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Cady Tay
Cady Tay

I’m not going to lie, the aesthetics of this drink really made me want to try it. Sure, I got an instaworthy picture out from it - that definitely met expectations. Unfortunately though, tastewise, my expectations were not really met, as this drink was sort of average tasting - but at least it looked amazing and the idea is novel, which was something fun and interesting to try, once.

Perhaps my batch wasn’t great, or the raving reviews set my expectations too high, but the proprietary soya milk was not gao at all and instead was actually quite diluted, which was really disappointing because that was supposed to be their “thing”. The soya milk foam topped with soya bean powder was pretty okay though, and the mochi was super chewy and good. That saved the show.

The drink is a little bit tricky to consume on the go, as the mochis on a stick is served separately in another plastic bag. Without a table, assembling the drink can be difficult - you’d have to remove the cover of the cup carefully, take the mochi out from the plastic bag and lay the it nicely on the foam topping. Was a little stressful for my clumsy fat fingers.

The shop is mainly a takeaway place - there’re maybe three high seats or so by the shop to enjoy your drinks. During Covid times that only allows for 1 or 2 people to sit due to social distancing (unless you’re unlucky enough like us to meet someone who puts their bag on other seats haha). We visited around noon time and had to wait about 15 minutes for our order.

Overall - I don’t regret trying it, but I probably wouldn’t get it again for the price. I might give them another chance if the other reviews are consistently good though. I may have just been unlucky. Or maybe I’ll try other flavours. Hmm. I’ll be keeping a look out anyways!

Can’t decide between getting a cup of coffee or a chai latte? Well, worry no more, this Malindi Latte will solve your dilemma and satisfy your cravings for both beverages. Trust me, this drink is a happy marriage between an aromatic cup of coffee and an exotic chai latte. There isn’t any better way to describe it. What it actually consists of - Ubuntu espresso, softened and sweetened with creamy Hokkaido milk, spiced up with the cafe’s homemade Malindi spice syrup.

Being a fan of both chai latte and coffee, this drink was right up my alley. I liked how the drink had many layers - bitter and slightly sour from the espresso, yet sweet, milky, and also spicy, all packed into one cup! Every sip you take will hit you with so many tastes. Mmm.

The cafe was beautifully done up, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into each and every detail of its decor. I loved that the staff were also dressed in African-print clothes too. It’s great that they are quite serious about the whole African theme and are sticking to it. Though, it was a pity there was no African music playing in the background, that would’ve added the cherry on top.

We visited on a late Sunday morning and was lucky to get seats with no waiting time - we saw a little bit of a queue as we were leaving in the early afternoon. Best come a little earlier to avoid having to wait in the hot sun. Cafe is dog-friendly too with a few seats outside.

This was a let down. Drink was unfortunately very icy, and the cup was small. Wish there was more Oreo too.

For this price, we were expecting much better. Luckily we used the Fuzzy 1-for-1 deal so it wasn’t that big of a daylight rip off. I wouldn’t be getting this ever again, or thinking to even try any of their other frappes. I strongly advise against getting this! 😤

Coffee was okay, average, but I guess this bakery is more famous for its bakes than anything else. Was a nice accompaniment to their sweet pastries though.

Overall - pastries are the star of the show, coffee is just normal. I guess that’s to be expected.

If you’re planning a visit to get their bakes, you might want to head down early - we visited on a late morning on Saturday and there was a little bit of a queue. Also, the bakery’s famous Pistachio Escargot pastry was sold out by the time we got there. :( We’ll be back to try it next time!

A good cup of flat white! I liked that it wasn’t too sweet or milky, allowing you to appreciate the aroma of the coffee beans. This place uses beans from Proud Mary, a famous speciality coffee roaster in Melbourne and Oregon.

I also liked that they use packaging made from sustainable materials, while supporting young female artists and designers with their projects. Being both environmentally and socially involved is definitely a plus point to their business!

Loved the vibes of the shop - a barber inside and a takeaway coffee/food counter by the doorway. You might just walk right past it thinking it’s just a barber shop without realizing that it serves great coffee and food too! It’s hidden within Hounds of The Baskervilles Barber Shop and have limited seating available.

We visited on a Saturday late morning and it wasn’t too busy, probably waited about 10-15 minutes for our toastie to be served. Staff were friendly.

Hmm.. Interesting milkshake - it had a very fluffy and airy mouthfeel to it. Not sure how I felt about it, it wasn’t the usual heavy milkshakes that we’re used to. It tasted like I drank a cup full of clouds and whipped cream. I personally didn’t enjoy it, I guess I’m a traditional milkshake sort of person. Perhaps the other flavours might taste a little more than simply whipped cream.

We visited on a weekday early afternoon and it was quite empty! The crowd came in during peak lunchtime and the seats filled up pretty quickly. Would recommend you to reserve seats if you want to guarantee your place here. Staff here were friendly and helpful.

The Rice Oolong Latte had a nice coming together of rice grains and oolong tea leaves - their earthiness softened by the addition of milk. I liked the combination of bitter and sweet. The pearls were very chewy and slightly gooey on the outside, the kind you get with homemade pearls. Some of which were slightly too big for the straw, so we had to suck with more effort 😅

The Chrysanthemum Latte was great, the fragrance of chrysanthemum in this drink was strong and took center stage. Great for chrysanthemum fans! I liked the honey jasmine jelly, it reminded me of osmanthus jelly.

We visited this tea place on a weekday evening and the seats were surprisingly quite occupied - mostly students studying. Drink took about 10minutes or so to be done. The outdoor seating area is peaceful and cooling. It’s conveniently located right beside Bishan-AMK park, so you could always get a refreshing drink after a nice stroll along nature!


This was really good!
Taste-wise it was primarily a coconut milkshake but with accents of avocado.
Texture-wide this drink is an upgrade of the ordinary coconut shake, with the avocado bringing a creamy and smooth mouthfeel to this drink, taking away the usual complaints of shakes becoming too icy towards the end of the drink.
Would recommend!

We visited in the early evening and there was a bit of a queue, we had to wait about 15 minutes for our drink.

A fairly average cup of matcha latte for the price you pay. We initially ordered white pearl jelly but I think they either heard our order wrongly or gave us the wrong toppings. It was too late when we realised the error, though it’s not a huge deal to us. I personally wouldn’t mix matcha with aloe vera though, I don’t think they go together very well.

This cold brew is double filtered, extra clean, and brewed in small batches for optimal quality control. I personally found this brew not milky or creamy enough - the taste of espresso was quite sharp, waaay towards the acidic side. Probably wouldn’t get it again as my type of cold brew whites tend to be milkier and less acidic.

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The tea was fragrant and milky - I got it at 0% sugar which was honestly good because I could taste the tea better this way. I liked this drink!

I actually ordered chrysanthemum pearls to go with it but there were no more of them in the shop so FoodPanda delivered it without any pearls. :( The delivery came about 10 minutes late unfortunately.

Essentially a brown sugar boba milk with ice cream! The ice cream added a nice dimension to the texture of the drink - slightly creamier and thicker. The brown sugar pearls were soft, chewy, and pretty good. I initially thought that the drink might be overwhelmingly sweet, but it was actually alright, definitely sweet but not sickly sweet.

Price tag is a little high so I probably won’t get it again, though it was nice to try.

Honest reviews from an average salarywoman that’s hungry. I’m on insta too! @smallwalletbigmouth

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