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CBD Eats

Featuring The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), 8 Korean BBQ (Shaw Centre), Cuba Libre (Clarke Quay), KOOKS Creamery (The Cathay), Tabbouleh (Bussorah Street), Fullstop., The Drunken Poet, Chug Chug (Tanjong Pagar), Privé (Wheelock Place), King and the Pawn
Nicole Mercado
Nicole Mercado

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience here, from the moment we entered, we were greeted and taken care of by their friendly and bubbly staff. Since it was our first time they gave us a run down of how everything works and even suggested our soup preference based on our level of spiciness. We took The Best option (it really was the best tbh!!) and the level was indeed just nice! We made our way to the counter and started picking (more like pointing) what we wanted and were amazed by the wide selection of items. You should try their tteokbokkis (i like the unique flavours of yam and you can find one with cheese filling too) Overall, we were tremendously satisfied, full and definitely will come back again soon. Incredibly worth the price and it doesn't hurt your wallet too!

Total damage: $37.70 ($18.85/pax)

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The chilli fish bowl wasn't available earlier so we ordered an Old Skool & Tofu rice bowl + some truffle fries on the side. The bowls came with 2 complimentary servings of miso soup (which was surprisingly good - a mixture of both sweet and salty), the truffle fries were a bit underwhelming for me; we could smell and taste the truffle oil but not so much as taste it, hence, was a tad bit bland for my liking. Cooled off our meals with an ice yuzu & lemon tea. Overall i'd still like to come back and try the other bowls, sides and drinks in their menu.

Damage done:

☆ Old Skool Rice Bowl: $10.90
☆ Fried Tofu Rice Bowl: $9.90 (free)
☆ Truffle fries: $10.90
☆ Ice Yuzu Tea: $3
☆ ice Lemon Tea: $3

Total: $30.60 ($15.30/pax)

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Upon entering they asked you if you are using any apps (e.g. Burpple or Entertainer) and they will provide a special menu based on your response. We both got the burgers and requested for it to be cut in half so we both can share our piece and taste both flavours (best decision everrrr) the coolers were pretty refreshing and the staff were nice and friendly too (thanks Ivy for being accommodating!)

Damage done incl. taxes: $47.36 ($23.68/pax)

Used the entertainer app for this one to get 1 for 1 mains. Ordered the Tex Mex in a bowl (Chicken Chipotle) & Tacos (Chicken) & some cheese qusadilla for starters (really loved this, i feel like this could pass off as mains too tbh).

Total damage:
- Tex Mex ($22)
- Tacos ($20)
- Cheese Quesadillas ($14)
- Tequila Sunrise ($14)
- Caprioska ($14)

$: $76 ($38/pax)

Loved this board game cafe! Golden katsu burger is a must order. Definitely will come back to try the other dishes and to play the games

This is a new bar that popped up 3 months ago and I must say, it is incredibly worth it! Both the drinks and food are 5☆s, and not forgetting the service too. The one dish I kept coming back to was the chicken neck and quesabirria (pork). Will definitely try their other menu next time and wow, I've finally found a place I can frequent to now!

Ordered the cookie with 2 scoops - Earl Grey & Thai Milk tea and shared it. Definitely worth it!! It was incredibly moist, chewy and melts in your mouth. Will definitely get a bigger portion next time. There are a variety of flavours to choose from as well, you can have fun with mixing it!


Total damage per person: $6

Ordered the B supreme ($23) and the Assembly burger ($25) for dinner and the burgers were sooooo filling! Even if you arrive on an empty stomach, you wouldn't need to order any appetisers. We wanted to, but the staff was already like "the burgers come with fries and its already quite filling" and he was right! Super worth it and will definitely come again, time to get more burgers/waffles and their brunch set next visit!


Total damage per pax: $15

We ordered the 1 for 1 main dish and I gotta say we were really impressed! We were also surprised how the staff were the ones who were cooking for you as well instead of the usual how you would be the one cooking your own meats. A big plus was how they were all really friendly and considerate as well towards us! We will definitely come by again.

Damage done:
☆ Soy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Spicy Chicken Thigh ($22)
☆ Kimcheese Fried Rice ($20)*
☆ Warm Water - comes in a jug ($2)
☆ Hot Green Tea ($2)
☆ Hot Yucha Tea ($4)

Total: $30.60/pax

* Kimcheese fried rice is a must order! They also said their pork was their speciality.


Using the entertainer app, we got 1 for 1 mains for the Buttermilk Chicken Burger and the Black Angus Ribeye with Truffle Mash. Steak was really good including the sauce and mashed potato! Surprisingly the burger was really filling and the chicken meat was insanely big, I was already full halfway through the burger.

If you're not a fan of sitting outside and having to deal with the throng of passer-by streaming in and out of the walkway and inhaling smoke every 5 minutes, I'd suggest you to come a tad bit earlier than the dinner crowd or reserve a spot rather than walking in!

Total damage:
- Butter Milk Chicken Burger ($18)
- Black Angus Ribeye with Truffle Mash ($29.90)
- Draught Beers ($9) + ($10)

$27/pax, ☆☆☆☆

We got the 1 for 1 main dish comprising of the Mojito Chicken and the Vegetariana Burger and not in the photo - Empanadas, Happy Hour Asahi half pint and House Red Wine.

I liked the burger as it wasnt too heavy, and it came with sweet potato fries as well. I fell in love with the dipping sauce although I can't quite put the name of it even though it tastes so familiar. My friend did say the Mojito Chicken was just ordinary and wasnt able to eat it much. We did enjoy the Empanadas thoroughly though! It was really delicious and really filled, plus the sauce was a good addition too, albeit it could be more!

The only thing I wasnt too fond off was having to scream to my friend sitting in front of me just to hold a conversation. But all in all, I will recommend visiting the place, I will definitely be back nonetheless!

Damage done:

☆ Vegetariana Burger ($18)
☆ Mojito Chicken ($24)
☆ Empanadas ($14)
☆ Asahi Half pint ($5)
☆ House Red Wine ($17)
☆ Water ($2) *

*The water comes in a fruit infused jug and can be refillable!

The impossible burger's patty was really light compared to typical burgers, and the classic wrap was extremely filling (i suggest you can even share this) for a dinner meal. The drink of the night was Mojito, so we had that. Total damage was around $67. Ideal place for date nights too!

I love to eat and write about it

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