Featuring Hvala (CHIJMES), Sun with Moon, Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar), Tampopo Grand (Ngee Ann City), Tamago-EN (NEX), issho izakaya, Gyoza-Ya (ION Orchard), FLIPPER'S, Genki Sushi (Junction 8)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

Don't be fool by the ugly photo. I was so worried that the fish would be dry and awful. But I am pleasantly surprised to find it really tender and melting. Tastes so yummy with the mentai and rice. They use good ladies fingers too. Seems to be the short finger baby type. Tender and right amount of crunch. I will buy now as the promo is $15+,usual $30.

Yummy yummy they taste good like good quality mochi. Soft wobbly and oh so light to eat. Why can't such quality Warabi be commonly available throughout the island. The green tea is pronounced and strong enough for green tea lovers. It won't win over those who dislike green tea because its very pronounce. The kinako flavour (original) is soft and sweet and will please most palates. I am however not impressed with the black sesame it's just average so I suggest get the x2 flavour instead of the x3 assorted. Prices at $14.90 and $15.90 respectively.

It's good. But I don't really taste such a huge difference between this and the ordinary Mr Bean pancakes. The batter has a slight bitter green tea flavour and pancake in general is less sweet. If I have a choice I would choose this stall becase of the health reason but tastewise I am afraid its nothing new.

I don't know how they do it but the outer shell is quite chrispy. It works well with the creamy I side of the Takoyaki. Quite a different version of the usual Takoyaki.

The portion may look small but its actually quite filling. I think the creamy combo of the chewy noodles and the eggs and ingredients are really nice. Kinda like a japanese version of our mee pok

This is nice but I would suggest sharing because its pretty filling. The sesame ice cream is thick and creamy. This parfait contains Warabi Mochi, sesame ice cream, corn flakes. I am pleasantly surprise to find sesame pudding at the bottom too. I will definitely recommend if you like sesame and Warabi Mochi. Overall, I think nana has average to slightly above average green tea offerings. If you are not too particular about super high quality green tea like a specialty shop, then I think nana will satisfy you.

My companion ordered this. I was afraid that the combo would be weird but it turned out quite nice. Do give this a go.

Decent enough, they have given a generous amount of green tea powder and I can taste the bitterness.

I wouldn't wanna call this affordable as it cost $9.80 with no drink. It definitely cheaper than a restaurant. But if you want a japanese seafood fix it's actually quite ok. There are about 5 tender scallops and a pretty tasty egg.

I took away as it was quite crowded at 1.20pm. The beef is tender and well flavoured. The seared edges really adds a nice depth. The egg is also done to perfection. I have read from some reviews that the portions are small at $20 it's rather pricy. And they are right. I am a small eater so it's not a problem but I can easily see how it wouldn't satisfy those with an average appetite. I do wish there could have been more beef slices but at least the food given is delicious because I would be so angry to receive tough rubbery wagyu.

These are the stuff I ordered. Lets plunge into the review.
Matcha petite gateau $8.80. They have used a generous amount of green tea for its bitterness to come through and the cream is dense. Taste wise, Matcha lovers will not be disappointed. Here's the bad. These is some obligatory sponge cake inside. The cake is dry and doesn't seem to compliment the good quality mousse. It kinda feels like they can't possibly serve you a whole block of mousse so they added some cake. Just my honest opinion. I know this dessert has its fans, its just my own preference.
The hana matcha latte is good smooth and thick. Better quality than starbucks. I know I know, like why would I compare this teahouse to a generic coffee cafe. But hey most of us are also gonna keep to generic costing budget and in fact starbuck is also an indulgent for me too. So yah, while the tea latte is good I leave it to you to decide if at $12.80 it's really ok to pay. Like I said, it's kinda subjective. I guess. I might repeat order the latte or try the other lattes but probably not the petite cake. Can't wait to try the gomma sesame to review.

Their assorted sashimi is fresh and thick. Worth getting. The salmon melon maki is pretty average. The melon pieces are tiny and they only consists of just 4 pcs of sushi. Probably because "japanese melon" is supposed to be expensive but I don't really think it's that sweet. It really like a normal melon. I dont think is like a japanese melon. Maybe I am giving them too much credit.

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