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Just a typical white girl
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

Very nice cafe to study at!!! - spacious and comfortable and the staff are super friendly!!!! :”) But perhaps I couldnt appreciate the roast pork sandwich (the cabbage 😢) but the pork was nicely roasted with a charred aroma!! Friend ordered BLT sandwich and thoroughly enjoyed it! (Chai latte was a miss tho)

My turn to have this salmon ochazuke!! Once again, grids and circles is a really cosy spot but it’s getting crowded (especially lunch crowd)! Other than that I did enjoy my lunch which tasted really healthy but the flavours went well together - the Dashi was light and when poured into my rice, went well with the salty earthy flavours of the rice and other ingredients! Liked the salmon which has a crispy skin :-)

Space is nice and chill with really friendly staff! But this toast is indeed slightly pricey without BB ☹️ other than that, it has banana + honey + tinge of sea salt + coconut shavings (??) which was healthy and good / ok tasted like good banana and peanut butter on a toast

A cosy study cafe at Laselle with pretty good food!!! Got this mushroom chicken chop that was satisfying - served with GOOD fries with bbq seasoning, good mushroom sauce on the grilled chicken and coleslaw :-) nothing to pick on what a wholesome meal

Why did I pay for this tho 😭😭😭 TBH felt that it is quite gimmicky with the pouring of the milk and it’s really rather pricey for a green tea latte... tasted like any other decent green tea latte :-(

Decided to check this (this dish) out given the highly raved reviews and sure it did not disappoint 😍 Portobello has this earthy fresh goodness and the egg yolk just spurts out when you cut into it! And the bread is toasted to crispy perfection to be dipped into the yolk & cheese! Overall ambience is good with high ceiling & window view :-)

Coffee bean at scape is quiet on a Sunday morning which makes it a comfortable place to study at! Baristas are really friendly too! Nothing special about this creamy seafood fusilli just some comfort food!

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Very cosy three floors cafe but space is limited! Enjoyed the passionfruit pineapple yogurt pie (has just the right amount of sourness!!) but s’mores pie became pretty gelat after a while :-(

Back once again and ordered the same thing 👅 huge portion!!!! And chicken was really flavourful!!! Will be back again 😍 V friendly staff too!

I got the crab salad and really liked it even though I’m not a salad person!! Enjoyed it thoroughly and especially the crab meat :-) Super generous and fresh!!! Pal enjoyed salmon rosti too will get it the next time I’m there! Crowded on a weekday public holiday! Very very nice cafe with good ambience, good coffee too!

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Breakfast platter was decent haha but real good deal with BB. Came with a cup of hot tea/coffee! Would go back again because of the good studying environment - empty in the mornings!

How could I have not discovered fat chook earlier 😪 a new place near KR to frequent now :”) got a pork belly burger to satisfy my burger cravings! Pork belly was crispy and generous and there was bacon inside as well!! Friend got a quarter chicken & the grilled skin was super crispy toooo flavourful even without the dips provided. Very very satisfying meal with $6.50 each after using BB!! Will def be back to try the highly raved noodles 👅


started off from eating school caifan together in 2014

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