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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

📍 @beccarino.sg 🍰
🆕 founded in 2005 at Tanjong Pagar, this family-owned bakery starts their new journey at North Bridge Road (Bugis) 💗
⭐️ ~ $5 onwards! ( on @burpple 1 for 1)

Easily one of my new favorite bakeries to get some revamped oldschool pastries at really affordable prices!✨ $5 for their mini soya cakes, $9.80 for 180g of eggless cookies and $8.80 for 4 pretty big size (flavors of your choice) choux pastries?!?! All these before @burpple 1 for 1 🥺🌈 even I feel bad for using the discount 😅 They are all freshly baked on the spot as well!🥺💗

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💡: overrall, 👍recommend to try once - the taste does matches up to the looks💗 for bee hive I don’t recommend to takeaway ‼️it went rolling all around the box ⚽️😅

💡: basically get the chocolate twist croissant - for the price, it’s a good alternative ✅ don’t get their flavored cream croissant - very artificial🥲 - usual basic bakes are decent ✨

💡: keep a look out for their bundle deals! I didn’t eat them immediately, put in chiller and heat it up at 180c for 5 mins 👍 still yums! ( good ➕point for consistent bread quality/taste over time✨)

overrall, I would say there is a good variety of bakes for everyone but kinda on the pricey side for more regular visits. For regulars, I would think their larger bakes like whole flavored sourdoughs and basic breads looks and smells really good ( good price too). Else, go for their sammies and coffee (➕complimentary fancy neighbourhood doggos hangout experience 🐩)


[chocolate lava croissant $4]💯 The size of croissants are really huge btw hence I personally think it’s quite decently price for the location and ingredients used!🙌

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[Mentaiko salmon croissant $5.50]💯
‼️ the aged smoked salmon inside is wrapped with nori ‼️

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I got to say I know why they are hyped, I really quite like their take on the French’s diabetes pastry 😂 instead of the top, they caramelised the layers bottom hence preserving the soft buttery crisp surface🙌💯 will totally get it over again if there isn’t a queue and so far lol.

The lemon curd cruffin could have bit more filling for my liking haha! But still they really master the art of croissant and still have a homely/traditional aroma/vibes to their bakes🥰

Will get them again if convenient 🥲💗

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 New National day item at @keongsaikbakery 💗 and I love it hehe!😍 it really taste like Bandung drink🥰 the floral fragrance of rose with milky cream custard 🌹, got their pango as well which is a fruity sunshine delight 🌞✨ made with tropical flavors of mango cream and fresh passion fruit curd below😊 its more on the sour creamy side but I like - if ya into tropical fruity flavors this is love💕 both are so good can’t decide haha, buy them both and they look so pretty together as well 😂

I found my favourite mochi bread 💗 pretty affordable too! 2 big buns for $2ish👍 located conveniently near lavender mrt 🌸 I love the soft fluffy bread with light rice mochi and rice grainy natural goma 💯

Highly recommend their Tom yum chicken too! 🐓 so delicious! If you like savory bread - this is a must! 💯 I can have like 2-3 of them🥰 so satisfying!

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[ yellowpink croissant ]
It’s the most eye catching and fanciest croissant 🥐with the pink wings 🧚‍♀️ and bright yellow chocolate coating ☀️ it’s filled with molten mango curd that taste really artificial eh, more like sweeten mango pudding 🥭 like that it’s truly lava-ish but would love to have more natural flavor and bites of mango inside🤔

[ mint chocolate cruffin ]
This is not good I’m sorry to say. No taste of mint or chocolate more like mint-colored custard with not very crispy external coated sticky with sugar 😥 just nope.

But I like their latte lol - it came in a big cup with a potent kick of caffeine👍

Overall, it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing, very photogenic - if you want to chase the hype, can go try once I guess🤷‍♀️

📍 @dolcpatisserie ✨
⭐️ matcha 🍵
💰 ~ $7.50 (cake), @burpple 1 for 1 coffee! ☕️
Finally got to visit @dolcpatisserie to use my @burpple @burpplebeyondfans 1 for 1 hehe✨💕 their cakes are not included but too irresistible🥺❤️ got their matcha cream cheese cake coated with matcha white chocolate nut crust which is like matcha magnum✨💚 I love that it’s light with a good earthy finish not overly sweet or rich 😍 paired with 1 for 1 coffee✨ HUGE CUP and quite affordable also ($5.50 for mocha! ) ☺️ it’s really cosy and quiet for a weekend reading spot 📚💕 a place to return!

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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