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Wee Jinwen
Wee Jinwen

I had to pay an additional $0.50 for spinach noodles and $0.80 for the truffle sauce. It was all right, nothing very special as I was quite taken aback by the small portions. The truffle flavour was very strong but it felt a bit out of place in the context of the bed of spinach noodles.

This cai fan is great!!! I was very happy with the large selection of food offered and picked 2 vegetables and a pork dish covered in a yellow sauce which I initially thought was salted egg. Unfortunately, it turned out to be (nacho?) cheese sauce and that was very disappointing. That said, I still enjoyed my lunch very much because the vegetables were delicious and the curry gravy was very rich.

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This was one of my favourite har cheong kais since even before it was featured in The Sunday Times, and I am glad that their spike in popularity did not affect the quality of these prawn-paste chicken wings at all. Each chicken wing is expertly fried and fragrant without being too oily. Even when I brought some back home, they remained relatively crisp!

This zichar stall is very popular and unfortunately has a very haphazard way of organizing its queue. It was quite a long wait before I got to order and get my food. That said, the wok hey is very strong and every time the chef serves up a dish, I found myself making a mental note to try that some other time. For tonight, I had the salted egg chicken which was extremely filling. The salted egg sauce was gritty from the salted egg, yet really thick, almost like there was a lot of cornstarch added. I personally prefer a slightly more watery consistency for salted egg sauce zichar dishes, but to each his own. Nonetheless, the chicken chunks were tender and juicy and I was generally quite happy eating this.

One of my favourite 小笼包s in Singapore, the stall here does it remarkably well and at a very affordable price-point. The skin is of good thickness, the meat is juicy and soup just the right amount of fat. I would eat this more often if not for the long queues!!

The noodles here are expertly done, but probably not handmade as the strands are much too consistent.... The sweet-spicy sauce with generous minced pork was really delicious - a good accompaniment to the noodles. However, I wish there were some cucumber slices to balance out the richness of the sauce.

Westlake has a special place in my heart because this is where I ate my first kong bak pau and fell in love with it. The braised pork here is consistently tender and well-marinated in its thick, sweet sauce. The steamed buns are also extremely soft and fluffy, the perfect vehicle for the meat. However, there could be more vegetables to balance out the strong meatiness of this DIY burger.

I love the curry here as it is rich and coconutty, but the meagre pieces of fish was absolutely unacceptable to me. I felt really ripped off on this. 😕

This us not included in the Burpple Beyond deal, but honestly it is no loss to you as the beef shank was really subpar. I much prefer the wagyu beef, and for just a few dollars more, I think it is well-worth. That said, the tomato broth is AMAZING - slightly on the sweet side. The lava (half) egg was also expertly cooked. All these other elements were enough to make up for the beef!

However, the seating capacity is very limited so you may have to wait a while for a table during peak hours (I was there at 12.30pm). Nevertheless, service is extremely quick so it is never too long a wait.

Oh my, this might be my new favourite zi char dish! I usually prefer the creamy salted egg sauces with my zi char meats, but this is a game-changer. The salted egg was beautifully infused into the tender pork ribs and the sprinkling of chilli made everything perfect.

This was quite pricey, but quite worth it because they are very generous with their plump oysters. Unfortunately, the oysters tasted too fishy for my liking but others really liked it!

If you want to talk about value-for-money, I don't know how much better it gets than this as for $15, you get 7 huge prawns! The bee hoon was delicious as well, but I felt it was a bit sweet so I was thankful to share it.


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