Featuring The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), The Glasshouse, Fruce (Wisma Atria), HEYTEA (Westgate), DON DON DONKI (JCube), Fruce (NEX), LiHO (Bedok Mall), Awfully Chocolate (Jem), Starbucks (Great World), Maxx Coffee (NUS Central Library)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Got it from chope vouchers for 335chope dollars, can redeem 2 every month

It's not bad at all, still abit sweet to me but it's reasonable

D24 but damn. Just call it durian shake cos that's what it was, so rich and filled with durian pulp. You can't taste the avocado at all and I love it.

This is zero sugar and alr taste like the best durian shake, pls don't add more sugar to it

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20% self pick up w foodpanda

It had no sweetness so I'm not a fan but my gf loved it. There's oolong jelly in there apparently

It's exactly what you expect, so decent execution I guess. Not my thing at all but gf loved it

-15% for NUS students(they give it to everyone who looks like a uni student tho)

Pretty decent, just a tad ex

Finally a worthy hot chocolate(and yes, get it hot please), the first in a long while. Had too many overhyped cocoa powder in water lately(ooo we use beans from Mars that's why we don't add cream so that u can taste the choc fully)

None of that BS, this was full on flavour. If u leave it standing for a while the fats coagulate in a layer in top. And just to piss the hipsters off, there's a solid pump of cream on top. It's sweet but not over the top, and just thick enough that u want to enjoy it on its own but need a sip of water here and there to keep going. The flavour is decent too, you can taste the Chocolate

Mix in the chocolate for an even more sinful experience, it's a lot creamier and rounded

Not a big fan of tea but think theirs was not bad. I asked for 50% sugar(0 or 50) and it still wasn't sweet at all. Weird

Cheese layer was v strong, loved it but it's really difficult to drink. I followed their instructions and only the tea goes into my mouth lol. Overall it's pretty decent, for someone who doesn't drink bbt often at all, and esp good for cheese lovers

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Got a mild but obvious vegetal taste and texture, not my kind of thing. Then again this might just be the healthiest latte you'll ever get. Sweetness balanced too

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Let's just say it's for choc connoisseurs.

Slightly bitter, there's the acidity from the cocoa, not v sweet or creamy at all. Not rlly my thing, unless you really really appreciate chocolate(with minimal cream and sugar)

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Always been honest since my v first post, so here I go again. If you're easily triggered, don't read this.

Honestly I feel it's very overhyped.

Maybe I just can't appreciate Atas chocolate or wtv, but this is nowhere near the best cup of hot chocolate I've had at all. I understand that they want to show off the chocolate(probably not easy to source from so many places), but the drink just feels abit diluted to me.

It's not creamy(though I know they tried to make up for the mouthfeel using the froth), and it's not sweet enough either.

Im no chocolate connoisseur evidently, if you're able to appreciate this Im genuinely happy for you. However if you're a normal pleb like me, there's places w creamier, thicker, and sweeter versions that's gonna be much more up our alley.

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Surprisingly the 75% and 64% was equally drinkable. They did mention that the Tanzania was sweet though. Doesn't mean it's good or anything, just surprised. Can easily tell it's different, but not really different enough that I have to use different words to describe them LOL

Taste pretty normal leh. And the pearls abit too chewy

P. S. This from changi T4, but abit lazy to add new location cos it takes so long

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Would travel for food

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