In Search of Chocolate

In Search of Chocolate

A list of Chocolate (esp Dark ones) Desserts in Singapore
Ree F
Ree F

At $7.50 a slice of $45 a cake, this is my go to chocolate cake on a day I’m in need of chocolate. Cedele is easily accessible around Singapore and the slice make the day all better. But of course, once you find out how to make truffle cake, you realize that it might be better to make it on your own, if you have the ingredients.

The MSG I’m talking about is Mousse, Sponge and Ganache and Noisette ($60 for a 6inch) hits all the right notes for a milky chocolate type of indulgence. A slight crunch from the the hazelnut layer add an interesting layer to the richness. Comparable to the St Laurent Chocolatier’s Pure Chocolate Cake.

The devil’s chocolate was a chocolate cheesecake topped with bits of chocolate cake. And indeed there was little goodness in it. The cheese was underwhelmed by the spongy cake, and sadly the cake also lacked the “spring” because of the cake has to be kept chilled.

The name is more devilish than the cake itself.

The size of a credit card, the earl grey cream with chocolate truffle middle and tart base cost $11.40. Best eaten cold as the Earl Grey Cream melts quickly, the taste of the earl grey is slightly stronger than the chocolate. But overall a nice tart.

At $23/100g and no sampling allowed (even before COVID19 pandemic), it was a leap of faith to purchase the first slab. Have been buying since and no regrets, except for wallet pain.

Unpretentious Chocolate sponge layered with gooey ganache from Not too sweet. The ganache was nicer than the sponge cake itself.

Damage: 6inch at $35, excluding $10 delivery.

A homemaker for a good cause for Down Syndrome kids.

The Ice Cream Soirée ($19) allows a choice of 3 scoops of ice cream as compared to the Chocolate Rhapsody (also $19) for a fixed dark, milk and white chocolate scoop. [my suggestion: don’t waste your time with white and milk chocolate].

If you appreciate good quality chocolate that errs on the side of slightly bitter, anything between 60% to 72% would be a good choice. Too low and it becomes too sweet, their signature 80% dark bitter chocolate is for the hardcore chocolate purists.

Served with cookie crumbs and separated by chocolate biscuits to keep the flavours apart, be sure to share else you’ll be on a sugar high!

After trying the baby Pure Chocolate ($11.90) some months back, I ordered the Upsized 500g Pure Chocolate Cake ($75).

Unlike the baby version which is all mousse, this one has a layer of sponge cake as the base. Milk Chocolate level 50%+ kind of sweet.

Yes it’s a good chocolate mousse cake but a little *ouch* on the price tag

The display of tarts are really tantalising through the price did give me a double take. I tried the Key Lime Tart ($4), Mascarpone Berry tart, chocolate tart (both were around $9+) and the Gula Melaka Macadamia cookies ($15+). I’ll like to say that the ingredients quality COULD BE the reason why they justify the price, especially the fresh fruit tarts. However, I thought the tart bases lack the buttery flavour and the chocolate tart was a little underwhelming with a heavy handed cocoa powder.

Between the Red Velvet Nutella and the Chocolate Orange Salted Caramel (pictured on the bottom half), I’ll go with the latter.

A very moist cupcake, with a dab of salted caramel centre, the tangy liquorish was a nice of kick to the chocolate icing.

It’s a little on a pricey side for $4 a muffin or ($20 for 6), but overall a nice cupcake I might come back for from time to time.

I tried the regular sized Signature (pictured), Sea Salt, Liquid Gold Caramel (~$8 each) and mini tart in pistachio and hazelnut (~$3-4 each).

The chocolate used is high quality, it’s smooth, deep and doesn’t have the artificial sweet taste the cheap chocolates do.

The taste of the dark are generally on the dark chocolate end, but if you like it sweet, the liquid gold has a liquid caramel layer. The tart base itself has a mellow chocolate taste.

Nicest when ths tarts given some time out of the fridge, else it might be quite a jaw breaking effort trying to bite of a piece.

Lola (left) for me was a disappointment. At $11.80, it tasted flat and lifeless for a chocolate sponge-layered cake.

Pure Chocolate (right) was a chocolate mousse encased in a dark chocolate cream. This is a good cake with a rich but not jer-lat feeling, hallmarks of a good balanced chocolate mousse cake. At $11.80, it’ll a tad painful on the wallet. But good quality comes at a price.

Ree F

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