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EatdiarybyRach .
EatdiarybyRach .

Super decent price for the quantity of ikura given. The serving is pretty small overall though and there is only 5 small slices of salmon so don't expect this dish to be a full meal. Still, at $11.50 for ikura I'm not complaining. 😊 Limited time only!

Got this platter at $8.80 with Ikura's Monday Yakitori promotion. The Yakitori is just perfect, had a nice char but still juicy inside. Highly recommend!!

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Oldies are goodies - love the rich tonkotsu broth. Not to mention the free hard boiled eggs that go along with these so well. Meal is super filling even without all the add ons. This outlet is MUCH LESS crowded than the ones in town and as good!

Authentic gyoza, nicely seared and crispy bottom with inside still moist & juicy. Very satisfying.

Matsuri is quite hidden so not much queue, way better to come here instead of queueing for a long time in the central outlets (ahem Tanjong pagar & bugis!).

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3 types of salmon with a generous dollop of ikura and a couple pieces of sweet egg omelette. Gave decent amount of salmon for the price and salmon was fresh and thick.

Surprisingly well done for this relatively understated izakaya. Cosy ambience, would recommend for chill date or drinks.

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Had the burpple set ($25 for 2 dons). Both dons are reasonably generous with salmon (8-9 slices). Mentai don was yummy, nicely torched with rich mentai sauce.

Salmon Ikura don was disappointing, the rice was warm which was a bit weird when contrasted with the cold salmon. Some salmon pieces also had the silver skin not cleanly sliced off. Order their salmon mentai and wagyu don instead as raw food doesn't seem like their strong suit.

Tucked away on the 2nd floor of MyVillage in Serangoon Gardens lies this gem.

They do tonkotsu so well!! The batter is crispy and the pork is easy to chew and not sinewy. Rice and cabbage are free flow. Appetisers like Tori Kawa (chicken skin $4.50) and agedashi tofu ($4.50) are super yummy and affordable as well. Highly recommended to go here.

Absolutely fantastic, about 8 or 9 pieces of this package of goodness, avocado and raw salmon inside wrapped in lightly charred salmon and a dollop of mentaiko.

Highly encouraged to go to the Far East outlet instead of Taka as is it much less crowded and noisy. Food quality is as good. 👍

We had this during the period where Waa Cow was still running their 4 Course Set Meal with burpple beyond - but no worries they still have the same huge yummy oysters available. We also got the yuzu foie gras wagyu beef ($26.90) - so good and so generous with the amount of beef and foie gras, and everything grilled to maximum umami-ness. Would definitely come back again even without the set. 😋

This is the most affordable yet yummy chirashi-Don I've had so far. There's just a secret sauce that omote has that levels up the whole dish and gives it a savory and sweet taste. Chunks of fish are generous, there's tuna, salmon, cooked prawn, squid and octopus. The portion size is just enough for me, but guys might need to go for the larger up sized chirashi (18.80).

Went for the $129++ omakase set, and was super impressed by the food quality and variety. I'm a super picky eater, but I can honestly say I loved every course with my favorites being the sashimi and free flow ikura courses, as well as wagyu and sweet pumpkin.

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