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Featuring Fuel Plus+, Kyushu Pancake Café, The Plain Jane, The Communal Place, Eleven Strands, Wursthans Switzerland, Galettes, Più 39 Italian Pizza Bar, MAOTEA, Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner (Funan)
a & f
a & f

Although they may not look like much, these 2 hard boiled eggs changed my life. Upon entering my mouth, I was dumbfounded and left speechless by how flavourful the eggs were and was literally unable to talk because I was chewing. The other egg was so so only so I Guess it’s a 50/50? Haha or maybe I just got that one in a million egg yeet. 10/5 cuz 10 for the first egg and 5 for the second. 👍🏻 effort Toast Box!! -f

This is the cipollo and pancetta pizza, we also got the ariabattta pasta along with this almost a perfect circle pizza. The pizza was very authentic and delicious. The pasta also did not disappoint. However piu 39 doesn’t sound very Italian I suggest the name Francesco’s Pizza or something more inconspicuous like pizza-hut maybezz 10/10 but Holland v not a lot of things to do there other than drink so like abit ulu for a no alcohol, no nonsense guy like me. -f

This is the second time eating alr, the scrambled egg pasta (Rosti?) thing is good as it is eggy but also pasta-y. Meat loaf is very meaty but also very loafy so 👍🏻
Life advice: order the ciabatta bcus it is apparently BIGGER. Even tho it’s called wursthans it is obviously not the wurst lol 😛 if I learnt how to make this scrambled egg pasta (Rosti?) thing at home then I would make it occasionally. 7.87639/10 Swiss quality stuff ikea would be proud. -f

To be honest idk where Kyushu is but apparently they make good pancakes?!?!! Gf seems to love the pancakes alot so I Guess...yknow...
ok lah not bad but maybe only people who know where kysushu is will find it delicious😋😋 6/10 but 9/10 for Gf so avg out becomes 6/10 -f

We walked to this place a total of 2 times but it was worth it because we got to chase some phat chickz🤪 n their parents. The kitty at the bicycle shop is also p cute so I recommend paying him/her/ze/it a visit. Don’t steal any baby chickz or momma gon get u😝
The food was actl p good and q unique so worth the trip to this ulu place like why so far from vivo leh. But it was filling so good lah that’s why called fuel plus not fuel minus -f

Hi I am a succulent brown bread with delicious chocolate under my Delicate layers🙊Please ask the bread daddy’s to heat me up to enjoy the fullness of my grace. 7/10, fantastic! 👍🏻 ~f

bf bought gula melaka milk tea + gula melaka pearls again haha. Pearls were flavourful and chewy, both drinks were good as expected😌 -a

fried barramundi was done well, the skin crispy and the flesh wasn’t dry or anything like that (however the skin that had sauce poured over it will ofc be more mushy). Sauce not bad gave a tangy taste.
big breakfast was great too, the bread, mushrooms, hash brown and scrambled eggs had a nice strong buttery taste.
we were served this sparkly sweet drink with pomelo pulp in a small cute cup at the start, it was pretty nice hahaha -a

chocolate ice cream is surprisingly rich, earl grey is strong enough also, both yummy!
waffles a little bit dry but otherwise all’s good
both with maple syrup -a

Beef was p juicy (medium rare), rather filling even if it looks small at first sight. sauce/relish was great also
Salmon was yummy too, do note that the skin will have char though because well.. it’s seared hahaha
should get reservation if going during lunchtime or other peak hours unless u don’t mind sitting at the bar -a

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cream was not too cloying , not bad overall!
maybe can give the original a pass and try their other flavours haha
v pretty interior -a

a & f

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