Latin American

Latin American

Featuring Cuba Libre (Clarke Quay)
Windy Sandra
Windy Sandra

Ropa Vieja Bites(?) ($15)
Honestly I don't remember the name so I think it's better to ask the waiter/waitress first before ordering this.

I think you should try all the tapas in here because most of the tapas is delish. It's supposed to be pulled beef on top but it looks like they change it into pork since one of our friend can't eat beef. It's served on top of banana chips which is crispy but soft on the inside (not fritters, so it doesn't taste sweet) and on top of it there's avocado with onion and tomato so it's a bit sweet and fresh taste. Topped with savory pork and some pesto. It's like the whole flavor in 1 tapas, you definitely should try this one!

Tapas platter ($15)
The platter consist of 4 different topping on top of baguette.

Serrano Ham, Smoked Salmon
It's nothing special for me, basically just ham/Salmon served on top of baguette with some sauce on it. It's tasted fresh and nice but not special.

The chicken got a bit of curry taste and served with onion so it got a bit tangy savory taste.

Garlic Mushroom
This is my recommended one. It looks like normal mushroom bruschetta with cheese, but when I bite it there's a spicy taste comes from the sauce. The after taste on your tongue is similar to a numb feeling, I think it will go great with some alcohol. You can order the garlic bruschetta alone btw.

Sandwich Cubano ($16)
5he filling of this sandwich is actually roasted pork, smoked ham, bacon, and cheese(gherkins and mozzarella), but I can't capture it well. The portion is quite big and generous, the fries also nice. But when I eat it I can only taste the cheese on it, the cheese melted perfectly into the bread and meat. So whichever part you bit you'll taste cheese on it. So if you love cheese I think you'll love it.

Crispy Roast Pork ($23)
The Cuban slow roasted pork belly is served with pesto and some bbq sauce. I honestly love the sauce that comes with it, but the meat that was served was a bit tough and the veggie tastes a bit undercooked. It's fresh tho so it's okay.

Chicken Quesadilla ($ -I forgot-)
Somehow this dish is not on the menu but it's recommended so we try it. It's actually not bad, you can change the meat into beef/pork. The chicken we order got a bit curry taste in it, and they give you 3 kind of sauce to go with it. It was mayo, avocado, and some kind of tomato sauce. It's not bad but not so special for me.

Medley of Fries ($13)
The french fries and sweet potato fries is really nice. It's fried perfectly so it's crispy and soft on the inside. But what I love the most is the mayo-garlic sauce they give along with the fries. It's a really perfect tapas choice!

Classic Mojito ($28)
They serve it in a big mason jar so the price is quite worth it considering the generous portion. It taste fresh and got a small hint of sweetness, it's pretty good choice to accompany the tapas dishes if you don't want to get drunk.

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