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Drea & Wils Eat
Drea & Wils Eat

We ordered the black tea and the strawberry drink (forgot the name). They were amazing! We were initially quite put off by other reviews, but were pleasantly surprised upon trying for ourselves.

The black tea drink tasted slightly like coffee. Definitely not overly sweet, so it's good if you don't have a sweet tooth but your gf wants dessert. Mix it well with the panna cotta before drinking so you get a nice slurpy drink!

The strawberry drink reminded us of cheesecake. It is nicer than the black tea drink.

Didn't know there was a hype over this store at first (Ok we aren't exactly Jay Chou fans) but the drinks are honestly decent tasting regardless of who owns this store.

Plus points for a nice photo wall though it was q crowded w aunties when we went.

The lion mane burger was not too bad on first bite, though it does get dry as you chomp your way through it. The fries are nice and potatoey, though the salad could do with less dressing.

The tom yum hotpot is also a must-have. It is not really spicy, instead leaning more towards a tomato flavour with just a tad hint of spice. Definitely suitable for people with a low spice tolerance like myself. There were many ingredients, but the tao pok was best as it could soak up the flavourful soup!

Came at lunch and not many options were available. Better to come at dinner. Ordered the mentaiko pasta and the beef cubes.

The mentaiko pasta was good with the Spaghetti done al dente and fairly chewy. The mentaiko sauce also coated the pasta nicely with more than enough sauce leftover. Although on first bite the sauce may seem salty, it gets more bearable with subsequent 'bites'.

The ikura also gives the mentaiko a good seafood taste but left a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Try and pair it with the pasta and mentaiko sauce for maximum flavour, not eat it alone like me.

Overall I guess it is okay with burpple but probably will be best with some beer on the side.

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I paid $10.50 for 1 pkt of noodles, a few slices of meat, 1 meatball, 1 tau kwa and 1 veggie. The meat was rather rubbery after cooking, and the broth was too thick. No rice was available.

You can find much better malatang over at GongYuan Malatang for an equivalent or lower price.

This place only accepts cash. Not very with the times, especially now with Covid and the move towards cashless payments.

Amazing soup base with decently sized noodle portions. There are about 3 or 4 soup bases to choose from (Tomato, Suanla,Pumpkin,Herbal iirc) and a variety of toppings. If you like LeShrimp or LeNu you'll probably like this place too.

When we went, there was a $9.90 lunch promo that includes a drink, noodle and a side dish. This may be worth it if you dine in an odd-numbered group and cannot use Burpple for everyone in the party. Also suitable for people with larger appetites.


I had dinner here yesterday with my family. For a party of 3, we ordered the 부대찌개 and a 잡채 along with drinka. Portion was more than enough, especially as 10 반찬 are served. The side dishes are refillable, and the lovely boss also gave an extra portion of noodle for my family as we had reserved a seat ahead of time but the table was not ready due to a delay by the previous diners.

Authentic taste (I'm saying this as someone who has been to Korea multiple times) and I'm defo returning.

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Got the parma pasta and truffle pasta using Burpple Beyond. The food was excellent and so was the attitude of the waitstaff. Definitely coming back!

No queue so we decided to go for it. Decent for the price, though the server was unfriendly. We had 3 people and 6 large bags amongst us, so we requested to sit at a booth meant for 4. It was a lull period but server refused our request.

Had the salmon hash under the burpple 1-1 promo. Portion was large for a girl (I was super full). Order the hot chocolate to go with this! Perfect start to the day!

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