Your sugar Yes, please Won't you come and put it down on me?
Pizza Man
Pizza Man

I like that the acai wasnt too watery. Wide variety of toppings.

But theres no place to sit, so you'll need to eat at the nearby food court.

Signature bowl was good, especially the tartness from passionfruit

We added a dollar for cookie butter, but it felt like they gave very little.

Great service. Love that you're able to relax along the bay and listen to music in the evenings.

Might be a bit hot in the day, but i guess cold acai on a scorching day tastes great too.

Lots of customisable combinations too since there is no pre-determined set.


Had the mango pomelo sago pudding and it was great! Refreshing flavours to cleanse the palate.

Excellent service too.


Very fragrant waffles. Got the pandan mochi waffles which elevates your regular waffles with that stretchy bouncy mochi texture.

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A cool respite from the hot weather.

Not used to having mango sago pomelo with coconut milk on it. But nice twist.

Awesome value at $1.50 per bowl after burpple.

Soft serves are large enough for two. Get the ondeh ondeh if you like coconut flavour.

Great to cool you down with the hot weather theses days.

And 4.50 for 2 (after burpple 1 for 1) means its even better value than a mcflurry!

Do note that there are only 2 seats outside the shop (and none inside)

Price is a bit cheaper than next door udders.
Recommend the stout flavour which has that hint of bitterness.
Waffles were light and fluffy too.

Perfect dessert after having prata next door

Lived how the stall was generous with their toppings and flavour. Perfect to cool your tongue after eating nasi padang from the next stall

You rarely associate German restaurants with desserts, but brozeit has a good molten lava cake ($9++).

Theres adequate crisp on the outside which encapsulates a warm molten liquid centre. Worth topping up $5++ for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to balance out the richness of the cake.


It doesn't look insta worthy, but the taste is worth a mention. Each mouth represents the sweetness from the gula melaka, the creaminess of the coconut milk, the bite of the green jellies, and so much more.

Dont let the queues put you off. It moves very quickly. You can even pay via grabpay too

Most people would recommend the chewy balls, but i felt it was quite ordinary since its essentially tapioca balls. (Good for bubble tea fans though)

Would recommend the pop pop option instead, which is mango with mini yoghurt balls which are bursting with flavour.

Very refreshing dessert, liked the fact that they did give chunks of fresh mango instead of using mango essence.

They also have a trio option so you can try the different types of desserts.

Snickerhead ($10.90) which was is a good option if you like peanuts and caramel. Absolutely decadent and rich thanks to the blend of snickers, chocolate milk and ice cream.

It looks like a drink for kids, but i assure you adults will enjoy it too. Good way to replenish the calories you burnt off while working out at the nearby running track.

Best to share with two people due to the sheer size of the drink.

How do you take nice photos when you're hungry?

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