All About Hojicha

All About Hojicha

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Hojicha Swiss Roll is another wishlist that my sister bought cake from tiong hoes specialty coffee located at stiring road. i always went for cofeee there. sometimes adding the cake with coffee. just realised that their cake just getting much smaller 😗 so the taste is much better than matcha flavour. got that roasted taste for hojicha.

So I decided to try something and other flavours beside Matcha so I managed to find my way 🥲 I decided no sugar level for Hojicha Boba Latte ($6.90) and I barely taste roasted tea 🥲 but the boba pearls still taste gd 🤎

Uji Matcha (Premium - $1) X Hojicha (2 Scoops - $7.60) I felt that their ice cream cups was quite small tbh and managed to hold on two scoops of ice cream :"). I didn't really taste much on Uji Matcha but it's just normal to me. Hojicha was slightly strong roasted tea (or coffee?) taste but for me I didn't expected that it's quite so good than Uji Matcha. Wanted to try with Apple Strudel or ice cream flavours over the counters + waffles next time again :)

Ordered Hojicha Latte ($5.90) (25% Sugar) (Less Sugar). Wanted to order Matcha Latte but the matcha powder didn't reached yet from Taiwan 😩 so decided to order hojicha instead. Didn't really taste much hojicha taste inside the drink as it was probably due to strong milk's taste and covered up the whole drink instead.

Hojicha Latte ($4.80) The drink really tasted not much roasted tea but the aftertaste have changed to normal milk drink *hmmm* HOUJCHA > MILK >.< I should keep my standard that it was slightly high a bit and didn't really satisfied me recently if they didn't used good power. But they got a lot of variety for drinks and toasts at coffeebreak and u all can tried their recommended drink in menu.

Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake ($8.50) was quite waterish and moist for the structure. I felt that Hojicha's taste was much mild (not that strong) than burnt cheesecake. But the top of the burnt cheesecake was quite strong "char" smell >_

So they didn't have Matcha Burnt Cheesecake and they did recommended for Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake. I didn't really mind about Houjicha as they was more prompted for their service. I felt that Hojicha's taste was much stronger than burnt cheesecake. Once again, I felt the moist for cheesecake was quite on the bottom of the cake. Hojicha > Cheese 🧀? Hmmm I don't really appreciate cheesecake tbh as having diary intolerant over and over again. 😭

Hojicha (roasted tea) ($6.80) was quite bitter and thick texture after shaking before opening the bottle. I felt strong bitter aftertaste (unsweetened) for Hojicha Cold Brew Tea.

This year they released new cake series before circuit breakers started. Hojicha Petit Gateau ($8.80) was quite strong and rich roasted tea taste. It's best to share cake with your family during tea break time. They was quite fond for this cake tbh and like really the roasted tea taste of the cake.

I finally tried Hojicha + Yuzu (3 oz - $4) as stated at previous post / visit before closing down at shaw tower and moving another new location (51 Beach Road). Hojicha was quite soft texture and mild and not much strong roasted tea taste. Yuzu was light texture and refreshing taste. I decided to mix and match another refreshing taste for new direction.

Houjicha Frappicuno (Venti - $8.70) I found its average and mild roasted tea taste. I think it's average standard of hojicha and similar to green tea quality. I think I want to try it out Pure Matcha Latte (without sugar) next time. Most of my friend recommended for Pure Matcha Latte too.

I felt that Baumkuchen Roasted Green Tea ($2.30) (Original Price: $2.90) was much stronger roasted tea (Hojicha) taste. Baumkuchen looked quite hard texture due to layers of the cake
but the corner of cake was quite soft and easier to tear apart into half.


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