Thai Food

Thai Food

Featuring Nakhon Kitchen (Kovan), Nakhon Kitchen (VivoCity), Tawandang Microbrewery (Dempsey), ThaiPan Restaurant (The Grandstand), Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice (VivoCity)
Clarence Chan
Clarence Chan

Went for lunch to try this new place.
Beef noodle was edible, nothing special.
Curry noodle tasted local, not worth the price. You can pay for better curry chicken noodle elsewhere.
Fried chicken skin was too salty, the fried shallots all around it didn't help with anything.
Thai fishcake and chicken stick also nothing special.
In conclusion, nothing captivating that made us want to go again. Definitely a go once and that's it. Way too overrated by local "stars" and lousy ads. Nothing tasted like Thai authentic at all. Pls go pay for way better thai food elsewhere.

This dish is very good as a starter... The sour taste give you more appetite to enjoy more dishes.. Will definitely recommend this new dish.

A salty but not spicy dish, this plate is full of stem and lesser leafy kang Kong... If you like those big huge stem kang Kong and you don't mind spicy can try.

But I'm a chilli person, so this wasn't good enough for me.

This is really not bad, they use the prince noodle type where you can feel each individual noodle itself and not stick together.

The soup base uses the chicken rice soup.. Taste just right, of course towards salty side.. This is something I want to go for here.

Bangkok style of chicken liver, got to say for the portion is consider reasonable.. Thus does not go wrong as you dip it into their sauce.

Overpriced Bangkok style chicken rice, nothing much to describe but just too expensive for the taste..

Some coffee shop can do better than this

The fish cake is nice, does not have the fishy taste. It's a must to go together with the Thai sweet chilli. Authentic Thai taste fish cake

The kang Kong was very well cook, and the mild spicy brings the favour of the belachan to this dish. Thumbs up for this dish

This dish is has abit of spiciness in it, and the long beans are not over cook. Everything goes very well with this combinations.

The soup has the mild sour Tom yum taste and portion is just nice for two person sharing. It's only $6 definitely worth it for this portion.

This is one of my favourite place for cockles.. It's so well done and the Thai chilli brings out the freshness of the cockles.

They even half peel the shell for you, you can enjoy the cockles without dirtying your hand, using fork and spoon can enjoy the cockles.. 100% must order

This tofu taste was ok, the sauce taste like "tie pan tofu". $14 for this is a little over price. Great for medium group to share and order more kind of variety choices.

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