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Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

My bad, I wanted to try something different because too much dairy isn't too good for me. I asked to replace the dairy milk with oatmilk. It's abit plain and watery. So do not make the same mistake as me. I will give another review with the original Matcha latte the next time.

The pancakes are butter and have a nice salt taste . The texture is like that of our doughy Mr bean mee jiang kueh it is also large round and flat. I will not recommend to those who prefer a soft pillowy fluffy type of pancakes, aka the grams /jap flipper type. If you have a sweet tooth do also top up with an ice cream. I had a small appetite that day and I didn't want any overkill for a dessert so I do not mind this plain babies. At $8plus for 4 round pancakes it's about 2plus it's quite alright pricewise since it's a cafe with a nice ambience.

I still prefer this over lady M. I also enjoy the taste of the burnt caramel on top. It's not cheap but it's not easy to get the crepes so thin and well done.

Their brownie is quite nice. The centre is soft and fudgy while the edges are a little crisp. I recommend giving it a go.

The cheese cake is rich and pretty decent. Would be better if the centre is oozing and melting.

The hojicha latte is smooth and comforting. I would definitely order it on a cold day. Just like the green tea latte, since it is rich, it's definitely not a thirst quencher. Abit like a rich warm soother. The good thing about the Warabi Mochi is the generous use of the green tea powder. This place does not stinge on the quality and amount where green tea is concern. However the texture of the mochi could be improved. It's a little too dense. Now if only, they can have the ethereal softness of some warabis that I have tasted. It would be perfect.

The Matcha Hojicha latte (ice) is smooth and thick. I totally recommend it to try. The taste of the green tea is good and evident. I can't really taste the hojicha but the entire combo when stirred is just quite yummy. Maybe those who have tasted the ice Matcha latte alone would be able to tell the difference when the shot of hojicha has been added as for me this is a good combo. The goma Cake has split us into 2 group. Personally it's pretty thick and good enough for me. My friend finds it ordinary. I guess you will have to taste it to decide.

I will tell you my fave. So far I am liking the pistachio and the red velvet Nutella. The pistachio is a clear winner among the kids and adults. Those who prefer strawberry cream and jam will like the pink cupcake. If you have a sweet tooth, you will like the strawberry and the chocolate. Personally I prefer the rich nuttiness of the pistachio. The sesame is okay but I suspect those who love it thick like the actual paste will find it average. I remembered liking the sesame alot better when I first bought it. I am not sure why I am neutral this time. I also bought a pack of Matcha madelines but I do not find it that great.

No more dining in, only take aways. No more watermelon rose cake in the shop but I think you can order customize cakes and cupcakes from them. I don't know if you can order the rose watermelon as a customize but I do wish I could eat the actual version. How I wish I had know about them earlier because these cupcakes are so yummy. Imagine how those original cakes would have tasted. You can buy the cupcakes in the shop for take aways. The black sesame frosting is thick and fragrant with the sesame flavour. The cake is sweet and can do with a little peanutty flavour but it is still good. The pistachio is so good. The frosting is fragrant like a thick pistachio paste that isn't cloying and matches really well the cake part. I think I will go down to the shop again to try the rest of the flavours. And repeat purchase these two flavours.

Sorry I totls forgot the name. But this is a nice and good cake. The cake is moist. The chocolate pearls in the middle provide texture. The orange isn't like the jap fruit which will be sweet. But rather like a normal cny mandarin orange. But it kinda works well because it pairs well against the rich choclste cake. I recommend this cake.

Sorry its really just average. I don't think it's worth paying. Beard papa is much better. If you are going to spend money on such take away puffs. Then get beard papa. I am surprised that the cream is so ordinary. I was expecting so milky hokkaido filling. To be honest I am quite disappointed because I love their cheese cakes and ice creams.

I love both the cookies. Buttery and fragrant and also affordable at $6.80 per pack. Cny period and others are selling cookies at cut throat prices. I don't really fancy the fanciful tins of some shops. I rather the shop spend less and pass the savings on to the consumer. Just my personal opinion. I am going to eat the cookies and not the tin anyway. On the left of the picture is the Earl Grey financier. Somehow I don't really detect the fragrance of any Earl Grey. I will give the financier a miss.

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