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Hawker Noodles

Hawker Noodles

wanton mee, bcm, ban mian, dumpling noodles etc etc etc
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Fondly known as extension bcm to ntu students, this place is a well known supper spot. The bcm is honestly quite good (better than the one at Pioneer coffee shop, by fei siong), and I asked the auntie for more vinegar bc I love that sour kick. Noodles are cooked well!

Silky horfun, tender strips of chicken drenched in a herbal sauce; was nice! The mushrooms were not bad as well. However I personally prefer the ah liang ipoh horfun sauce which is cleaner tasting / lighter.

Enjoyed this! The noodle texture was great and tasted even better with the accompanying sauce. Lots of crisp shallots and a decent amount of meat & veg. The soup got cold quickly though. Would return for another delicious bowl of handmade noodles :)

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Was not bad, the mee pok was springy and the sauce was good (I asked for extra vinegar not spicy). The ingredients were decent except the fishball which wasn’t gr8.

Noodles were not bad w the sauce, just that it was a bit softer and not qq. The boiled wanton is quite meaty, and the fried wanton was crisp. A decent plate but nothing to shout about. The auntie is v nice!!

Queued quite long for this, which is why the vegetarian beehoon (a family fav) is half eaten :p

This was a decent plate of wanton noodles, but probably bc the benchmark is feifei @ yuhua, this fell short. It’s a good option nonetheless!

This was pretty good, but I feel like what stands out the most to me in this store is the crispy fried wantons. Gives a very satisfying crunch! They are also very generous with the wantons - 5 boiled in soup, 5 fried wantons.

This is the best. banmian store in SG!!

The soup is my fav. A clear, flavourful soup with natural sweetness from the ingredients, this is what all banmian store soups should taste like.

The noodles have a good bite and are cooked well; the prawns and meat have a flavourful natural taste; the ikan bilis is crispy and provides that salty burst; mushrooms are normal; and the use of mani cai just ties the whole bowl together.

Shoutout to my parents for bringing me to eat gr8 food since young!!

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Second time having this and I really liked it this time! Noodles were al-dente / qq and I found the savoury sauce rather nice today. Fried wantons were crispy, boiled wantons were meaty n bouncy. Charsiew was great! I think I developed a craving for this oh no

Edit: also would like to say that the portions are SUPER generous and the uncle is also very friendly :)

This was the first time I tried their wanton mee. Liked the charsiew, it was relatively lean so it didn’t feel too sinful, but still had nice caramelisation and some fatty parts. Dumplings were good too! Noodles/sauce was decent, but I like feifei’s (the yuhua one) sauce better.

This was my lunch bud’s order. It came with charsiew, ngoh hiang, fried dumpling, fried wanton, veg and noodles, and boiled wantons in soup (unpictured). Very value for money and there was nice caramelisation on the charsiew! Ngoh hiang and fried dumpling was good too :)

Queued rather long for this! Beef slices were tender and easy to eat; kway teow was soft & slurpy, and was tossed in a rather tasty sauce. I liked that it comes with beansprouts, and they have preserved black bean for u to add - I added a few, which provided some nice saltiness that is not too overwhelming when paired with the noodles. Aunty is also nice and not grumpy - will repurchase! (when I finish exploring all the amoy stalls)(oh dear how long will that take)

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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