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Featuring Gyu Nami, NamNam Noodle Bar (Wheelock Place), EVENTASTY Noodle Bar (Funan), 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre), Biang Biang Noodles Xi'an Famous Food, Putien (Northpoint City), Tsuruhashi Fugetsu (Suntec City), LeNu Chef Wai's Noodle Bar (Northpoint City), Menya Kokoro (Plaza Singapura), New Teck Kee Chicken Rice (The Rail Mall)
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Bun cha ($12.90) was good and we especially loved the pork meat balls and fried prawn roll. Also had beef pho combi (small) ($9.90), which was good enough for someone with an average appetite. I thought namnam was quite generous w the ingredients for both bowls!

Used 3 Burpple deals (6 of us) and it was rly worth it! Got the pork jowl ($28), pork neck ($28) (not in the online menu), soy chicken thigh ($22), army stew ($24) +$5 for ramen, seafood bean paste stew ($18) + $5 for dumpling, and Kim cheese fried rice ($20).

Meat was good and they came with some mushrooms and onions! They will cook it for you as well so it’s a bonus. As for the stews, I think you can find better ones outside - broth can be thicker and could be more generous with the meat. The kimchi fried rice was something special tho, worth to try.

Overall the food was good, but it’s on the pricier side without Burpple beyond deals.

Ate chicken rice for breakfast before our hike because why not :) store was relatively empty at rail mall in the morning. Chicken was tender and the rice was fragrant as well. Little pricy at $5.50 per plate, but the taste makes up for it

First time trying out spring leaf prata and we were rly amazed at how crispy they were. Wanted to eat at rail mall’s outlet but it was rly crowded. Anw the egg prata was rly huge (the rectangular one)! Both egg and plain prata was super crispy, something you can’t find outside. Got both fish and chicken curry and we thought fish was the better choice. Teh Tarik was not sweet too

Anw we bought vouchers on shopee during flash sale (10 cents each for 3 items), super good deal!

Was craving for mazesoba and decided to give menya kokoro a try (Cha Shu $12.80++)! The noodles were chewy and thicker compared to kajiken’s and were also less spicy. The Cha Shu tasted tender and fragrant too. Bonus points for their friendly service staff

We loved the braised pork ribs La Mian! The soup was tasty as usual. What surprised us was how tender the ribs were. They were also really generous w the meat. Highly recommended to try if you’re a fan of pork ribs:)

Had the beef shank noodles ($12.30++) and I thought it was rather mediocre. However they were rly generous w the beef shank! Felt that the soup can be similar to what you can find in Kopitiam.

Would prefer their pork bone soup which tasted more unique :)

Featured in the photo are two teppanyaki dishes: Kimchi grilled pork ($9.80++) and Grilled omelette ($9.80++). The kimchi was very flavourful and not spicy! Wished they can be more generous w the pork tho. The grilled omelette was great, but we felt that it is rather similar to okonomiyaki that we ordered (not in pic)

1 serving of cheese pork okonomiyaki ($18++) and 2 side dishes made the two of us really full. Okonomiyaki got a bit gelat towards the end (altho shared) so wouldn’t advise getting 2 servings of it if sharing.

Rmb to make reservations too! We are lucky to have a hot plate table even during peak hours. (Note that you can’t cook your own unlike in Seiwaa)

Chanced upon this place as we saw that it was 1 for 1 on Burpple and decided to give it a try, and we were glad we went for it:) the pumpkin soup was rich, complementing the seafood aroma. The tomato soup base was rly good too, reminded me of tomato egg noodles. Will love to go back again and try out more of their noodles

Tried putien (known for being a 1 star Michelin restaurant) for the first time thanks to Burpple 1 for 1! Was super amazed with lor mee, the zhap was very tasty and we made sure we finished every drop. The mi fen was very thin and super good to eat it with their chilli:)

Also ordered oyster pancakes which did not awe me as much.

Second visit here! This time trying out the torched mentaiko salmon and I love it :) used the Burpple deal once again. The portion was just nice for me and you should go for it if you’re looking for an affordable Japanese don in town

Ordered biang biang (added $1 for meat), which I will try without the meat next time as it was nothing fancy. Also had bo mian (spicy) and it was tasty and also cheaper than biang. Love how chewy their noodles are

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