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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Jelly is soft & rich with chrysanthemum taste; ice cream is creamy & rich with lavender taste, but not overpowering the whole dish; with soft white fungus & wolfberries; not overly sweet; good sweet-ending dish..

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Cheesecake is soft & very smooth, not sweet; cheese taste is not strong, suitable for non-cheese lover; Earl Grey taste is very very mild, suitable for people who doesn't like Earl Grey; crumble base is slightly crunch & not dry..

Panna cotta is soft & rich with vanilla taste; mixed berry compote is not too sweet or sour, not overpowering the dish; dust with cinnamon powder on top; with strawberry & blueberry at the side; portion is quite small for the price tag..

BUKO PANDAN: Pandan coconut milk with sago, jelly & ice cream; gelatin jelly is very soft, slight chewy; a refreshing, fragrant & sweet dessert..
HALO-HALO: Filipino style ice kacang; shaved ice with evaporated milk, soft red beans, gelatin jelly, atap seeds, jackfruit & yam jelly; refreshing, fragrant & sweet dessert that didn't disappoint me..

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3 chocolate cake slices drizzled with hot melted chocolate & crunchy biscoff crumbs; cake is very soft, moist & rich with chocolate; melted chocolate is not bitter & not overly sweet; vanilla gelato is smooth & not overly sweet; sweet-ending worth the calories; good for sharing..

Finger sponge soaked with espresso; coffee taste is not too strong; more mascarpone cream than finger sponge; not too sweet but overly creamy; best for sharing as gets too jelat..

Honey rosemary cake with thin layers of lemon curd in between them; able to taste honey & lemon but not the rosemary; taste not too bad & not too sweet; with crumbles at the top..

My favorite type of cake; cake is surprisingly soft & moist, with thin layer of cream; mildly sweet; 1 of the better rainbow cake I've tried so far..

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Waffle is slightly crispy outside, inside is soft with right amount of moisture; taste quite bland on its own; big scoop of vanilla ice cream that is enough to cover the whole waffle & not too sweet; wild berries compote is not too sour or sweet & with lots of soft juicy berries; with caramelised banana slices that add some sweet smoky taste to it & complement the ice cream waffle well..

Super huge croissant with crispy & flaky skin; inside with smooth & rich hazelnut filling; chocolate outside is very rich & slightly bitter; best for sharing among 2 or 3 people as it gets overly rich & jelat after few mouth..

3 pieces of fluffy, soft & eggy pancakes with fresh mango cubes, mango sauce, cream, mango parfait with ice cream; using 2 fork to cut open the pancakes to smell the warm & light egg fragrance; cream is light; mango is sweet & mildly sour; parfait rich with mango taste, creamy but not overly sweet; a good sweet ending for mango lover..

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Brownie is soft & not too dense, rich with chocolate taste; topped with salted caramel ice cream that is not overly sweet; drizzled with butterscotch sauce that is honey thick & complement dish very well; right amount of saltiness and sweetness; with small pieces of crunchy candied walnuts..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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