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Han & Ko
Han & Ko

Second time here and I managed to order the Matcha Petit Gâteau ($8.80, it was sold out on my previous visit). It contains "complementing textures of matcha sponge, matcha mousse, matcha crumble and matcha glaze" as stated in the menu.

I feel that the ratio of matcha mousse to matcha sponge was a little off — too much mousse and too little sponge. It got "jelat" after a while because the taste was very rich, and there was not enough cake to neutralise it. The matcha crumble was set in the middle of the cake and I really loved how crunchy it was. The crumble also helped to neutralise the intensity of the matcha mousse, + points for me!

Although the Matcha Petit Gâteau is a popular recommendation (if I remember correctly, not 100% sure), I personally preferred the cakes I ordered the previous time I went to Hvala (see previous review). I did not enjoy the Petit Gâteau as much as I thought I would, but it might be due to the fact that I had high expectations for it. Nonetheless, it might be worth giving a try if you're unsure of what to order! The intensity of the matcha might be okay for some after all ・ᴗ・

I also re-ordered the Matcha Hojicha Latte for my sister to try and she loved it! I think it might be our favourite matcha drink so far. 10/10 would recommend ordering ✨

- JH

Came here during lunchtime so it was full house! Thankfully there was a table left for the two of us. We ordered the Bananas Foster French Toast ($16), Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14), Iced Blue Pea Yuan Yang ($5.50), and Iced Dirty Chai Latte ($6.50).

The Bananas Foster French Toast was more of a dessert in my opinion, and it was veryyyy sweet! A little too much for lunch, but it was good nonetheless. Would recommend sharing it as a dessert instead ・ᴗ・

The Rustic Meatball Linguine was pretty good! The tomato sauce was delicious and the pasta was 💯. The meatballs however were a little dry and tough, I was expecting a texture similar to Subway's meatballs or IKEA meatballs. A little disappointed about this dish but overall still not too bad, the sauce and pasta made up for it.

I had the Iced Dirty Chai Latte and honestly I couldn't really taste the honey nor the chai in it. Felt like I was just drinking normal coffee 🤨 I don't know if I got unlucky, but I love Chai Lattes and this one is definitely not on my favourites list. Still a decent coffee though!

I think the prices here are really reasonable and also they offer 1-for-1 burpple beyond deals. The food generally was 7.5/10 in my opinion, worth visiting once at least!

- JH

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Ordered two sets of this combination : waffles + double scoops of ice cream .. waffles alone was $10.50 without the ice cream which i found weird as usually this pricing would come with at least a single scoop of ice cream at comparable cafes.. So to add a scoop of ice cream you have to pay an additional amount of $4.50..
The ice cream was creamy and flavourful in general but the waffles were mediocre at best 😔 would recommend only to get the 1 for 1 gelato and not the buttermilk waffle set as it isnt worth it ~~

- HY

My mum and I visited this vintage looking cafe quietly tucked away behind tall plants along the street this afternoon for lunch! We ordered the Bagel Set ($14.50), Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($16.90) and 1 hot + iced lavender latte ($7.50) under Burpple’s 1 for 1! Apart from the tasty food, they dont charge for service and even provided free wifi.
The Bagel Set came with a cinnamon-raisin bagel (not plain YES!) which complemented the cream cheese well~ smoked salmon was also fresh and you can choose to add on other ingredients such as avocados if youre looking for something extra.
As for the truffle mushroom pasta, the truffle taste was evident enough which really brought out the flavour of the cream and the dish as a whole!
Lastly, both the hot and iced lavender latte had a strong lavender taste on top of the coffee, which came as a surprise to me as the reviews said the iced one didnt have much lavender taste.
Overall, an enjoyable experience and i would definitely come back again for the unique coffee & decent food!

- HY

JH & HY | two friends conquering cafes one at a time 😚💖

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