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Natty 🤤
Natty 🤤

Simple yet yummy dessert! Brioche was well buttered / sweetened to the right level. Went well with the ice cream (which tasted good, not the cheap kind of vanilla ice cream). The orange slices were those canned cocktail ones - I think you either like it or you don’t. I personally liked it!

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Tender beef which went well with the red wine sauce. Mash potato was smooth and creamy. Definitely worth a try. Especially worth it with Burpple 1 for 1.

+$3 for handmade tagliatelle - DO IT!

Texture of the handmade tagliatelle was so good. Tomato base sauce was yum though I think more could be done to bring out a stronger seafood flavour (bc that’s what frutti di mare is about!).

Still worth a try and definitely worth it with Burpple 1 for 1!

Not the Italian style kind of cabonara but the creamy comforting one. This was tasty and i liked how simple yet good it was. I didn’t think it was jelat. Would order this again.

Pasta was on Burpple 1 for 1.

Didn’t capture a picture of the Nutella milkshake but it was really more like Nutella milk and less of a milkshake. I personally wouldn’t order that again.

This had a homely feel to it and I liked the spicy kick to it. It’s worth a try.

I think it’s worth it with Burpple 1 for 1 though I would hesitate to pay the full price for this as I didn’t think there was anything particularly special about it.

Pulled Pork Ragu was okay. The pasta was a little bit soggy and the tomato base was alright. Overall this was an okay pasta dish, nothing to shout about but decent.

Truffle fries was good! Fries were crispy and had the wholesome potato taste, and the truffle taste was strong.

Meat was tough and slightly too charred. Lacked taste (not even the beef taste was strong) and was peppered with too much sea salt.

You can choose either Medium or Well Done for doneness. I chose Medium but it was more like Medium Rare with sides that seemed like Medium Well.

Wouldn’t recommend this unfortunately. $18 for a good ribeye is too good to be true! (This was avail on burpple 50% off, so $9++ really. But I still wouldn’t order it at $9++ again tbh....)

Pretty nice dessert to have especially since it’s a twist to the usual chocolate lava cake you’d normally see on menus. The pandan ice cream was very fragrant - I wanted more! I couldn’t taste much of the pistachio from the cake tho as the pandan ice cream taste did overpower it. The serving is on the smaller side but not jelat.

Charred and cooked to the right level of done-ness. Was juicy and overall a good steak to have. I did feel that there was too much gravy and it overpowered the taste of the meat - but that’s cos I tend to prefer tasting the meat itself with as little gravy as possible! Worth a try and especially if you can use Burpple 1 for 1 (or entertainer) with this where it’ll be half off! It’s a good portion of meat!

This was good. Pretty large size meant for sharing. I like how it was peppered with enough hazelnuts that you get at least one with each bite of pastry+cream. It wasn’t too sweet too. Maybe a bit pricey at $14++ but it’s worth a try.

Burpple 1 for 1 for the pastas/mains - worth it.

Duck Confit Tagliatelle $24++
Signature dish here, definitely a more unique kind of pasta dish across cafes. I liked the slight tangy taste of the sauce and the texture of the pasta. Worth a try.

Crab Meat Tagliatelle (can’t rmb exact price but was about $25++)
It’s quite a basic pasta dish so it’s strange they couldn’t do this dish to a minimum standard when they definitely could with others. Was bland and lacked *that* crab meat pasta flavour you’d normally get. Suggest getting something else.

Squid Ink Bone Marrow $13++
Squid ink was tasty and overall this was good.

Sambal nasi goreng, lu rou don, 2 iced teh lattes - all for $12.50 with Burpple beyond!

Sambal nasi goreng was really yummy - get more sambal sauce and mix it all up with the onsen egg!

Lu rou don was more like soya sauce chicken with a very hearty and comforting taste.

Teh latte was very creamy and not too sweet.

Would return and would be willing to pay full price even w/o beyond!

I’m honestly always eating beach rd prawn mee so I’m trying to try new things with this

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