#larylerie foodventure

#larylerie foodventure

Featuring LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar (Shaw House), Yummo Chow, Egg Stop (Paya Lebar Square), Beyond Pancakes (City Square Mall), Dunkin' Donuts (Bedok)
Valerie Tan
Valerie Tan

Ordered burpple 1-1 Mixed Meat Pizza ($24) and Truffle Macaroni & Cheese w Bacon Crumbs ($15.50) // totally forgot to see the price damn should've ordered smth more expensive to max the benefit 😅 we ordered Spicy Wings (6pc $10) as well - appetiser is a MUST haha.

Total damage: $41.20

Honestly not very impressed and worth if it's not for the 1-1. Adding tabasco to the pizza really enhanced the flavour, but the dough is not fluffy so it's q tiring to chew and swallow after a slice or two. Mac&Cheese was rather dry, pretty average I'd say. Spicy wings wasn't as spicy as I imagine but it's still tender!

Not fantastic..
- waiter called us in by knocking on the glass door for our attention(I find it rather rude) instead of coming out
- They provided other tables serving plate but not our table so we had to ask for it
- We ordered water and asked twice for our water to be served but they keep forgetting...
- General vibe is chaotic, noisy, messy (I'd blame it on the relatively lower ceiling that echos all the concurrent conversations)

Overall, it's worth a try if you have the 1-1 or want to be loud and rowdy with your friends for a gathering or smth.

Yummo chow has a few promos going on! I used 50% from eatigo instead of the 1-1 mains w burpple beyond cus I feel it'll be a few $$ cheaper haha. It's my 3rd time here and I still love it! Their mushroom soup (I bought a set meal) is served very hot and I love it cus some restaurants serve lukewarm soups... We ordered chilli crab pasta and fish and chips! The pasta gets a bit gelat after a while but it's still very flavourful. I'm quite disappointed with buffalo wings tho.. not as yummy as other restaurants and it's not fully coated.

I only buy donuts if there's discount cus sg donuts are so overpriced! I gave my friend 1 drink and 2 donuts leaving myself with the same thing too!


Wanted to try this fancy sandwich and wah! It's indeed worth a try! I got the chilli beef and bacon cheese sandwich, it's not as fluffy as expected but still rather filling. Great for a quick bite except it's a little difficult to eat. The scrambled egg is at the bottom while the beef is on top, it'd have been better if the ingredient can be placed side by side instead but it's still nice.

The 2nd time back cus I really love the affordable food and it's really good. Near my boyfriend's place too so it's very convenient. Always craving for their truffle pasta but I didn't get it this time cus I've had too much mentaiko the meal before dw to eat too gelat in a day

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