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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Eeps the cake was really small and very average. It was bittersweet (as expected from the name), but tasted more like a brownie. The pear was crunchy and raw but we expected a poached pear. Didn’t feel that the $7 price tag was justified. Iced latte was not bad though - the coffee flavour was strong. Genmaicha tea was alright. The service here is great! They’re closing at the end of Nov tho, pay them a visit before they close :)

The bookshop they’re housed in is really beautiful and has nice stuff, I don’t think they’re closing but it’s a nice place to check out while waiting for a seat at the cafe! Tbh I enjoyed browsing in the bookstore more than having the food in the cafe :x

Ahhh I haven’t had french toast for some time and this was pretty good! The brioche was crisp outside, but super moist and fluffy inside. It wasn’t too eggy nor buttery! The toasted hazelnuts were a nice touch. Bacon is pretty thick, I had the lean part but it wasn’t dry! This comes with a berry compote, maple syrup, fruits & whipped cream as well. I’m so pleasantly surprised that it looked AND tasted good :)


We got to choose 1 bread, 2 greens, 1 meat & 1 egg. Sourdough is nicely toasted, so it remained crisp & crunchy throughout the meal. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs (was kinda jammy, but still a bit too cooked for my liking), broccoli & roasted mushrooms were pretty decent. This was surprisingly filling!

It’s actually not bad - the mentaiko + cheese combo is tasty, and there are bits of crab & shrimp strewn all over so it’s not just / basic macaroni & cheese. It’s quite heavy on the palate tho - I shared this with 2 friends and it was still a little jelat!

The latte art really caught my attention (SO CUTE) but friends and I were pretty disappointed by the drinks and cakes. Choc lava cake wasn’t hot when it came and the ice-cream was just the normal vanilla ice-cream and it was actually $11... my tiramisu latte was really sweet (perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen this...) and we also got the strawberry shortcake that was $8? And we didn’t even finish :-( tho my friends did enjoy their hazelnut lattes!

Honestly the portion was so so huge - both the chicken and the lettuce they are so generous!!!! I like that the chicken is crispy and juicy tho they are cut into small pieces (not the typical salad chicken breast) and the egg yolk was super well cooked

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Worth with BB 1-1 but I don’t think I will be back... the chilli crab pasta’s crab were shreds (unlike soft shell crab served in other cafes) and both pastas were pretty standard! Waiters were friendly and environment was cosy tho!

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The salmon bowl was very normal, nothing to shout about. Salmon wasn’t dry, decently done. Didn’t really like the guac bc they didn’t season it and it wasn’t refreshing. The sauce was q nice!

The pulled pork was flavourful with a hearty tomato taste, and wasn’t too saucy nor dry. Enjoyed the crisp toasted brioche and the runny eggs. Portion was larger than expected!

Overall, a pretty good deal ($7.50 per pax after GST) - just note that they can get pretty crowded during lunch time. But service is quite fast :)

Super enjoyed the truffle fries and can we just say that they are super generous!!!!!! Can be shared among 3-4 people fairly! My friend ordered their chilli crab pasta and I will prob return to try it next time!

Wasn’t too easy to get to fuel plus but I guess it’s a good walk from Vivo with ur friends (away from the Vivo crowd)! Salmon madness was not bad, the salmon was well-cooked, the egg yolk was flowy, overall nothing to pick on!!

This was actually rather decent, and I was surprised to find different varieties of mushrooms encased within. The crust was not overly buttery, and was crisp at the sides.

This was nice - the barramundi was flaky soft, and didn’t have a fishy taste. Enjoyed the confit tomatoes as well, which lent an earthy taste to the dish, and was mooshy in a good way.

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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