Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Hvala ([email protected]), Sun with Moon (Wheelock Place), Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar), Tampopo Grand (Takashimaya), issho izakaya (Great World), Gyoza-Ya (ION Orchard), Ma Maison Restaurant (Takashimaya), Hanashizuku Japanese Cuisine (Cuppage Plaza)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

I love this alot. I miss the taste of the crab miso paste. It's yummy. I gotta admit, the crab meat isn't that fresh but I really love the taste of miso crab paste. Do give it a try.

The prawns are pretty crunchy and price is affordable. It used to be really value for money. The taste is still good but portions have shrunk.

I always order this because it's freshly made. The taste is still good but the amount of salmon pieces seems to have shrunk. So sad

For dinner it's about $18. The fish is fresh and good. Just like the usual Tanuki standard. I still think it's a better deal eating this during the lunch hour which is definitely much cheaper.

This is their chirashi don with their signature mix rice. As usual their fish is fresh and goes well with the rice. I think it's a decent meal at $19.00.

Don't order the beef pastrami at Tanuki. Just stick to their rolls and Donburis. This sandwich is greasy with more fats than meat.

This combo is nice. It tastes exactly like how snow crab and smashed avocado would taste. It's just quite expensive at $29.90 for its portion. Wouldn't think it's worth ordering.

The cake is milky and creamy with a touch of coffee. A treat for those who love creamy milky tiramisu without the hit of alcohol. Its like a light cream. Be sure to thaw it well if you are buying the frozen version.

The sauce is nice but the burger itself can do with a bit more flavour. I also ordered an ice chocolate. Please don't order that, it's definitely not worth the amount you pay. At best it tastes like a normal ice Milo you make at home. I don't have a pic of the escargots but it's tasty just abit tiny.

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This is average in taste, the eggs are creamy. Pleasant but nothing mind blowing


This dish is good very taste and flavourful. Meat goes well with the demi glace sauce

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The moment I saw no queue. I quickly went it. The food is so value for money and tasty too. The seafood set contains
2french beans
1tiger prawn
1 medium scallop
1 white fish
1 large anago
1 miso soup
The only thing to pay attention to is the waiting time. I wait 20mins for my food even though it was quite empty.Cant image those who waited despite the long queues. Perhaps they had to prepare for many takeaways.

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