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Featuring Cake Spade, The Plain Jane, Pantler, Bakery Brera & Fine Foods, Fruce (Wisma Atria), LeTAO Singapore, Chalk Farm (Parkway Parade), Love Confectionery, Tai Cheong Bakery (Square 2), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Paragon)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

It has a rich cake texture. Buttery. Depending on your preference, some people might not like their Matchas buttery. They find it clashing. But I think it's ok

This trio is nice.They are the yatsura, opera and the dark chocolate delice. I will come back for more.

Chestnut cake. Not too sweet.

This is a light tasting cake. The strawberries and raspberries together with the mascarpone make an easy on the palate teatime treat.

If you prefer butter cream frosting to fresh cream, this is the cup cake for you. Plus the cake itself is moist and rich. So for butter cream frosting fans. Do give this place a try.

Gosh the grapes are really plump and juicy. Paired with the layer of cream cheese and spongw cake, this makes for a pretty refreshing tart. Only wish the tart shell is abit more crispy. But it's still pretty nice.

I dont know but I still prefer the taste of the real coconut water.

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This is their chocolate cake. The pic looks ugly because I kept this cake overnight and dug it out to take a pic. But I gotta admit this cake is good. Even though it has been kept overnight, it's still so moist and rich. Really a treat but do be aware that is oily. Do share it with another person.

Bursting with melon flavours and balancing with that light cream cheese. There is nothing to hate. I only wish this flavour isn't a limited edition. Get yours while stock last.

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The brown cake is the speculoo cheese cake. It's is a dense and rich new York type and the Topping is a sweet biscuit crumbs lotus biscoff. Those who love intense flavours will love it. The gula melaka is not too my liking because it tastes rather oridinary and is just like a normal tasting creamy cake. I expect more because its not cake spade isn't cheap.

I take horrid photos. So sorry. This cake is decadent thick and rich in chocolate taste. It is compliment by the top layer of crisp torched marshmallow. It's really good. I like chocolate dense and rich. But do share it with a friend because it can get heaty and filling. Definitely not the style of light spongy chiffons.

Sorry for the badly taken photo I was hungry. This is the Swiss roll in black forest flavour. Taste wise, the chocolate filling is smooth and generous. The cake is soft. I love the surprise burst of cherry inside. I wish there were more cherries inside to contrast against the chocolate filling it would be great. The price is abit expensive. I think it cost about $7.90. To be fair the ambience would be great bec the deco looks nice and the staff are friendly but there is no dining in so I couldn't experience it.

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