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David L
David L

Ordered 2 DIY rolls and I really loved how we can customise the fillings and sauce to our preference! The smoked duck was delicious and so was the teriyaki chicken! Great value with this 1 for 1 offer, $8 for 2 rolls!

Pretty good food at a v cheap price after using Burpple Beyond 1-for-1. I personally prefer the good ol bowl. The truffle scrambled egg was well cooked and the truffle taste was really good too. Big chunks of luncheon meat are included in the bowl. I would prefer if the luncheon meat are slightly more crispy but thats just a small issue.

Didnt quite like the braised pork bowl as the taste was very different from what i expected it to be. Was expecting more of taiwanese braised pork rice. The meat was also slightly on the salty side.

Fullstop. also uses a special mix of rice thats suppose to be healthier. Its amazing that it tasted really like white rice.

Was a bit disappointed with what we got. Maybe we didnt picked the right ones! Was thinking that the chrysanthemum double layered milk pudding will be a smooth and soft pudding. But the texture was rather firm and chrysanthemum taste was not strong too. Mango sago was pretty average. The coconut milk may have overpowered the taste of the mango. Despite all these, theres free wifi here and quite a nice place to chill and hangout. :)

Lavendar chocolate was quite interesting. Lavendar taste was not too overpowering and leaves a very refreshing aftertaste. The lychee white peach eclair has a light taste of lychee. Overall i would prefer the lavendar chocolate eclair. Do note that the eclair do not have a crispy shell. Also ordered their matcha latte and earl grey latte. The earl grey latte is good and well balanced. The matcha latte was abit strong on the matcha powder though...

Had the double yammy drink after dinner and the cup size was huge!! Couldn’t finish the drink was it too heavy for me due to all the milk etc. Nonetheless, I liked the yam bits in the drink and the yam taste was still very distinct even though I selected 0% sugar level.

Crispy edges couple together with the egg and mushrooms makes this a good brunch dish. However, do be cautious that the mushroom taste can be very overwhelming. Otherwise it is a very delicious dish with just the right touch of truffle oil!

Soft and tender beef on creamy and soft mash potato.

Shoestring fries with a nice touch of truffle flavour. Not too bad! Good quantity and flavour for the price!

Liked the drink and had it with 0% sugar. The lychee taste was just right and the tartness of the tea complimented the lychee flavour. Had it with the honey pearls which was a little hard but the honey flavour was distinct.

It had a strong smoky flavour which gave it a unique taste unlike any other dessert. Despite its fanciful name, it tasted like smoked ice cream with chocolate bits.

Would highly recommend this unique dessert if your tastebuds are up for it. Not your typical ice cream dessert. I love the different texture and how all the different components built up the taste of the entire dish.

Pommes purée was silky smooth and the dish was served with tomato sauce which added acidity and just a right touch of sourness to the dish. The chicken was cooked just a right amount of time hence, it was succulent and juicy.

David L

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