Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee

1 ton noodles that sits on my belly
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Dover Road Kai Kee wanton mee first opened over 30 years ago at the now demolished Dover Road Hawker centre.

It is now located at Alexandra Village Hawker. The noodles were good. Wanton was meaty. I didn't really like the dry Char Siew pieces.

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Bookmarked to try this for quite sometime. Finally got chance to eat this.

Normal wanton mee is $4, truffle wanton mee is $7.

Basically, truffle wanton mee looks like it is prepared the same way, just that they spray a bit of truffle oil onto the wanton mee.

Still can't wrap my head around how a few sprays of truffle oil justifies the additional $3.

Overall quite a average bowl of wanton noodles, with only a slight hint of truffle taste.

Expectation for this place was quite high, there was many good reviews. There are also many food bloggers articles posted at the shop front.

Overall it was an ok bowl of wanton noodles. The egg Noodles are QQ.

Tasted a little bland to me, but some may like this, as I am too used to wanton mee with the dark sauce. Yap kee here uses "white" sauce style.

Wanton was quite good.

So hard to get to eat this store, early morning always crowded, long queue, by 11am, closed liao, cannot eat for lunch.

So finally, the chance presented itself, and this truly is the better stores here at BMFC.

Char Siew has very good fat ratio to eat.

No need to say anything, just see the photo.

Look at the fat ratio of that char siew, it taste as good as it looks.

Every bite of the char siew is just a burst of flavours, so sinful, but so damn good.

Expect to queue for this.

My mum used to da pao this for me every sunday morning, when I used to stay in clementi.

This popular store in clementi 448 is not helmed by the next generation.

The sauce now not as spicy as last time, but it still have the same taste as way before.

The dumpling as usual, is great.

Best dumplings I had for a while.

Consistently good and big portion.

Old school wanton mee.

Avaliable in chilli, tomato,dark soya sauce.

Decided to have a spicy tomato mix.
And it was good.

Char siew nothing fantastic.

Avaliable in $3.50,$4,$4.50 portion.

Very long queue during lunch time. Waited around 30+ mins

Long Q

$5 all in. Pork ribs sift and tender. Meat slip off bone. Dumpling good.

Noodles soak in sauce.

Chilli quite spicy

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Recently opened at Golden Mile, heard lots of good reviews, even advertised on YouTube via food King.

The noodles was great, the wanton and dumpling was also good.

Slightly disappointed about the char siew. Felt it was a little tough.

Somewhat long queue during weekend lunch time, about 15-20mins waiting time.

Surprised that their roasted meat taste so better with noodles instead of rice.

The chilli is just right, not to spicy and not too sweet.

Roasted duck is just as good

Char siew damn gelat. Lots of Fats

Will stick with the original next time.

Black sauce version not as nice.

Very long queue on a Saturday lunch time.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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