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Skai has really nice ambience and provides a view of the city so it would be a perfect place for couples! And while the food was delicious, I don’t think there is any dish I would desperately crave for, so this feels like a fine dining place I would only visit on occasion πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But one thing I did love was the truffle butter they served with the complimentary bread!! Best truffle butter I’ve had hands down πŸ‘…

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I remember making a joke, asking if cows in America are the fattest because I swear this slice of steak was 60% fat πŸ’€ Not that I’m complaining because I do prefer my meats to be fattier, but I couldn’t finish the last two slices because of how rich it was 🀑 The first few bites were so delicious though.. it was so flavourful.

Again, the steak also comes with a side of your choice (I picked roasted mushrooms) and salty bone marrow!!

πŸ₯© Miyazaki Wagyu, Japan, A4
πŸ₯© Wylarah, Wagyu, Australia, MB8
πŸ₯© Aspen Ridge, Angus, America, U.S.D.A Prime

Good for sharing!! All were delicious and really rich in flavour but my least favourite would be the Angus beef as it is more fibrous and I tend to go for the fattier meats πŸ‘…

The wagyu is the type to melt in your mouth and tastes so incredibly sinful, the flavour was almost too much for me towards the end. All steaks also come with a side of your choice and a generous amount of bone marrow (which is really just some more saltier fat to go with your steak oh golly)πŸ₯΄.

w/ spiced carrot, bonito, apple and hazelnut🍴

I always order foie gras whenever it’s available in the menu because you can never go wrong with foie gras!! So, of course this was delicious but I do feel like I’ve had better pan-seared foie gras elsewhere πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Was initially worried that the steak might be tough or dry because of some photos I’ve seen but pictures are truly deceiving because the steak was really tender!! I was planning to go for a second slice but decided against it because one slice (which is also a huge one) was sinful enough for my tastebuds πŸ‘… Their pork knuckle was also delicious and had crispy skin!!

The buffet didn’t have seafood unlike some of the reviews I read, not sure if it was because it was a weekday, but it still had a decent spread of food. I noticed there were many braised dishes which I wasn’t in the mood for, but the mashed potato was yummy!! I had a large serving and regretted not pairing it together with the steak because I think it would complement each other well πŸ₯”

fud weviews...

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