fatty, and I don't like fatty bits so it was wasted on me. Will probably go early next time so I can get the leaner charsiew! Not the best, but nice enough and it's a good lunchtime option so I foresee myself going back often.

Had higher expectations for this as it’s supposedly malaysian, but don’t come expecting hupkee standard, keep the expectations at food court standard. The fishball and fish cakes were alright, slightly bouncy but the taste and texture didn’t really impress. There’s some meatball and canned abalone slices too. Noodles were actually better than the ingredients, there’s a bite to it. This meal was average at best.

I’ve had this when they were at LPS, and now they’re at Amoy and it’s just as good as ever. The banmian is springy / qq, sauce was tasty and the pork slices were tender. There’s egg drop soup as well, where the egg yolk is still runny. Definitely a satisfying lunch option, it’s delicious!


Got the $5 plate to share! Second time having this - we thought it was very average the first time we had it (attributed it to the fact that we didn’t have it piping hot), so we gave it another go. Felt that it was better this time. It was slightly wet but not soggy - I liked the sweetness from the dark sauce, and the egg that was incorporated in gave it an additional richness. Would prefer to have some egg bits to bite on tho, instead of it being fully mixed in; and perhaps a touch more smokiness/wokhei. I don’t eat ckt often bc of how unhealthy it is, so when I do I would like to maximise the enjoyment. But for those who eat it more regularly, I think this is a good option because it is tasty but doesn’t feel *too* sinful.

I don't think this is the *best* ckt I’ve had, but it still is a nice plate of ckt. I don’t mind queueing up for it if it’s a 15-20mins wait!

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First tried this in nov 2019 when my parents dapao-ed it back, and I was very impressed so I made a mental note to have it in-store someday. Finally made it to amk for this, and I'm glad to know that it is still very good! Opted for meepok, which were done very Malaysian-style: heavy handed with the dark sauce, shallot oil and all (pretty 重口味), so it was a bit much as I don't prefer such heavy flavours. Still enjoyable, just felt a bit unhealthy. The noodles clumped up a bit by the time we reached our seat, but it's a minor point as the noodles were springy and loosened when stirring it in the sauce. But the real stars were the taupok, fishballs and fishcakes. The taupok was so poofy and really good; the handmade fishballs and fishcakes were incredibly bouncy and tasty and fresh - I really enjoyed the textures! Possibly the best fishball/fishcake/taupok there is in SG I'm not even kidding. Would ask the auntie not to give me seaweed next time though, as it kinda masked the flavour of the soup. Oh yes portions are HUGE here and I was super stuffed even with the small bowl - had to give some to others to help me finish

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