Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee

1 ton noodles that sits on my belly
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

There are 3 popular wanton mee stalls here at bukit merah view.

All 3 stalls have snaking queues on a sunday breakfast

Yong chun WTM is one of these popular stalls. And the queue here is the longest of the 3.

Noodles were springy here too, char siew was a little thick and not as tender as I would like.

But the Wanton here is very good.

The chilli here also rather shiok


There are 3 popular wanton mee stalls here at bukit merah view.

All 3 stalls have snaking queues on a sundY breakfast.

Kim Huat WTM is one of these popular stalls.

Noodles were springy, char siew was flavourful and tender. And the chilli "dip" was damn shiok and flavourful


Jian Kang Noodles serves up a pretty decent old school wanton mee.

Springy el dente noodles, wanton was pretty decent as well. And the chilli was quite solid.

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Quite a solid bowl of wanton mee.

Sauce was spicy and made a great flavourful dip for the springy and el dente noodles.

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A relatively popular WTM store here at 6th avenue, with a decent enough Google rating(4.2) and with a backing of a steady queue during a sleepy Sunday morning breakfast.

To be honest, expectations were rather too high due to such signs, and sadly, this WTM was slightly above average at best.

The Char Siew was rather dry, but the noodles were springy and the sauce was good. The wanton and dumplings were good.

Overall, it had a very old school taste for a WTM. If pass by, can try. But not worth the effort to travel specially for this

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+$2 for 2 additional dumplings

Noodles were springy and el dente. Dumplings were meaty & flavourful.

Their char siew is the dry and lean type, so don't expect anything special.

I would say this is a slightly above average WTM.

Tian Xiang Wanton Noodle used to be located at the now demolished Tanglin Halt food centre.

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One of my favourite stores here at BMFC also serves Pork Ribs noodles.

Pork Ribs were tender and easily slides off the bone.

Usually long queues during breakfasts.

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Springy Noodles, and chilli not bad.

Can eat if nearby. No need to travel all the way here 4 this.

Portion quite big, wife couldn't finish.


Wanton Mee($6) + Sio Bak($3) + Lava Egg($1.50)

Sio Bak used to be the best here. The Char siew and Roasted Duck have since leapfrogged above them in my estimation.

Like their Noodles here too.

Only 2 Wantons in a Wanton Mee.


Recently re-named Kang's Wanton Mee (don't be confused with Chef Kang's Wanton Mee)

Kang's Wanton mee is rather springy and lightly sauced. The chilli had a good kick to it and the Wanton were rather big, almost like dumpling size already.

Char siew had slightly charred edges and was relatively tasty too.

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Can choose if u want tomato,dark soya sauce or chilli base. Went with the chilli and it was quite good.

Char siew was slightly charred at the edges for a few pieces.

$4 is their entry level Portion.

Opens at 8.30am and closes at 4pm.

With such opening hours, only can eat on weekends for working adults. Unless u working in Punggol.

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The Most popular store at Empress Road Hawker centre. Ah Wing's wanton mee serves up an excellent plate of wanton mee.

Decided to add on 2 portions of Dumplings.

Noodles were el dente.

Char siew was glistening and slightly charred.

The wanton and the Dumplings were the stand out for me in this solid bowl of wanton mee.

Expect to queue for this wanton mee.

Very popular store here, and they also sell their frozen wantons, if u want to have some at home.


Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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