A space that’s reserved in your stomach.
Iced Long Black
Iced Long Black

Melt in your mouth pillows of homemade warabi mochi, dusted with goma powder. Served with Japanese kuromitsu (black sugar).

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Rich, dark, chocolatey indulgence drenched with more chocolate,filled with chopped hazelnuts.
Indeed it was rich and dark however I do find that the brownie is on the drier side. Nonetheless the richness definitely made this enjoyable.


I enjoyed their cake. Initially it was a little tough however as I kept eating, it gets addictive. Lavender was strong unlike other bakeries which was good and the top layer of lemon might be a bit too sour to some. All in all a good cake.

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Luxurious layers of velvety matcha mousse, moist sponge and crunchy feuilletine. Rich and strong, perfect for matcha lovers.

Accompanied with a light, Coconut Chantilly Cream & Yuzu Cremeux, it gives a good punch of citrus & milky notes, all rolled up in a soft sponge cake. It’s also packed with Yuzu bits for that extra kick of flavour and texture.

Inspired by the Ripple ice cream, this Raspberry Swirl Roll Cake takes us back with a raspberry & yogurt mousse trifle, with raspberry bits in a light, soft sponge cake.

Piped with fresh, luscious and nutty sesame cream topped with black and white sesame seeds, it's the perfect Hei 金 dessert!

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Dark Chocolate & Uji Matcha
Decadent, velvety and rich dark chocolate.

Matcha taste could be more robust as it did not have much taste to it. Dark chocolate was definitely good, just the right sweetness and chocolatey taste.

Piped with fresh, luscious and umami matcha cream in a shape of a Christmas tree, perfect for the Christmas occasion. Still my go to for their choux as the matcha was just the right sweetness.

Piped with fresh, creamy cream cheese ganache and decorated as an adorable Santa, with wild berries fillings. Cream cheese wasn’t to my liking as I find it too overpowering but the berries definitely helped to cut through the jelak.

Piped with fresh, luscious and rich chocolate ganache in a shape of a reindeer, with salted caramel filling that provide indulgence.
The chocolate cream on top could have been better by having it with even darker chocolate and less sweet. The salted caramel went really well with the chocolate ganache. Overall, not too bad but slightly pricey.

Ceremonial Matcha (green tea) chantilly cream and Japanese red bean embedded in 100% activated charcoal sponge.

Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs.

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