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Anne Tay
Anne Tay

Smooth kaya encased in soft, fluffy bread, with a good bread-to-filling ratio (neither too little nor too much). What I liked most about this was the mini bun size which allows for customisation. For breakfast, eat 3 or 4. The division of fillings into mini buns avoids the problem of having all the kaya at one corner and all the dough at the other. For fellow bread-lovers who want to snack on bread throughout the day without the calories that comes with a big bun, eat 1 or 2. The buns come with many other options for fillings too.

Studded with raisins and gently spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, this soft hot cross bun goes perfectly with a hot drink for breakfast or tea.

Found this neighbourhood bakery selling small buns for $0.50 and big buns for $1. Love the old school feel of this bakery, where all the buns look the same, no special colours or toppings on top, and all are soft and give you exactly what you expect, all at an amazing price.

From the appearance of the bagel I thought it would be nice on it's own, but it came short of my expectations. Rather oily, not much cheesiness, and generally rather bland.

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Studded with wolf berries and dried longans, this brilliantly coloured mantou is a good option if you want something less sweet. Unlike some of the other mantous, this one doesn't have any filling, but is instead soft bread dough with bits of sweetness in each bite. I liked it a lot. Ask for one of the ready-steamed ones if you're eating it on the spot.

This bun is stuffed full with red bean paste, with a few crunchy walnut pieces. The red bean paste is not too sweet, and the amount was just right. I enjoyed the bread itself too – it's solid and dense enough to hold its own, and goes well with the filling.

This is a good option if you're looking for bread with some substance to it. Biting into the crunchy pretzel was satisfying, and the maple coating provided just the right amount of sweetness. It's even better lightly toasted.

Like an apple pie, but in soft pillows bread form. This is one of their new options. I liked the chunks of apple and the crumbly upper layer, but the soft bread didn't go well with them.

This is a bun that holds its own. The beautifully crisp top layer combines wonderfully with the fluffy soft bread. The charsiew filling is substantial but not overwhelming. I toasted it lightly for a marvellous breakfast to start the day.

Studded with lots of chocolate chips for a sweet but not too unhealthy treat. The bagel was a little tough and chewy but I think it would be beautiful after a light toast.

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This has been, for years, my favourite bun from any bakery in Singapore. It may be plain but it has a mild sweetness that's very satisfying. I like it especially when it's toasted. The heat enhances its fragrance, the sunflower seeds becoming delightfully crunchy, and the crisp toasted surface is contrasted by the fluffy bread inside.

Bought home these mini buns for a teatime snack. The scone was buttery and fragrant especially after light toasting. I couldn't really taste the rum but it didn't matter! The little anpan was soft, fluffy and light. Both were very different in taste and texture and complemented each other well.

Anne Tay

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