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Grow Fat And Huat
Grow Fat And Huat

Double chocolate. A flavour so nice we used it twice. Belgian chocolate meets choc-fudge.

Peppermint chocolate chip. A frosty, pure peppermint and Belgian chocolate treat. Mint was just right and balanced really well with the cookie.

Soufflé was soft and fluffy, freshly baked upon order.
We waited about 20 minutes of waiting time.
Matcha was fragrant but definitely not enough for all pancakes.

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Uji Matcha
Kumamoto Purple Sweet Potato
Chocolate Mint

They have definitely made some changes to their cream as it is a lot lighter yet still rich.

Matcha soft serve. Bittersweet matcha taste which I enjoyed together with the azuki beans, it was a perfect combination.
Houjicha soft serve. This is the flavor that started it all when they first started their little hole-in-the-wall store. Definitely one of the best hojicha soft serve I’ve tasted.
Kurogama soft serve. Black sesame was fragrant and had the nutty taste. This tasted a lot like black sesame paste.
The matcha cookie was super good and definitely enjoyed it.

First time trying their famous burnt cheesecake. This was the matcha version and highly recommend to share as it does get a bit jelat at the end. Matcha cheese was extremely smooth with a slight hint of matcha. Overall, it was not too bad but pretty pricey for the portion.

I’ve tried some of its competitor’s black sesame paste and I’ve to say they have the best version so far.
Smooth, thick, flavourful and could really taste the black sesame with the right amount of sweetness.
This is definitely my go to for black sesame paste.

Slightly bigger than palm size matcha tiramisu which wasn’t as good as what I’d expected. The mascarpone cream to matcha ratio was not balanced. The sweetness of the cream masked the matcha flavour as well as bitterness. As a matcha lover, would really prefer to have more matcha taste to it.

Swirls of matcha cream coupled with chantilly cream gave this a slight bittersweet aftertaste. The tart was on the thinner side which made this more towards a cream rich dessert.

Honey earl grey cake was light and well balanced with nuts in between. Overall, the cream was slightly too much which felt jelat at the end.

The chocolate really made a difference to the pancake. Compared to hazelnut, this is way better as the chocolate was rich, not too sweet and extremely smooth which went really well with the pancake. However, the pancake was normal and didn’t really leave a lasting impression. Was a tad disappointed when they couldn’t give more chocolate upon asking.

It came with 75% Tanzania dark chocolate brownie which was rich, dark, chocolatey and a well balanced mocha.

Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs. Instagram: @growfatandhuat👇🏻

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