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Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

This is a decent parfait. First I gotta say my top picks would still be the parfaits in Sun with moon & Matchaya. This parfait is quite ok because the green tea ice cream is of ok quality and they take the effort to layer
with corn flakes and add other ingredients like red bean and fruits. Portions are also big. The taste of Matchaya's ice cream has the taste of a quality green tea/hojicha. This one has a more milky taste. Now if they can add a few pieces of sponge cake under the ice cream it would certainly elevate the dessert. As of now the comparable version of this parfait would probably be Nana green tea. in my humble opinion.

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During this period Coffee Bean is having a 50% off slice cakes when you purchase any ice blended. I think the cookies and cream cake is quite ok. It's not the best cake compared to those specialty patisserie. What you see in this pic is exactly what you get. Layers of fresh cream between layers of chocz cake. Well, at least the cake itself is pretty moist. At such a discount, I can't complain. The ice blended tastes like a generic chocolate syrup drink. It's just ok. However I must compliment the service of the staff. Despite being kept busy due to the dinner crowd, they are attentive and friendly. This branch has good service indeed.

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Taste wise this apple is nicer than the average apple pies you get in Singapore. I think they probably use the good quality jap apples. The pieces are chunky and somehow refreshing to eat. Most of the time I hate to eat apple pies because they apple pieces are small plus such pies are covered with a huge amount of this gooey apple sauce. But this Chaterise apple pie has a large out of fruit ratio. Thank god no gooey sauce. Actually I hardly taste any sauce. Not sure if it's supposed to be like that because I seldom eat apple pies. But actually I was expecting them to fill it with a sorta vanilla custard sauce like a strudel. I imagine it would be so good. The puff pastry is flaky and also very fragrant. It's a decent pie.
Price wise. I don't think it's really a price most Singaporean will pay because it cost ,$6.50. The common polar polar cost about $2+.

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I don't think this was that great. It's just ok. They could have given more mince garlic and less soya sauce. I expect a more fragrant flavour. Sorry jumbo but I have taste better renditions of this dish.

Nice,the prawns are crunchy and pairs well with the sauce. I love the addition of the prawn crackers. If only they can give more sauce.

We order assorted cakes to celebrate a birthday.
Opera: Coffee flavour. Quite nice. Good for those who love coffee and dislike sweet
Bombe: That chocolate looking dome. Tastewise the chocolate is nice and rich. It has blueberries inside to break the richness. The layer of hazelnut feulletine base is too thin to make it's presence felt. I would have preferred a thicker base because after awhile it does kinda feel like a ball of mousse.
Cheesecake: I think it's just ok. Tastes alot like Philadelphia cream cheese.
Blanc: This is my favourite. The yuzu and mango matches really well. Such a refreshing combo. I will repeat order this.

A shoutout to the brownies from this places online called it's so rich and fudgy. I will place the instagram profile below. Do check it out. 😋😍. Sorry about the non existence physical address as its an online store. But I am recommending this shop because its really good. And worthy of a shoutout to brownie and chocolate lovers.
Instagram : @the_fudge_sg

My bad, I wanted to try something different because too much dairy isn't too good for me. I asked to replace the dairy milk with oatmilk. It's abit plain and watery. So do not make the same mistake as me. I will give another review with the original Matcha latte the next time.

The pancakes are butter and have a nice salt taste . The texture is like that of our doughy Mr bean mee jiang kueh it is also large round and flat. I will not recommend to those who prefer a soft pillowy fluffy type of pancakes, aka the grams /jap flipper type. If you have a sweet tooth do also top up with an ice cream. I had a small appetite that day and I didn't want any overkill for a dessert so I do not mind this plain babies. At $8plus for 4 round pancakes it's about 2plus it's quite alright pricewise since it's a cafe with a nice ambience.

I still prefer this over lady M. I also enjoy the taste of the burnt caramel on top. It's not cheap but it's not easy to get the crepes so thin and well done.

Their brownie is quite nice. The centre is soft and fudgy while the edges are a little crisp. I recommend giving it a go.

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