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Audrey & Cady
Audrey & Cady

Perhaps we raised our expectations a little too high for this drink. This was essentially just ice cream soda with froth at the top - the drink was really sweet. I didn’t taste butterscotch at all, which was a bit of a pity, because I thought that a salty and sweet drink would be pretty nice - I expected a butterscotch, caramel taste to this drink but there was none at all! :(

I guess maybe the drink is more suitable for children, but it definitely doesn’t warrant the $10 price tag to it. It is still an alright drink if you like ice cream soda, except that it is extremely overpriced. I would recommend to give this drink a pass.

People (including myself) commonly associate themed cafes with mediocre food - but I actually do think that the food here is pretty decent, and affordable with the Beyond deal. Maybe just not the butter beer. I loved the Harry Potter decorations, we also played a little bit of dress up and had our very own mini photoshoot! Was a fun little day out.

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This tastes like a typical original flavour yogurt drink. It was nice, but I thought the yogurt was going to be purple rice flavoured - it’s just of original flavour with purple rice inside. Very filling drink, it is of a very thick consistency, I enjoyed the smooth texture.

Great for dessert if you’re still hungry after your meal and want something healthier, they have less sugar options too.

Discovered this cozy little store tucked along Dunlop street on a Monday morning. The staff was very friendly and welcoming.

The Chai Latte here was amazing, it was the right amount of spice and sweetness for me - I really enjoyed it. The matcha latte was good too, a teeny weeny bit more milk than matcha than I’d like but it is still very good.

We enjoyed these yummy drinks while sitting on large steps lined with pillows - a unique and interesting layout concept of the place, which I really liked.

We used the Bake + Coffee Beyond 1-for-1 deal - it doesn’t necessarily need to be coffee despite its name, so we got a matcha latte and a chai latte to go with our muffins. We paid an affordable price of $10 for it all. I’m glad we found this hidden gem!

Still hands down my favourite brown sugar boba milk drink out there. It’s so sweet and sinful but I simply cannot resist it! I love the crunchy bits of caramelized brown sugar, accompanied by the salty cheese cream and the warm & soft pearls. Maybe not for you if you don’t like sweet & creamy drinks as this may be quite jelat for you - but it’s perfect for me.

I would recommend this to every brown sugar boba fan out there, it’s worth a try!

A sweet and wonderful concoction of espresso, vanilla beans and cream, this is essentially the cold brew of my dreams - I’ve a sweet tooth that also loves milk and creamy things! It is really quite sweet so you’re supposed to have it on the rocks.

We got it as a takeaway - do tell the barista not to add ice cubes into your drink as they added ice to mine but kindly removed it at my request. Service was great.

I’m a little bit (very) late to the hype but I’ve finally got to try these cold brews that everyone talked about. And they didn’t disappoint!

Both drinks were creamy goodness - the cold brew white definitely stole the show with the right balance of milk and coffee and the right level of sweetness. The matcha milk tasted ordinary, but still good.

The bottles looked a little tiny but it’s actually 330ml which is an alright amount for an afternoon drink. We managed to get the window seats so we could sip our drinks while people watching. :)

There was a lot of milk in this, so it tasted more like milk than hojicha. It’s not too bad since I do like milk, but I wished the hojicha taste was stronger. Overall still a nice drink though.

We purchased this drink as part of the Beyond main dish + drink 1-for-1 deal, so it was pretty worth it!

Lychee taste was quite overpowering and I couldn’t taste the tea much unfortunately. The drink was a little bit too sweet for my liking - it tasted like a slightly watered down version of the syrup you get in a can of lychees. It’s still quite good (especially if you love lychees) and a refreshing sweet change from the salty mains.

I enjoyed this drink, the coffee part was fragrant but the macadamia nut taste unfortunately wasn’t very distinct, it tasted very generic and similar to a caramel latte or a butterscotch latte. It was still good though.

There was a little bit of a queue outside and seemingly no proper system for the queue - people were just standing around randomly outside the store. As a result the waiter almost seated another group before ours - fortunately the girl was honest and told the waiter that our group came first. If not I’m not sure how we were going to prove which group was here first (if we even wanted to confront the waiter about it).

The Golden Oolong Milk Tea was very fragrant. It was my first time encountering and trying Earl Grey Jellies and it was so good! The jellies were kind of sweet (as expected) but I would definitely recommend it to all Earl grey lovers out there - maybe pick a lower sugar level if you’re going to pair your drink with these jellies.

Overall a good experience, very worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.

Tea was not bad, the Passionfruit smell was strong and fragrant. It’s a little bit on the sweet side but it’s just nice for me. We got this as part of the Beyond 1-for-1 Waffle and Drink deal.

Visited this cafe on a Monday afternoon and it wasn’t too busy, we could easily get seats for two.

This was a refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day. I personally thought it was a little bit overpriced for what the drink actually is but I guess it’s a typical atas cafe price. We had the drink outside on a sunny afternoon so the ice melted really quickly and the drink became diluted after a few minutes :(

This is quite a popular spot so be prepared to wait for a bit to be seated!

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