Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop

en route to being a BBT connoisseur
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $10.70

💬: Not worth the price tag, but it is definitely refreshing

Could've done with more digestive cookies because this just tasted like a strawberry shake with sudden big surprises in the form of ice cubes.... 😥

💸: -

💬: Shall stick to their milk teas next time -
This was good, well it was OKAY, but too darn sweet as with most wintermelon teas, and I had to mellow out the sweetness with fresh milk from the fridge... 😳

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💸: $5.70

💬: Recommend getting 0 sugar because this was sweet even at the second lowest option 😖😖 Melon tea is very fragrant and that cheese cap was 🥰🥰🥰 reaaaaaal great sweet-savoury combi

💸: $7.90

💬: The grapefruit pulp was too bitter, and this is coming from someone who enjoys very gao matcha and bittergourd in her fish soup. Mango also had lots of strands in it, understandable because unripe mangoes have that, but it just made the drink kinda bad for its price

💸: $5.50

💬: Would be perfect if the pearls were chewier! Brown sugar was super fragrant though!!!! mega love

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💵: $4.90

🤔: Can i just say that this might be my FAVOURITE BBT DRINK 😳 Love how well the chunky yam paste, the perfectly chewy pearls and the slight sweetness of the milk all came together sososo well

💵: $7.70

🤔: The pearls were good but the drink....
This tasted pretty close to bandung, but the smoothie wasn't blended well enough and still had icy shards in it and at 25%, it was waaaay too sweet

💵: $5.60

🤔: First time trying and i am SOLD
The tea itself was strong & fragrant, though I recommend asking for lesser ice or it would be diluted after awhile
QQ balls r 😘👍🏻 so much for a 90 cents topup only!

💵: $28.60

🤔: Tried the coffee milk tea and that was actually surprisingly good...?
Also had the DHP CheezHo and the savoury foam went super well w the sweet milk tea & even thinking about it makes me 🤤🤤
Singapore fruit tea was super refreshing, my mum said 😋

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💵: $5.80

🤔: Coconut shake was super thirst quenching and good! Pearls were also surprisingly chewy and good.

💵: $6.90

📈: 6.5/10

🤔: First few sips were great but it got jelak after awhile. Torched mousse was delicious, and the pearls had the best texture, but the brown sugar pearls were waaaaaay too sweet.

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💵: $5.30

📈: 7.5/10

🤔: Aromatic brown sugar flavour with chewy pearls! Don't recommend the smaller pearls as they were quite hard to chew and a little too soft for my liking.

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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