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Food Delivery & Takeaways

Food Delivery & Takeaways

With the new normal, I spend quite an amount on food delivery. I realised food quality differ when we eat at restaurant and eat at home. Beside delivery duration, how the restaurant packed and cooked them are important. So decided to do up a list based on food ordering to home.
Carol Tay
Carol Tay

Clockwise: durian, lemon & yuzu, classic New York, milo dinosaur, orea cookie and cream. I don’t eat durian but my family mention the durian cheesecake was nice. I will say their cheesecake not very cheesy or too sweet. A good balance in term of the taste between the cheese and the different flavours.

Ordered their bubble milk tea. Their tea tasted premium and quality. Pearls were soft and chewy. So far, my favourite brand!

Forgot to take the picture of the corndogs. Bought mozzarella corndog, cheddar corndog and chicken w potatoes. I tried the cheddar corndog. The hot dog was fresh. Neither any strong meat smell nor tasted like processed meat. I am not really a hotdog person but I loved this! Together with the crispy skin coated with sugar, it was perfect. Their fried chicken was good as well which comes in either sweet and spicy OR soy and with some potatoes. Definitely will go back for more of these! 😋

Chicken satay, Fried Kway Teow, Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rice
Ordered this via Oddle Eats. Food came on time and were well packed. The chicken was tender for all 3 dishes. I usually preferred roasted chicken than white skin ones but I love theirs. Suitable for elderly who has difficulty biting hard food due to teeth problem. Fried Kway Teow was average. Overall my family was happy with the order.

Ordered from Grab. Food delivered on time and still hot. Soup was separately packed and a good portion. It was not as flavourful or sweet comparing to those popular ones. Prawn was deshelled and cleaned. Overall verdict on the food itself, I am could not say I love it but I got no complaint. Average!

Apologies for my lousy photography. Ordered via Deliveroo. Delivery was fast and food quality was of standard. Maybe my memory is failing. Have not eaten their porridge for a long time and seem slightly more watery now. Packing wise definitely needed improvement! My coffee and tea were covered with spilled liquid. The box of porridge was stacked on top of the platter packaging (soft card paper type) which luckily my bread, egg and chicken were still in good shape!

Lately have been crazy about açai. As açai has high sugar content, I don’t add any sauce to my orders. The açai sweetness for this brand is right for me. Personally feel the quality is scale towards premium.

Placed takeaway order in advance and food were ready when I went to collect them. Most of the dishes ordered were their signatures and my family were happy with them. Chilli crabs were fresh and easy to de-shell. Scallop with yam were nice where ate it hot. When it out too long, tend to be oily. Seafood hor fun was good as it was the dark sauce type which we like. Mee goreng was considered spicy for us. Mocha pork ribs were nice. They were tender and not fatty. Salted fried prawns were right for me. Our cod fishes in spicy sauce and mushroom sauce were also good. A fulfilling feast for us!

Ordered scallop mee sua, salted crispy chicken and sour plum sweet potatoes. I love my orders. Personally, I felt its mee sua was better than any other brands which I eaten in SG. The sweet & sour plum sweet potatoes were spicy though we requested 25% spice. Will I order again? Yes!

Clockwise: Crab porridge, Crab Meat Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Yam Cakes,Fried Carrot Cakes, Banana mango rolls. Typical nostalgia taste dim sum. Never eaten in the restaurant but overall food quality is not good for this delivery. Oil used was not fresh and fried carrot cakes were oily. You can tell by the colour of the fried items in my photo. Porridge came with crab shells. The only good dish was the Chee Cheong Fun which had the right texture and sauce was good!

My pizza was out of shape when arrived due to delivery. Was lucky it still tasted good. The bread was soft and fillings were moist. I prefer to this than the normal thin and hard ones. The chicken crispy sticks were good and came with Cajun fries. Overall, no complaint in term of food quality.

The miso soup was good and flavourful, not those dilute kind. Curry sauce more to the salty side and maki did not taste fresh. I had dine in this place once and must say it was better experience than my takeaway. I can felt the person preparing this was sad. Delivery was fast though.

Big big gal living in a big big world! IBD patient! Nice good food makes me happy!

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