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Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

Their assorted sashimi is fresh and thick. Worth getting. The salmon melon maki is pretty average. The melon pieces are tiny and they only consists of just 4 pcs of sushi. Probably because "japanese melon" is supposed to be expensive but I don't really think it's that sweet. It really like a normal melon. I dont think is like a japanese melon. Maybe I am giving them too much credit.

My thumb is only 4.5cm in length. You decide if it's really worth paying so much for three tiny portions.

The Salmon ikura gunkan, mentai salmon, crab & crab miso are good. Chef took the effort to make the sushi presentable. Plus ingredients are fresh. Seaweed is crunchy, this means the sushi is made on the spot. I don't the recommend the seared sukiyaki beef sushi it's really fatty and chewy. The salmon soup is erratic. Today's portion is miserable with hardly any meats but the soup is piping hot. The last time I ordered, the meat chunks are decent but the soup is luke warm. Darn.... Maybe I should just skip the soup.

The food is as usual, fresh crunchy and lightly fried. The special set 2 prawns, egg, lotus root, pumpkin, an asparagus and brinjal. Sorry if I miss out anything. This time I requested for sauce to be served separately. Very good decision. And I discover I actually prefer the spicy sauce. Their service is friendly too. Rice is soft and I don't get a greasy after feel when I am done. I highly recommend this place. Only gribe is the small space which means you must be prepared to queue if it gets crowded.

Taste wise and crispness, I feel this place beats a cetain place in tanjong pagar. This set consist of 2 prawns, an anago,a piece of white fish, a snow crab, a slice of pumpkin, a piece of brinjal, a mushroom, an egg and a stick of bean. I hoped I did not miss out any thing else. They are all fresh and remained crispy till the very end especially the prawns. The rice is also cooked just right. I just find the sauce abit salty but I do have a light palate so it's probably just me and I prefer sweet sauces. But I really like this place because the food is so crunchy and fresh. And for the crispness to last till the last bite that means the chef took pains to get the coldness of the batter and the heat of the oil right. On top of that the staff are really attentive.

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Soup is rich and flavourful. They also gave free boiled eggs. $10.90 if you do not add toppings. Pretty worth it if you are famish. I do however wish the meat is more tender. It was average tasting to me.

Let's talk about the pros
The food is tasty. The sauce is delicious.
It's really value for money. The portions are generous. They gave a piece of salmon, 2 pieces of white fish, 2 prawns a scallop and 2 pieces of veggie. Within that bowl. On top of that the small chawamushi is done perfectly, the side dish of pickled cabbage is decent and a bowl of decent miso soup. The quality is quite good.

The cons
The rice is abit hard,
The food is fried on the spot but you got to eat it fast because it can turn soggy quickly. I would like to suggest giving the option of serving the sauce and fried foods separately. But I think that might also give the staff more work to do.

Overall I think this place is worth eating. I am already getting tasty, large portions at this price. It would be too much to keep asking for more frills.

This is singapore, it isn't Japan so I do know that the staff need to work within limitations especially in times of covid-19.

Such a pretty drink. It is milky and cold. The top layer is like a milk top foam and despite the creamy layers it is quite refreshing and you can taste the bits of strawberry.

The gravy and the cream is delicious. The egg is creamy but the chicken is tough.

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The sandwich is call lobster prawn club. I taste alot more prawn though. I wasnt too impressed with the taste. So does the lemon macaroon. Abit bland. I was expecting a strong tart taste. The chocolate dessert is rather nice. It'd abit like a kinder bueno. It cost about $10. We also order 2 pots of tea and paid a total of $72 in all. Enough about the food. Its just meh. But the ambience, the service and the setting is really delightful. I will still patronise twg because of the above factors but please for heavens sake. Do not let your standard in food drop by that much. Its such an ambivalent feeling.

The unagi is well grilled. Flesh is tender and skin is crispy. Its good but I have never eaten at manman so I am unable to compare. However I gotta admit its rather pricy I am not sure it's really worth so much.

I like this. The tempura is crispy and fresh. The salmon sashimi portions are generous too.

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