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Jess T
Jess T

had my first Bún chả at Ho Chi Minh and this was my first Bún chả in Singapore and wow it did not disappoint! Extremely flavorful grilled pork with a very tasty fish sauce - the grilled pork portion was super generous too, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

also ordered some appetizers such as the spring roll ($14), Vietnamese style pancake ($15) (not quite the taste of what I was expecting from a pancake!) and chargrilled whole squid with chili sauce ($20) - the sauce was really nice and unique 💯👍🏼


get the pork burger!! i love how they did the bun, super crispy yet fluffy and soft in the centre 💯👍🏼 the pork was also very well done, with the crunchy toppings that complemented it well (i’m not sure what it is but it tastes great!) 😊 the curly fries were super crispy and tasty too!! overall a great experience 🌈


i love the salmon croissant ($2.50), super affordable yet super yummy and filling too!! the pancakes ($5) are also very delicious, i love the milky scrambled eggs 👍🏼

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highly recommend this amazing place!! my family and I visit this place so often because nobody does fish head steamboat as well as them! 👍🏼 besides the steamboat, their side dishes are superb too! get the sambal kang kong and prawn paste chicken, one of the best ive ever tasted!!!

highly recommend adding another portion of yam to the steamboat because the yam is amazing 💯

perfect place for gathering with family and friends (‘:

got the large original flower bowl (~$12) and it was really yummy! love the presentation of it, so photo-worthy 🥰 my friend and I managed to finish this despite our heavy dinner before this because it was just so good!!! 👍🏼

i love din tai fung’s fried rice with pork chop!! the pork chop is so peppery and so delicious 😭 and of course, the xiao long bao is a must when you visit din tai fung!!! the quality here is so consistent, thumbs up really! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

so happy that shake shack is finally available in singapore!!! get the shack burger (~$9) and shake attack (~$7), slightly pricey for its portion but really yummy!!!!
if you are getting the cheese fries, ask for cheese on the side (they give more!!) 😆

udders really has one of the best waffles and ice cream!!! my favourite is the cookies and cream because theres so much cookie bits in it!!! 👍🏼

went there in the evening and there was a live band!!! the open space concept makes the cafe very comfortable to chill, and the food was good too!! highly recommend if you are looking for a nice place for drinks and food with friends 🌈

yum yum i love the chicken at yoogane! always love wearing the cute apron haha 👍🏼

i love the fries from vegan burg!!! and the burger tastes just as good although it’s vegan! my go-to vegan restaurant with my vegan friend who loves this as well!!!! 👍🏼 shoutout to the brownie which is super rich and not too sweet hehe

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made even more affordable with eatigo!!

really love the tomato basil wrap - it adds a lot of flavor to the wrap! And just look at how thick the wrap is!!! despite not adding any meat it’ll still be extremely filling and I really love the chili crab sauce!!!

and my favorite topping has to be mango!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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Jess T

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