Places that were meh - probably would not revisit
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This is a reminder to myself and everyone not to get this ever - it’s edible but it’s really not great. The chicken patty was thin and limp, sauce was rly goopy and way too peppery. The bun and onions were ok, onions were not as raw as I had expected. Not horrible, but also a sad meal option.

Initially I thought this was an okay muffin - not dry but not super moist either, no artificial banana taste, walnuts were q sparse. Not the best but decent.

But after the first bite there was a very drying taste on the tongue, and left a bad aftertaste. Consider me scarred I’m sticking to their steamed bread / kaya toast.

Duck was not tender, rice quality wasn’t great. We usually finish our food because we don’t like wasting food, but for this we struggled to even have half of it.

This was meh. The brown rice served was not the white Japanese kind and wasn’t sticky and plump, think it’s because they are trying to be healthy. The chicken was like food court standard, and the dish was quite saucy because of the egg but not in a particularly tasty way. Would say that this was edible and healthy but if I were to have healthy food there are much better options in cbd.

Has a p strong milk powder flavour which wasn’t nice, texture was strange bc it was like bread but also spongy? Definitely will not get this again as we really did not like it.

Saw a 1-4-1 promo for this, and hence decided to try it. However, it was pretty meh. Nothing really impressed - the rice, although different from what u get at Chinese restaurants, was hardly pearly enough to be considered Japanese rice; the unagi was decent but it had some small bones in it, and it would have been alright if haven’t tried man man before (man man wins hands down); the dashi broth was decent too but nothing to shout about. Not to say that this meal was bad, but if they’re going to charge $38 (full price) I think the food should have been of a better standard. The place was rather filled tho, so maybe their other menu items are better? I guess I’ll never know, because I’m unlikely to make a return visit.

Ahh this was so meh. We saw quite a few tables having this, so we decided to try a plate too. However, we were sorely disappointed - the sauce was a bit too sweet, the horfun was average, and the braised mushrooms weren’t fragrant. The shredded chicken was clean tasting, and it was the nicest part of the dish. Really wanted to like this as I love ipoh horfun, but this was a no-go :(

Preferred the triple fromage as it was light and cheesy, and had a salty kick from the cheese sprinkles on top. The tiramisu was nearly tasteless, save for the mild coffee taste. Also, the slices have shrunk by so much, we were appalled at how small they’ve become. Might return to try other better flavours, but the tiramisu is a big no.

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Found the shakshuka pretty spicy and rather thin, the depth of flavour was just not there. The herb & seed tabbouleh was the saving grace of the dish.

The English breakfast fared better, with each component decently done. Not the best though, and given the price, I would rather go someplace else. It’s a pity that their standards have dropped.


I really wanted to like this, but the mazesoba sauce had a weird taste, and the grilled pork was too sweet for my liking. The other components for each bowl was average, but I’m better off eating can 14’s ban mian when in NTU.

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Unfortunately, this didn’t fare very well in terms of taste and texture. It was kinda dry and was below our expectations. Wanted to try something different from tbb, but this fell short.

Soup was peppery and hot on initial taste, and mellowed into a more rounded flavour. The meat however, was rather dry/tough, and perhaps only the spare rib in the $9.80 option & 1 piece of the other type of meat was passable.

The service was not great though. Given that the food was average at best, we would not revisit!

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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