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Kohpie See
Kohpie See

Love love penny university, their offerings never disappoint!

Espresso with oat milk ($6.50)
Made with otis oat milk, the oaty taste is subtle and not too overbearing (looking at you, Oatly) and the coffee is not too acidic as well. Perfect combination! Loved it, will be back for more!!

White chocolate lemon tart ($8.50)
All time favourite, have been back many times for this and it’s still as good as the first time I ate it. Tangy lemon taste coupled with the fragrant cookie base, yum yum. Must order at penny!

Mint chocolate ($6.50)
This is a refreshing drink with a subtle minty taste; not very sweet and it tastes slightly bland, but pairs really well with the sweetness of the tart. 🤤

Ordered this sandwich called “three little pigs”, and it really lives up to its name of being “little”. Portion is small for $18 sandwich and definitely not enough to be eaten as a breakfast main. However, taste wise it’s pretty good as the pulled pork is soft and the “secret green sauce” is tasty and goes well with the pork. Perhaps the cafe should be more generous with the size.
Also ordered the set which came with oat milk cold brew at $7. Coffee is smooth and tasty 👍🏻

Soft scrambled eggs and ikura (14++): Saw lots of photos on IG on this dish and thought we’d come down to try it. However, the dish was rather disappointing. The eggs were creamy in texture but taste wise it was very bland. The truffle cream was also not strong enough and the 2 slices of sourdough was oily and too small. I finished the sourdough before the eggs and had nothing to serve it on. Ate it as a main but it was just not satisfying enough. Would recommend to treat it as a side.

Brewer’s breakfast ($26)
It’s not hard to see why this is a crowd favourite! Portions are huge, and each ingredient is served warm and fresh. Especially like the sourdough and the spinach! 10/10 would recommend to try!

Crabmeat tagliatelle ($26)
Portion is huge as well and the tagliatelle seems to be freshly made and has a bouncy texture. However the crabmeat has a slightly strong seafoody taste which I felt should have been neutralize with more lemon.

Oat white ($6.50)
Good cuppa coffee! Coffee is not too acidic or strong, just the right level of caffeine to perk me up on a Friday morning.

Overall good brunch and would definitely return to try other menu items!!

Omg this is definitely a must order at K&K!! Apologies for the shaky photo, but must leave my review heheh. This is such a unique and amazing dish, with this delightful combination of sweet (honey) and tangy (grapes). It is also smooth and crunchy (from the toast), with an additional fragrance from the lavender. My only gripe is that the toast could be bigger, I literally polished it down in 5 mins!

At $15++, the Kombu fries at K&K boasts a pretty hefty price tag, but it came in a huge bowl and was seasoned with an amazing combination of furikake, kombu, green onion and truffle. Truffle taste is pretty mild, but works very well to bring out the umami taste of the other seasoning. Yum! Would recommend to order for sharing in a group setting, as the portion was too big for 2.

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Honestly, was quite hesitant to order this drink as the combination sounded weird to me.. but after reading other positive reviews, I took the plunge to order and no regrets!! It predominantly tasted like yuzu with a matcha aftertaste, creating some levels of complexity I never knew a drink could have. Amazeballs!

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