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Audrey & Cady
Audrey & Cady

This was really good!
Taste-wise it was primarily a coconut milkshake but with accents of avocado.
Texture-wide this drink is an upgrade of the ordinary coconut shake, with the avocado bringing a creamy and smooth mouthfeel to this drink, taking away the usual complaints of shakes becoming too icy towards the end of the drink.
Would recommend!

We visited in the early evening and there was a bit of a queue, we had to wait about 15 minutes for our drink.

A fairly average cup of matcha latte for the price you pay. We initially ordered white pearl jelly but I think they either heard our order wrongly or gave us the wrong toppings. It was too late when we realised the error, though it’s not a huge deal to us. I personally wouldn’t mix matcha with aloe vera though, I don’t think they go together very well.

This cold brew is double filtered, extra clean, and brewed in small batches for optimal quality control. I personally found this brew not milky or creamy enough - the taste of espresso was quite sharp, waaay towards the acidic side. Probably wouldn’t get it again as my type of cold brew whites tend to be milkier and less acidic.

The tea was fragrant and milky - I got it at 0% sugar which was honestly good because I could taste the tea better this way. I liked this drink!

I actually ordered chrysanthemum pearls to go with it but there were no more of them in the shop so FoodPanda delivered it without any pearls. :( The delivery came about 10 minutes late unfortunately.

Essentially a brown sugar boba milk with ice cream! The ice cream added a nice dimension to the texture of the drink - slightly creamier and thicker. The brown sugar pearls were soft, chewy, and pretty good. I initially thought that the drink might be overwhelmingly sweet, but it was actually alright, definitely sweet but not sickly sweet.

Price tag is a little high so I probably won’t get it again, though it was nice to try.

Hi, Hi Tea! Second time here to try their cold brew fruit teas. I really like that they blend the fruits with the tea, you can taste the authentic fruit and not some sugary syrup. We picked less sugar and it was just nice in terms of sweetness.

The cup was really big so I think it’s very worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal. No queue when we visited on a weekday evening as well, even though it was a public holiday.

A good cup of ice blended coffee - it was very smooth in texture and not overly icy even towards the very end of the drink. Taste was quite standard, nothing too amazing, similar to other ice blended coffee drinks from other beverage places.

One thing that I really liked was that the drink was without any overwhelming taste of artificial sweetness that you may encounter in some places that use a whole lot of syrup.

We got this during a 1-for-1 deal so it was quite an okay price to pay for the drink. Otherwise, I would say $9 is extremely overpriced for such a small cup.

Quite a standard bottle of cold brew, it’s not too sweet and quite fragrant. I like the design of the label, very cute.

We initially came here during the earlier stages of phase 2 wanting to play board games - but because of Covid, they said that they kept all of their board games :(

The aesthetics of the cafe is cute, and there’s a small little shop tucked inside, selling artsy keychains, tote bags, socks and whatnot.

Overall a fairly standard cafe, great to sit down and chill. Once board games are allowed again, it’ll be a fantastic hangout spot for coffee & games!

The Nitro Honey Oat Latte was very smooth and fragrant, great for those with a sweet tooth. Yet its sweetness was not overbearing. Although I would say the price is pretty steep for the drink, it is definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of sweeter and milky types of cold brews.

Best to come a little bit earlier as the cafe is pretty popular, we visited on a Sunday morning and it was quite busy!

Both brews were very fragrant and pleasant! Really worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal. There’s a nice seating area in the cafe although the number of power points are really limited.

We visited on a weekday evening and it was pretty busy, most seats were taken up!

A fairly pleasant drink. I was expecting a thicker consistency but this smoothie was more watery, making it easy to slurp up and finish quickly! It tastes exactly like what it sounds like - nothing too unique to be honest. Still overall an okay drink, but I think I would like it a lot more if it was less watery.

We went on a weekday early evening and there wasn’t much of a queue. There’s a small seating area in the shop with 2 seats against the wall.

Latte was smooth and fragrant - it was quite standard but definitely was a solid cup of coffee.

We visited on a Saturday morning and it was quite crowded! Would recommend going early to avoid queues and secure seats. They don’t take reservations, unfortunately. There’s limited seating indoors and some seating outdoors, probably not ideal for larger groups.

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