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Just a typical white girl
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This was actually rather decent, and I was surprised to find different varieties of mushrooms encased within. The crust was not overly buttery, and was crisp at the sides.

Didn’t really like the pita as it wasn’t soft and warm enough. Not sure what to make of the taramasalata - I’ve only tried it one other time at blu kouzina, and I enjoyed that one a lot. This one lacked the salty, briny flavour I had expected, and was slightly spicy. Really wasn’t a fan at all, unfortunately.

This was nice - the barramundi was flaky soft, and didn’t have a fishy taste. Enjoyed the confit tomatoes as well, which lent an earthy taste to the dish, and was mooshy in a good way.

The pumpkin purée was creamy, smooth and had a nice natural sweetness. I liked the addition of the crisp fried sage, pine nuts and Greek yogurt! The texture ravioli skin can be improved on though.

Thought this was not bad. The fried chicken was crunchy outside and juicy inside; I liked the sour pickle and thought the amount of sauce was appropriate. Very value for money at $12 on Sundays!

This beef patty was rather juicy, and the bun was fluffy enough. The caramelised onions gave some sweetness to it. While I don’t think it’s the best I’ve had, it’s good enough :)

Ok didnt take photo of my matcha latte (it was alright!!) but here to post about this hidden gem!!! 🥰 super super pretty and cosy and hip space found behind people’s park food centre!! I walked the long way up but super worth it (and there’s a shortcut so please go for that). Will definitely be back to try the dishes and the satay!!!!!

Spacious cafe in the east with good ambience and friendly staff!! Enjoyed my miso salmon, felt that the sauce was what that made it stand out / had an iced white too and the portion was generous nothing to pick on, was a good experience overall :-) my friend had the THICC burger which had 2 patties, she really loved the passion fruit oolong tea!! Kudos to their welcome soda too 🥰

The pork chop was rather juicy, with a mix of fatty parts and lean parts (which was drier relative to the fatty parts, but still sufficiently moist). The purple cabbage would have been better if it were pickled/sour. The mashed potatoes were light and not salty, and the apples provided some natural sweetness.

Given the popularity of this place, I had expected more. Would probably give the beef items a try, but currently I’m not keen on a revisit.

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The serving of fries was generous, and it was the skinny crisp type that I liked. However, the truffle smell/flavour was hardly present, and the konbu flavour only came through for fries that had a lot of the seasoning.

The pesto pasta was disappointing - the pesto had very mild flavours and the handmade tagliatelle was slightly soft for my liking. The redeeming factor was the prawn pieces that were crunchy.

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First time @ crossings and it easily made it to one of my favourite cafe places!!! Chilli crab pasta that was highly recommended did not disappoint, soft shell crab was crunchy with that soft interior coupled with the tomato chilli crab-ish sauce, pasta was al-dente too!! As for the truffle mac and cheese, it really caught me off guard because the smell and taste of the truffle was so pronounced and the cheese was generous yet not didn’t cover the truffle and bacon taste!! Highly recommended :-)


Super crowded on a weekend!! (Take note that they don’t serve lunch menu on weekends!!) enjoyed the eggs ben but sadly nothing much about it to rave about :”( got the matcha latte and it was pretty disappointing too (slightly diluted)!

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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