cheap👏gud👏fud 👏

cheap👏gud👏fud 👏

Featuring Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant Pte Ltd, Guzman y Gomez (The Star Vista), SO PHO (Jem), Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, Delibowl Express (Funan), MEET Noodles, Penang Kitchen (Far East Plaza), Zhen Wang Family Restaurant, Deli bowl, Kin Kin Thai Kitchen
egg fried
egg fried

‼️‼️there is currently a 1-for-1 promotion going on! my mom and i got a bowl each :-) got the mala beef slice noodles and omg the soup is really 麻 (numbing) which i imagine would be super shiok in rainy weather. servings were also generous! however the taste was just average - don’t think anything beats Lenu hahahaha but for the price point and proximity to my house i’ll defo be back!

also the side dishes were goood we got some tofu & cucumber concoction (香干) + potato slices (土豆丝)! tasted just like those i had in china hehe

warm soupy goodness for ~$9 as well!! feels VERY homely and defo my comfort food 😋 omg i’m hungry looking at this

oh yes and reusable lunchboxes and cups from MUUSE are offered across penang kitchen outlets! :)

their noodles are thin!! one portion is ~$9 - not the most affordable given its portion, but this is what u get for restaurant fare!

this outlet is a cozy stall nestled in a corner, not many tables available and there wasn’t anyone else dining there prolly bc of the current situation

my bf who loves duck rice loves this! and it’s really pretty nice it reminds me of my childhood when i had duck rice v often in my primary school canteen :”) seriously nostalgic HAHAHA it was just OK to me though, it didn’t convert me into a duck rice fan

believed it was $10.90/$11.90 for student meal!

love that there’s beef, diff mushrooms, veg & egg in the hotpot 👅 the broth is originally sweet which i’m not a fan of but the spicy sauce makes it more spicy!

portion was q smol but for the price i’m not complaining :-)

got 2 scoops to share w a friend: hazelnut & brown butter sage. hazelnut was super good! brown butter sage was a bit strange...idk they prolly have WAY better flavours!! like sea salt gula melaka 👀👀 honestly not the best ice cream i’ve tried la tbh

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first time trying guzman! i see the hype now!

ordered the burrito bowl which came with rice, black beans, salsa, grilled chicken and chips, also added guacamole (+$2) which was a generous scoop :-) reminds me a bit of stuff’d actually, but u can sit down and eat w friends hehe

also i stole my friend’s fries which were SO GOOD and thicc HAHA

for $8.90, this student meal is super worth for it’s portion HAHA i think it’s the most filling out of everything

my bf got the beef don student meal ($8.90) and the portion was pathetic pls don’t order [email protected] watami if u r seeing this pls up your game it was rly q laughable

for side dishes we ordered kaarage and salmon maki. kaarage was pretty lame and flavourless, salmon maki was good

...yes i just had this last week

BUT this week’s beef tasted completely different??? it was more charred and more spices were added (u can see the colour is completely different), so that was weird. but i kinda preferred the beef this week hahahahaha so much more flavourful and i think they gave larger portions?? 🤪🤪

as usual this was gooood their noodles are like mee sua kind and it makes me feel kinda healthy lol

got the ayam bakar and curry chicken with vegetables added! very very flavourful chicken with curry on the rice and i love the omelette they added too :”) no complaints rly craving satisfied

it’s called 伤心茄子! and it’s SO flavourful salty sweet sour at the same time with a huge portion so get it to share!! i can’t remember the price unfortunately but it’s less than $10 and WORTH IT

walked past delibowl a ton of times but never paid much attention to it until last weekend!! we got the set meals for beef & tomato (番茄牛肉) ((pictured)) and beef stir fry (回锅牛肉), which comes with a tiny bowl of soup and side dish of choice. while the soups and side dishes were kinda lame, we were so surprised by the flavour of our mains!! super rich and flavourful and perfect for 重口味 friends out there HAHAHA we loved it! each set was around $10ish which is p good for funan honestly. heard their lunch deals are nubbad either!

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