Bali Dreamin’ 🌴

Bali Dreamin’ 🌴

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Ziyue Guo
Ziyue Guo

Wasn’t planning to drop by here initially but the exterior of this place is really cool/minimalistic and there were lots of people going in and out of the place! So my friend and I decided to check it out.

The bottom floors housed the cafe and there was a massage service at the upper floor. The interior is nature-themed, with mini waterfalls and all. And the vibes of this place were very rejuvenating!

Got some quesadillas and a cleansing juice and both were delicious! They sell a mix of local and international food (probably to cater to the rather international crowd) and also have a wide range of healthy juices that have different benefits (cleansing, relaxing etc). Enjoyed this place a lot :)

One of the most highly raved cafe in Ubud! The decor and vibes of the place were very tropical and bohemian, they were lots of cushions lying around and I saw many backpackers and solo travellers chilling by the window side with a book and a drink 📚

This place serves very healthy and clean food - including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options. The portions were pretty huge too! Larger than what the other stores serve I believe. Food quality was great and fresh, though my friend’s pasta was slightly on the bland side so she had to add salt herself (but not sure if the lack of salt was part of the healthy concept, haha). But all in all, a great meal!

There are a few gelato shops around the Ubud area, but Gelato Secrets is my fav! During my three-day trip to Ubud, I visited them for three days straight 😂

It was a much-needed reprieve in the hot Balinese weather 🍦 The flavours at Gelato Secrets were the most attractive to me, and they had a few exotic ones too. My fav outlet even has a wooden ledge area where my friend and I could sit and chill in the midst of our sightseeing. :)

Service here was always prompt and very friendly! Would recommend anyone to drop by for a quick gelato treat. ☺️

Super cool spot perched on a second floor terrace. ✨ Was looking for a good place to chill after our dinner and randomly decided to head up to this place. Think there’s live music on some days but there wasn’t any on the night we were there, although they were playing some good hits over the speakers too :)

Service was good, and I got a cup of delicious Caipiroska 😌 But best thing about this place is the atmosphere, and the fact that it wasn’t very crowded. Was super nice to just hang around outside, enjoy the lovely night breeze, chat with my friend and watch the world go by.

Had complimentary breakfast three days in a row at this place as part of my accoms stay at Meruhdani Guest House (right beside the restaurant).

Wasn’t expecting much because of the fact that it’s complimentary, but the food was actually so good! I had muesli (REALLY yummy), nasi goreng and mee goreng for breakfast over the course of the three days. The nasi goreng was delicious too! The juices are really refreshing too. They serve a good mix of Balinese and International food I’d say.

Service here is impeccable - everyone’s really sweet and accommodating. The vibes and decor of this place are wonderful as well, super rustic and natural. A great start to our mornings :)

Had zero expectations when I randomly dropped by House of Beans in DPS airport because I was just looking for a place to chill before my flight.

Turns out to be such a wonderful decision because the chai latte was amazing! And that’s saying a lot because I’ve been on the hunt for good chai lattes ever since I left Sweden in 2016. It was creamy and sweet with the right amount of spice. 😻 Loved it so much I couldn’t bear to finish it all at one go.

We also ordered some quesadillas and fries to share and both were delicious. The portions were pretty big too. Really wasn’t expecting such quality food here; ended my Bali trip on a wonderful note ☺️ Will be sure to drop by for a cup of chai latte if/when I visit Bali again!

I love brunch, tea, desserts and drinks. Always looking for good vibes ✌🏻

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