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Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

Crispy buttery yummy. I quickly ate it on the spot because I dont want it to soften. Very nice but yeah very highly caloried. I can't help it. I love buttery crispy breads with condense milk.

They are having a chocolate Fair. Chocolate confections are priced at 3 for $10. Oh I was those mini chocolate twist were included too.

All these mini Chocolate Danish are nice. Pop them in the toaster grill and they taste buttery and chocolatey. I am quite surprise because I am usually unimpressed with most of their baked breads.

I waited 11mths to finally eat this bun again. I am not sure what happened. Did I idealise it too much? Somehow the pandan isn't as fragrant this time. I remembered it smelling so good. And it tasting better too.
But I guess it just $2.30, so to be fair it tastes exactly like that price. Average.

Between the 2 of us, we got the coffee, Matcha latte, the garlic bun, the caramel roll and the strawberry mascarpone. I can only comment.... Get the strawberry mascarpone if you really wanna eat strawberry like shortcake. The rest is just meh. The service doesn't really exist. I do not think it's the staff's fault. It looks really busy. So busy that several customers had to let themselves in. I witness 2 sets of customers waiting to be shown in but were left alone. They waited for so long that they decided to walk and sit themselves. These 2 sets of customers including my group had to clear our own tables too. What a busy day haha.

This is their new boba tart. The taste of the brown sugar is strong so it will be good for children and boba lovers. Personally I still prefer the Pandan and the originals.

It full of chocolaty nutella like chocolate cream. Can totally envision kids loving this. Personally I still prefer their plain croissant.

Ah this is my first time trying their Otah puff. It's actually quite nice. Otah matches well with the buttery flakey pastry.

As with all their trusty buns. This red bean isn't too sweet and makes a good healthy snack. I like it that the red beans are not fully blended so you can bite into some red beans adding some texture as you munch.

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The durian filling is thick and creamy. Tastes really good they definitely used a good amount of durian

Croissant size is large and the taste is pretty decent. It's buttery enough but can get abit greasy towards the end.

The sponge part is moist and mousse is smooth and chocolaty. If u love awfully chocolate and the chocolate origin, give this a go. Its pretty nice. If feel its nicer that awfully chocolate. Ratio of mousse is much higher than the cake part. So avoid if u like cake more than mousse.

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