Pastries & Desserts 🍦🍰🥖

Pastries & Desserts 🍦🍰🥖

Over-indulgence of sweet confectionery treats; waffles & icecream, cakes & pastries!!!!
Valerie Chua
Valerie Chua

Got these cake slices just in time for my dad’s birthday!!! Really glad i’ve made the right decision in choosing these 3 flavours and family gave double thumbs up of these all 🥳💛

Cake were not too tangy not too sweet, just the right amount of sugar. You know how some other cakes just seem to get really jelak and overpowering, but all of these choices were really delectable!

💰$8.50 each
1) Lemon Meringue Tart
2) Strawberry shortcake
3) Soufflé Cheesecake

You know you are obsessed with these acai where you just can’t help popping by the store on a weekly basis! Am totally nuts about their nutty bowl 😉

if you’re heading down towards HV for cafe hopping adventures, you would most probably not want to give this place a miss (ideal place for socializing @ 2 paxs now for sure)

✨ Nuts for Acai ($9.80 - M)
✨ Original Flower Bowl (9.80 - M)

Nut Butter & Acai Bowl - $7.90

All time favourite acai perk-me-up takeaway for the irresistible hot weather today!!! Thankful to have a self pickup purchase where you can enjoy 25% off vis grabfood 💟

Back at the usual place for acai fix @ Liat Tower. Love how you can either to dine in or dine out depending on your preferred seats!

Acai Soft Serve (Left) Yoghurt Soft Serve (Right)

✨Acai soft serve ($8.50 each) where it comes with granola, one topping and 1 fruit; Banana and cookie/almond butter

Was greeted by the store’s bright and homely interior design, and also got to know their operating hours are extended beyond midnight (WEW)

Glad that the tgif night was spend on a quieter note, great place to chill after a long hustling week in the office.

1. Hazelnut Nutella (Left)
2. Lavender Earlgrey (Right)

Hands down best pistachio gelato (IMO hehe) CBD folks would have probably paid frequent visits to this humble gelato cafe during lunch breaks/after work. There’s no better place to satisfy your gelato craving but only here!

Love the nutty, soft & creamy texture of every mouthful of scoop!!!

Single scoop 🍦 ($4.30)
Premium 🍦 (+$1)

Fondly remember back in my church youth days when I chanced upon SC, situated at Upper Thomson Road (directly beside Udders) and it’s delighting to know there’s a new store opening @ Bukit Timah - Lorong Kilat.

Ordered 2 scoops + plain waffles, and a side of salted caramel sauce. ($12.60) which price point ain’t too bad for sharing. Double thumbs up for their waffle - well toasted yet having the balance of softness in its crust. Icecream flavour chosen goes to Pistachio and earl grey(?)

Loving the minimalistic rustic decor + their chill music vibes 😌 What a way to end the weekend week by savouring their dessert treats & catching up with your homies!

1) Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake
- Caramelized walnut bits that complement well with the espresso which I don’t find overwhelmingly strong, one of the better chocolate cake I’ve tried so far.

2) Almond Danish
- Just your typical almond pastry which I love!!

🦋 Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato 🦋

A short walk away from Bugis / Haji Lane, situated around by a number of cafe shops which includes @twentygrammes @dimsumhaussg. Loving the minimalist space and interior, really a cozy environment if you’d like to hang around with your friends!

As usual, opt for the all time favourite roasted pistachio and I must say this is comparable with & I love them both (can’t decide between them) the smell of the home-made waffles is irresistible toooo!! 🥰🥰

🔹Single Scoop - $4.90
🔹Premium Scoop + $1

🌈 Vanilla Crepe Cake + Earl Grey Hazelnut cake
🌈 Hot & Cold Honey Yuzu tea!

Love how the cakes were not sweet and definitely prefer the earl grey hazelnut, texture were good (nutty and yums), every bite makes you craves for more 💯

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🔹The Dark Gallery [Funan Mall]
💰$14 chocolate tasting platter

1️⃣ 66% Ecuador Brownie
2️⃣ 68% Bali Tart
3️⃣ 72% Venezuela Trifle
4️⃣ 75% Tanzania dark choco icecream

📍Funan Mall
📍Great World
📍Millenia Walk

Chanced upon @poppypopsg at lvl 6 Jem, it’s located slightly in the corner so you might probably want to look for the right entrance up towards the escalator.

Surprisingly the cafe is way too quiet on a weekend afternoon, but loving the cosiness and comfort of the area (with cute doodling on the walls)

1️⃣ Plain waffle + single scoops
💰$5.00 + $3.70

Taste wise it tastes average, price range is affordable too, but definitely will head there again for quality time spent with friends to enjoy these sweet treats again ☺️

Just a fan of anything korean, hearty cafe food and a whole lot of dessert treats! @valzybelly

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