Cafes & Sweets!

Cafes & Sweets!

List of great cafes in Singapore, perfect for brunch, dessert, or anything in between 🌟
Sabrina Lim
Sabrina Lim

The salmon aglio olio was pretty good!!! Just the right amount of spice, and lots of garlic 😍😍


Love these soufflé pancakes — really one of the best & fluffiest I’ve eaten!! Soooo soft and light, and it’s complemented well with light cream and fruits 😍
I dare say it’s the best in Singapore — or let me know if you’ve tried somewhere better!!! 🥞
Also tried their korean seafood pancake, fried chicken & salmon pasta — all were yummy!
Overall a very aesthetic cafe, i’ll be back just for the pancakes 😍💯

This was really interesting!!! Love the furikake and how generous they were with it. The matcha aioli sauce was pretty unique, but went well with the fried fish.

A bit pricey, but the truffle taste was pretty good!
Love the cute container!

Go for the Sorrel Salmon — the sorrel cream is delicious, with tender pan-seared salmon, on top of zucchini & spinach.
The mentaiko prawn pasta was not bad, but no as mentaiko-y as I’d have hoped for! Would have been amazing if they were more generous with the mentai, but can’t complain for the price!
Good food, good vibes, i’ll be back! :)

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I love pancakes so matcha 💚
Matchaya nailed Japanese style pancakes really well, with yummy matcha and kuromitsu sauce! Though not soufflé pancakes, they were still really fluffy and tasty — and the stack of 5 pancakes is perfect for sharing!

Honey themed cafe in SG?! 🍯
Loved their fluffy Buttermilk Waffles with smoked salmon and egg mayo, drizzled with their homemade honey 😋
They have really nice cakes and tarts as well!

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Their chicken tacos were not bad, a lil small but tasty!
Loved the quinoa, was crunchy and salty with some salsa on top
Crabmeat pasta was pretty good and had lots of crabmeat, though it felt a lil too salty
And the dessert — coconut tres leches, was pretty nice and unique! Really soft and coconutty

BUTTTT do note that the dip is NOT free❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ We got charged $5 for guacamole??? And they didnt tell us in advance? Quite upsetting i dont think i will go back again.....

Also, the burpple set for 2 is a shared plate of each dish, meant for 2 pax. So the tacos above are for 2 pax... the pasta is meant for sharing... you get the idea. I mean its fine and the portion is decent, but i think its misleading to think of it as a set meal for 2 — more of “these are 5 dishes you will be sharing”. The price is worth tho!

Their pancakes were not bad, and quite worth it for the price. But it was a bit too light, and not enough sauce to go with the pancakes.
I feel its a little overhyped!

Their cakes are pretty good! Go for the sticky red date cake — if you love dates 😉
Otherwise, their milk cake is pretty tasty too, a tad on the sweet side, but still good.

This was surprisingly SO GOOD!!!! The mac and cheese was sooo gooey, soft shell crab was crispy and quite decently sized.
Cute lil cafe/bar at Bedok Reservoir, with quite yummy food.

Super underrated place — Their pancakes are so soft and jiggly!!! And love the chocolate & banana 😌

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