Snacks/Old School Eats

Snacks/Old School Eats

Featuring Maccha House (Orchard Central), Wu Pao Chun, Dona Manis Cake Shop, Munchi Delights (Yishun Park Hawker Centre), 603 Tau Sar Piah
bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

Really miss having a corndog while roaming down the streets in Korea during winter 🥺🥲 but now you can have it here!!!! We went for the cheese corndog (without the hotdog) and LOOK at that cheese pull!! Warm melty cheese encompassed within a super crisp exterior with some ketchup & mustard - this is DEFO a must get and worth the occasional splurge #noregrets

Traditional mjk:
• original bssm ($1.60): 7/10
The bssm was q grainy and slightly bitter without being too dry. :,)

• green tea peanut ($1.30): 8/10
I love peanuts and this mjk was slathered with the chunky kind of peanuts to provide a nice cronch! The green tea skin also gave off a subtle fragrance that wasn’t too overpowering.

• original coconut ($1.30): 8/10
The coconut tasted fresh and slightly sweetened, quite typical of a normal coconut mjk!!

Munchi mjk:
• charcoal matcha ($1.80): 5.5/10
I was looking forward to trying this but I was honestly q disappointed as I felt that this should be “green tea” instead of matcha 🙃🤡. The flowy-ness of the filling was great but it’s defo NOT matcha per se.

• original strawberry cheese ($1.80): 8.5/10
Contemplated getting this flavour and I’m so elated that I got it!!!!! There were bits of strawberry in the cream cheese filling and my fam really loved this one + it’s so special & pretty ✨✨ please get this to try!!!!

• green tea Belgian choc ($1.80) 8.5/10
I enjoyed this flavour a lot as the green tea skin went extraordinarily well with the dark choc filling!!! I placed the mjk in the fridge so the choc would harden (last pic) and I LOVED it so much 🤤🤤🥺 DEFO would get this again and you shld try too!!!

Overall: I’d say the prices of these mjk are much higher than the usual mjk so I wouldn’t travel there specially to get them. However, I’d get the strawberry cheese and Belgian choc flavours if I were to pass buy! 🤪

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I’m usually not a snacker but I couldn’t stop myself from these egg rolls. Since the salted egg roll is slightly savoury, and the choc egg roll is sweet, I alternate btw the 2 flavours so I don’t feel sick haha 🤟🥲. I would defo get this again!!

Choc tarts ($4.50 for 5): 8.5/10
Pro tip: I also left them out for a few mins so that the choc filling will be more flowy 🤩🤩 Can we take a moment to look at that mini choc lava 🥺

• oven baked curry puff: 8.5/10 - an unexpected fav cos there was something about the ✨layers✨of the pastry
• char siew sou: 8/10 - really 1 of the better ones out there, and it’s largely attributed to how freshly baked it was 👅

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Skin was chewy and filling was generous too!

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(sweet, salted, lotus, green tea etc): 7.5/10
Had it when they were warm and crisp :,)

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(there was even a slice of egg encompassed within) - managed to catch a pic in natural sunlight, albeit in the car 🤪

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