Food Delivery & Takeaways

Food Delivery & Takeaways

With the new normal, I spend quite an amount on food delivery. I realised food quality differ when we eat at restaurant and eat at home. Beside delivery duration, how the restaurant packed and cooked them are important. So decided to do up a list based on food ordering to home.
Carol Tay
Carol Tay

My sis ordered these Chee Cheong Fun by Ben Yeo and KWH. It was good even steamed them the next day. It came with a variety of sauce whether we wanna eat the Hong Kong style or our SG style and was fresh and good. Only lowlight was I found the sauce was insufficient especially our family love the sweet one. Will recommend and buy again!

Have been wanting to try their porridge and indeed didn’t disappoint me. Ordered their set which comes with you tiao and soya bean drink. The drink was not diluted. Ordered for my parents and we happy with them! Will order again!

Felt that these time was worse than their previous. Ordered the normal ones with spice and tasted salty and dry. Don’t understand why it would run out on day one of selling 🤨.

Forgot to take photo before dig in. This is indicated as popular item on Deliveroo which indeed was nice. Their Tata source was good as well. On their website menu mentioned dory fish so I dare to order. I am particular the fish I eat. Usually dory or cod fish. Lastly the food arrived not soggy. Happy with my order!

There is no option to select noodlefellas and I can’t add as well! Ordered these via Deliveroo! Lor mee were fine. Will be nice if they have used the traditional fried ingredients to compliment the dish instead of fried crumbs. The peanut butter toasts tasted traditional but just like all other reviews, better if the toasts were not crisp. The yuan yang was fine for me. For the drink, they might want to consider using plastic wrap or baking paper between cup and cover instead of a few plastic bags to prevent spilling. Will I order again? Yes!

Ordered via Deliveroo: Hawaiian pizza, chicken satay pizza and crispy chicken skin. Their pizza is the thin crust kind. The chicken satay pizza was good and my family love it and thinking of order again for my Christmas gathering! The crispy chicken skin is salty though. No complaint on the packing!

Ordered via Grab. Most fast food delivery packing is lacking. Always expect drinks would spilled so this delivery was the same. Still preferred KFC porridge as I preferred it less watery. Their toast was good which I recommend to order.

Ordered via Deliveroo. Thumb up when the outlet bother to cover my coffee with a baking sheet to prevent spilling during delivery. Their bread of the red bean bun is soft and fillings substantial. Their fried chickens were good as well. Crispy and juicy.

Ordered via oddle eats as usual nicely packed and on time delivery. Food still hot when received. I find the big prawn bee hoon soup too heavy and spicy. Not to my liking. Still prefer the traditional prawn mee soup. I liked the gravy of the claypot yong tau foo. Accompany with a bowl of white rice, good ~😋

Croissants are expensive but good! My family love them! If you buy home, please warm them before eating. My sis and niece liked the mushroom croissant which is the most pricey flavour. 😅

Clockwise: durian, lemon & yuzu, classic New York, milo dinosaur, orea cookie and cream. I don’t eat durian but my family mention the durian cheesecake was nice. I will say their cheesecake not very cheesy or too sweet. A good balance in term of the taste between the cheese and the different flavours.

Ordered their bubble milk tea. Their tea tasted premium and quality. Pearls were soft and chewy. So far, my favourite brand!

Big big gal living in a big big world! IBD patient! Nice good food makes me happy!

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