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aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

My fav acai place of all time! Have been a loyal fan since 2015, and I still believe their acai is the best. It doesn’t melt quickly (for this purchase, I did a takeaway and only started eating it 10 mins after and it hardly melted), it’s smooth and not icy, it’s good acai base.

The variety of fruits they provide is pretty wide, there’s banana, strawberry, mango, honeydew, grape, blueberry, dragonfruit. The other crunchy toppings were yummy too, there’s cacao nibs, granola, rice puffs. And coconut shreds + chia seeds as well.

This was very satisfying, had it for lunch and I was full halfway through. Acai is generally not the cheapest but at least at project acai, for $9.30 you get consistent quality, generous variety and portion. Had this the day after trying W Acai (which is more expensive?? higher price + smaller portions) so I was affirmed that this OG brand / place is still the go-to place for acai.

Got this with the burpple deal, which is for an acai + a drink. Thought this was average at best - the acai got melty halfway through even tho we had this in store (an air conditioned area), and the toppings were also just average. The granola is decent, pumpkin seeds gave crunch. But the almonds had lost their crunch and was pretty laohong :/ there’s 2-3 types of fruit which isn’t much variety. Would probably not return for another round of acai - we just wanted to try and it affirmed me that project acai is still the best (to me)!

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This also saw a price increase from $11, but was satisfying as it was crisp outside, with a cheesy blend of emmental, parmesan and brie that was not too sharp or salty. The hot tomato soup was pulpy and was great for both dipping and drinking. The bread used was of decent quality but it could be elevated I guess. I don’t know if it’s just cheap plain white bread but they toasted it well enough!

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The last time I had this, it was so yummy - fluffy fragrant earl grey pancakes, at a price point of $16. Fast forward to now: a price increase, and a dip in quality. There was barely any earl grey flavours coming through at all. Pancakes weren’t as fluffy and usually I don’t like too much sauce bc it gets too sweet, but for this it needed more sauce. The poached pear was decent, nicest thing on the plate was the crunchy crumble. So sad because it used to be something I looked forward to and enjoyed, but this experience unfortunately propagates the stereotype that *most* cafes serve overpriced cafe food.


Second time having this! First time I had it, it was very meh (the whole toast felt a bit stale, like it was out for a while) and I wondered why there were all these raving reviews. But I was determined to try it again and this time it was pretty delicious. Runny eggs, warm cheese on a toasted bread is a winning combination. Still not keen on the bacon jam, it’s okay but I wouldn’t mind not having it!

Not bad! Toast was very fluffy inside, and the caramelised banana had a sugar top you could shatter. Candied walnuts were crunchy, salted caramel was very rich so I didn’t have a lot of it but it was nice. Surprisingly the overall dish wasn’t too sweet, but also maybe because I shared it with a friend. Worth a try, and also made more affordable with burpple beyond :)

New addition to the list of beautiful cafes @ Chijmes 🥰 however, other than the aesthetics and the chill vibes, I felt that the food was just alright... matcha mochi bun was passable - matcha bits were crispy and mochi was chewy and generous but felt that the matcha taste can be stronger and honestly not worth for the price! Apple caramel cake - real apple bits on the surface but the apple oxidised by the time it reached us so didn’t really value add to the cake, the caramel was sweet and pronounced but then again nothing spectacular!! Friend got the matcha latte (in the background) and the milk was so much in comparison to the matcha - would recommend their matcha neighbour instead (iykyk) 🙊 I didn’t try their mains so can’t comment, might be good pls try and lmk! 🤗

Happy mid-week! Finally got to try Chir Bar after seeing sooo many reviews and photos everywhere 😍 was surprisingly a small restaurant and slightly noisy (so ambience isn’t the best...) but the food made up for it!

I got the sinful fondue chicken burger that was drenched in cheese!! The portion was crazily huge I didn’t know how to attack the burger!! The bread itself was sweet that complemented the generous savoury cheese and the fried chicken was thicc and juicy :”) maybe overall compared to chir chir I would feel that chir chir will be more unique?? For this the taste was expected... if you know what I mean!!


What a pleasant hidden find in this beautiful neighbourhood with all the wholesome vibes from this cafe! The cakes were yummy - I’m a sucker for salted caramel and this salted caramel drizzle was right up my alley!! Sponge cake itself was a simple nice butter cake, nothing spectacular! Chocolate cake wasn’t sweet at all - dark chocolate ganache was rich 😋 latte was smooth too, belly-warming!

Was a wholesome afternoon chill experience :-) sadly the cafe itself is small and there could be a long waiting time before you get seats on weekends!!

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Ahhh I love bread and I love TBB!!! 🤗🤗 I’m sure TBB doesn’t need much introductions but still gonna contribute to the list of great reviews. Kouign Amann and Green Tea Almond Croissants have been my go-to in TBB - I love how big, crispy and buttery the pastries are (also I feel that they have been consistent throughout the years and across the outlets). Salmon and Spinach quiche was alright - was the kind of cooked salmon, might not order again! But the focaccia was SUCH a pleasant surprise and esp when they served it piping hot and the rosemary was so prominent, giving it a savoury taste! 😋 coffee was good as usual perked me up! ☺️

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Honestly I felt that the sides from sprmrkt were so so much better than the mains!! Truffle fries were AMAZING! - portion was huge and the fries were crisp to perfection and they were super generous with the kombu dust and parmesan 😍 Chicken wings were GREAT as well - homemade bbq marinade was rather unique and it didn’t compromise on the crispiness of the skin!! Yums!

Ok but the mains were fairly disappointing 😭 the blackened fish and chips were supposed to be squid ink batter but couldn’t really find it any special... and we’ve got the prawn aglio spaghetti which was sooo disappointing the pasta was too al-dente that was tough to bite sobs (ok but prawns were huge and fresh which was the saving grace of the dish).

I liked the kombu truffle fries a lot!! Truffle taste wasn’t as pronounced as I would have liked it to be but it’s ok the kombu made up for it! 🥰 loved the savoury kombu bits that complemented the fries so well. And the portion was reasonable and the fries were nice crispily-fried / thin yet there was the potato bite to it (if you know what I mean!!)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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