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Can't really go wrong here
Cole Eats
Cole Eats


Throwback to this cozy Italian restaurant at Holland Village! Stepping into La Nonna is like stepping into a quaint, authentic eatery -- after all, La Nonna means 'grandmother' in English. This place serves all kinds of comfort food. | I ordered a smoked salmon pizza which was all kinds of wonderful with rocket salad, and an adventurous squid ink pizza. The squid ink wasn't as tasty as the smoked salmon, which really outshined the other. | .

Crispy golden seafood ($12)
Burrata, parma ham, rucola ($19). Located near Hillview MRT, iO Italian Osteria is known for its authentic Italian food and cozy atmosphere. Surrounded by ambient shelves of aged wine and geared with copper utensils, you dine on wooden tables and heavy clay plates. And the food? Stunning. |

The few times I've been here, I've managed to try a few of their dishes and was never disappointed. The fried seafood (pictured) had a thin layer of batter and fresh seafood within. As for the burrata, it's milky mildness blended well with the salty parma ham. I recommend their assorted pizza ($9-29) and lasagna "grandma" style ($18) as well. |

What you definitely cannot miss out on is their pistachio tiramisu ($14)! The rounded taste of the pistachio leaves such a heavenly aftertaste in your mouth. I don't care how full you are after all that Italian fare -- make room for dessert! |

Come here for celebrations or just to drown yourself in comfort food. ®️: 9/10

Sorry if I haven't been posting much - I've been keeping socially distant. 😷stay safe everyone! |

Went here because it's near my house and new on Burpple Beyond. Sadly, it wasn't worth the high prices. The texture was nice and chunky but... The carbonara was REALLY bland and tasteless even after I specially requested for salt to grind onto the pasta. |

The meatball pasta was better but was honestly nothing special. The meatballs were tasty but didn't really have much depth to them, and I can say the same about the slightly watery tomato sauce too. At least the tagiatelle was chewy and springy! | ®️: 4/10 |

Had high expectations for this place because of its many good reviews. But I immediately had an adverse impression when I entered because the waitress kept hounding us for which website we made a reservation on (even though we couldn't remember) even before showing us to a seat. This was despite the fact that the restaurant was 80% empty... |

Well, I'm not a stickler for impeccable service, so I didn't actually think much of that. I mean, the food would make up for it, right? WRONG. When the pizza arrived, it wasn't even the taste that disappointed us. It was the fact that the pizza wasn't very warm and didn't taste freshly baked at all. I don't usually complain to waiters (I've even finished a 'well done' 1kg steak before 🙄) but I felt that a pizza that wasn't even freshly baked was too much. Gingerly, I waved a waitress over to ask for them to just warm up the pizza. And? She said that they couldn't do that because they've put the smoked salmon on top already. Without apologising at all. Oh well. So much for high hopes. |

At least the rigatoni restored some points for the restaurant, though. The pasta was fresh and chewy while the pesto was fresh and fragrant. The buffalo cheese was also quite substantial and creamy. And I like how there was an abundance of sauce to scoop up and savour. 😋 Too bad the experience of other areas here was bad...

| {Rating: 6/10} |

This is ravioli with spinach and ricotta inside. It's covered with a rich creamy mushroom sauce 🍄 it's also covered in a dramatic puffed-up bread cover that's perfect for dipping into the thick mushroom sauce 🤤 . {Rating: 10/10} .

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Was very impressed with it, actually. All the hype about it wasn't for nothing because the patty really tasted like meat. It really had a salty and bloody taste -- in fact, there wasn't much of a different aftertaste at all. Also, the texture wasn't too mushy like I'd expect something plant-based to be and really felt like ground meat.
The pizzas were also great but a little small. The truffle pizza tasted much more unique than the meat lover, with its fresh springy mushrooms and rocket salad.
What I like the most about Prive @ Keppel, though, is the airy ambience right next to the yacht docks. Even though the restaurant feels quite posh in the sense that this is a common place to ang-moh-watch, it still gave off a chill vibe. The restaurant had a nautical feel to it that made me feel very relaxed! What's better is that the prices here are reasonable and don't reach the 30s like some other cafes I've visited... I think it's great for first dates and celebrations because of its posh yet relaxed atmosphere. . {Rating: 10/10} . .

Tempura mentaiko pasta ($18) .

And it's on Burpple Beyond! 🙏👌 The pastas here are pretty good -- but it's really easy to satisfy me with creamy comfort food 🤤 The location right inside Orchard Cineleisure is very convenient and the decor is quite chic as well. The people I saw here were trendy young girls with their boyfriends and it was busy even on a Sunday evening. . .

🍕 I feel like I am encroaching on a secret too good to be true whenever I dine here. Then soft alfresco breeze, the view of the setting sun, the cheap beer and delicious quality food coupled with 1-for-1 food and beer deals... Tell me who believes such a place exists? .

Thia cozy gem is tucked at the edge of Singapore art the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, which makes it very quiet in the evenings. The two times I've been here, I could count the number of other occupied tables here with one hand. .

The food is also spectacular. You would think that somewhere so serene would have mediocre food, but the pizzas and pastas here are made from fresh simple ingredients and pack a powerful flavour with each bite. .

For example, the buffalino mozzarella pizza in the first picture uses the main flavours of mozzarella, basil, and tomato but come together to produce a wonderful multi-dimennsional mouthful. The seafood pastas use a hearty amount of garlic and fresh in ingredients, too -- I typically do not like mussels due to its chewy texture but it was nicely done in the tiger prawn aglio olio here.


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